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1 Simsbury Public Schools Budget Preview January 25, 2011.

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1 1 Simsbury Public Schools Budget Preview January 25, 2011

2 2 Budget Context Protecting the quality of the school system in difficult economic times Simsbury’s attractiveness as a community is due in large part to the quality of the school system  Schools are the #1 factor in quality of life in Simsbury (source: Survey of Simsbury Residents)

3 3 Consistently Strong Results #1 in % of students meeting goal on all 3 tests on CAPT Increasing numbers of students in the advanced band on math CMT 30 % increase in students taking AP courses since 2005-06 12 fold increase of students enrolled in engineering since 2004 7% increase in students completing 4 years of art and music at SHS

4 4 What We Value Reasonable class size Rigorous curriculum focused on 21 st century skills and global connections High quality staff who are focused on the continuous improvement of student learning Ready access to technology for students and teachers A program that balances academic needs with social/ emotional needs, artistic expression and physical wellness

5 5 Financial Knowns (1/25/11) Contract settlements with two certified employee bargaining units Pension contribution for non-certified employees OPEB