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Hamden Public Schools Superintendent’s 2015-2016 Recommended Budget.

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1 Hamden Public Schools Superintendent’s 2015-2016 Recommended Budget

2 Jody Goeler, Superintendent of Schools Christopher Melillo, Assistant Superintendent Michael Belden, Chief Operating Officer January 28, 2015 Dear Board of Education Members: It is my privilege to submit the 2015-2016 Superintendent’s proposed budget. As an advocate for the educational needs of our children, I have done my best to acknowledge our continued fiscal challenges while seeking to move Hamden Public Schools forward. I am proposing a 3.97% increase over last year’s budget, which is almost entirely comprised of contractual obligations. Only a small portion of the requested increase is devoted to program needs, most notably, implementation of literacy curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards, adding STEM offerings at Hamden High School, and meeting the goals of our Alliance funding. In recent history, Hamden Public Schools has been operating on a very conservative budget. Please keep in mind that in the last three (3) fiscal years, our operating budget increases have been 1.5%, 1.37% and 0.31%. In addition to the efficiencies we continue to operationalize, my budget proposal seeks to balance a significant reduction in staff in response to declining enrollment, while adding dollars to shore up underfunded non-discretionary accounts. The proposed increase supports curriculum initiatives essential to our district’s commitment to providing all students the opportunity to succeed beyond high school. Since the recession of 2008, the budget allotted to our public schools has not kept up with salaries and other non- discretionary increases, despite reductions of staff and other attempts at curbing fixed costs, thus putting a squeeze on discretionary cost lines designated to support efforts towards improving instruction and supporting our diverse student body and their families. As a result, over 45% of our Alliance funding has been designated to support positions, materials, and initiatives previously funded through the LEA. This results in our having to allocate significantly less to meet the goals of the Alliance grant, for which we remain accountable to the State of Connecticut. We embrace the opportunity to ensure Hamden Public Schools becomes an educational leader in ensuring all students achieve their highest potential. The administration looks forward to responding to questions from the Board of Education and the public as we complete the 2015-2016 budget process. Sincerely, Jody Ian Goeler

3 John Keegan, Chairperson Hamden Public Schools Board of Education Members 2015-2016 Adam Sendroff, Secretary Lynn Campo Christopher Daur John DeRosa Christopher Honnen David Pecoraro Arturo Perez-Cabella Valarie Stone Goal: To eliminate the racial and socioeconomic disparities in achievement across all domains while significantly improving all students’ performance Sara Courtemanche & Jordan White, Student Representatives


5 Hamden is Changing YearTotal Enrollment Free/ Reduced ELLSpec. Ed. # of students # of students % of students # of students % of students # of students % of students 2008-0960651,98733%2053%73512% 2014-1556312,37242%2685%83115% Although our enrollment has decreased, the percentage of free/reduced, ELL and Special Education students has increased

6 2015-2016 Budget Drivers

7 2015-2016 Budget Distribution

8 Realigning Accounts Based on Budget Actuals Proposing Sufficient Funding for: Employee Contractual Increases Utility Costs Transportation Contracts

9 Budget Cuts and Reductions Staffing Efficiency Board/Town Collaboration

10 Budget Cuts and Reductions Total Staffing Reductions 17 FTE Teaching Positions –7 teachers at elementary schools –4 teachers at middle school –4 teachers at high school –2 teachers at Alice Peck Pre-School 2 FTE Paraprofessional Positions –2 paraprofessionals at Alice Peck 1 FTE Clerical Position –1 clerical No impact on quality of instruction

11 Budget Additions - Staff Total Staffing Additions 2 FTE Teaching Positions –1 SPED teacher at elementary level –1 SPED teacher at Hamden High School 1 FTE Security Guard (HCLC)

12 Budget Cuts and Reductions Efficiencies Implementation of substitute custodians has reduced the overtime costs in all buildings. Approval by the Board of Education for the use of Cenergistics, Inc. to reduce utility costs (pending further review with Mayor/Legislative Council). Entered into 5-year Xerox lease agreement for 53 multi-functional devices providing predictable costs and reducing overages. Entered into print managed services contract with Xerox to reduce costs per print.

13 Budget Cuts and Reductions Board/Town Collaboration Evaluating the possibility of moving Central Office to Government Center Negotiating joint contracts Examining needs and encouraging additional collective purchasing (currently utilizing Board/Town consortium to purchase diesel gas, electricity, natural gas)

14 Strategic Savings Continued Energy Cost Savings –Fuel Cell, Solar Panels, and Cenergistics, Inc. (pending further review with Mayor/Leg. Council) Contract Negotiations Adding internal capacity for special education services to reduce the number of costly out-of-district placements. Additionally, opening HCLC to out-of-district students on a tuition-basis provides funds to offset program costs Savings on insurance platforms for teachers, custodians and administrators.

15 Advancing Student Learning: Proposed Budget Additions Restructuring District Leadership STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) –21 st Century Curriculum Expansion at HHS Online Learning –Advanced course opportunities Internal Capacity for Special Education –Increased number of students with IEP’s educated in-district

16 Alliance Grant 2014-15: $3,987,286 The “substantial majority” of funds must be spent for the purpose of dramatically increasing student outcomes and closing achievement gaps by pursuing bold and innovative reforms. However, due to LEA budget shortfalls, the district appropriated $1,728,557 of Alliance funds to cover existing LEA expenses, including: Teacher salaries ($959,471) Basic instructional supplies ($77,275) Textbooks ($265,582) Instructional Equipment ($195,050) Non-Instructional Equipment ($50,000) Other ($181,179)

17 Budget History Adopted BudgetAmount% Increase 2009-2010$77,500,0000.08% 2010-2011$78,336,2501.08% 2011-2012$79,115,0000.99% 2012-2013$80,300,0001.50% 2013-2014$81,400,0001.37%

18 Budget History 2014-2015 LEA Approved Budget$81,650,0000.31% Elimination of CMERS Expense $625,000 Additional Capital Appropriation $300,000 Net FY 2014-15 Budget Increase $1,175,0001.44% Proposed Budget 2015-2016$84,891,505 Total Proposed Increase$3,241,5053.97%

19 Budget Proposal 2015-2016 Proposed Budget 2015-2016$84,891,5053.97% Discretionary Increase$166,6960.20% Non-Discretionary Increase$2,283,4292.80% Budget Adjustment – Alliance$637,4990.78% Budget Adjustment - Capital$153,8790.19% Total Proposed Increase$3,241,505*3.97% *difference in total due to rounding

20 Discretionary Budget Changes ObjectDescriptionProposed Changes 140Security / Residency / Attendance$34,574 240Clothing Allowance($3,020) 431Repair & Maintenance Equipment$7,750 532Postage$3,200 590Student Activities$49,550 612Maintenance Supplies$25,000 613Other Supplies / Materials$22,342 642 / 643Library Books / Periodicals$6,300 811Ice Rink$21,000 TOTAL$166,696

21 Non-Discretionary Budget Changes ObjectDescriptionProposed Changes 111Central Office Salaries$115,186 112Director Salaries$6,283 113Principal Salaries$57,044 114Teacher Salaries$1,191,078 115Substitute Salaries$23,937 119School Nurse Salaries$31,831 122Clerical Salaries$80,966 123Aide Salaries$71,127 124Custodian Salaries$132,552 125Maintenance Salaries$25,498 128Lunch Aide Salaries$8,722 140Security / Residency / Attendance$11,811 Sub-Total – All Salaries$1,756,035

22 Non-Discretionary Budget Changes ObjectDescriptionProposed Changes 215Life Insurance$10,780 220FICA/Employer Expense$52,554 226Medicare Employer Expense$37,986 270Annuities$12,200 340Technical Services$20,000 411Water$12,668 510Transportation-Public($28,435) 511Transportation-Non-Public$18,078 512Transportation-Sp. Ed.$21,323 513Transportation-Other Sp. Ed.$14,546 518Transportation-Athletics$1,858 521Liability Insurance$100,000 561Tuition Public - Wintergreen$44,517 561Tuition Public - ECA$2,014

23 Non-Discretionary Budget Changes ObjectDescriptionProposed Changes 561Tuition- Public School$126,890 561Tuition – Sound School$6,780 561Tuition – Lyman Hall$3,325 563Tuition – Non-Public Schools$34,723 623Sewer Use Fees$10,000 645Non-Instructional Software$25,587 TOTAL$2,283,429

24 Budget Adjustment - Alliance ObjectDescriptionProposed Changes 116Tutors / Adult Ed. Instruction$80,630 320Professional Development$95,000 325Curriculum Development$7,350 330Professional Services$64,175 611Instructional Supplies$172,823 641Textbooks$156,489 644Instructional Software$61,032 TOTAL$637,499

25 Budget Adjustment - Capital ObjectDescriptionProposed Changes 644Instructional Software$24,892 734Instructional Equipment$116,137 735Non-Instructional Equipment$12,850 TOTAL$153,879

26 Summary Proposed budget of $84,891,505 Proposed budget reflects a 3.97% budget increase from 2014-15 ($3,241,505) Majority of proposed increases are contractual and based on actual operational expenses. Elimination of 17 FTE teaching positions, 2 paraprofessionals, 1 clerical position

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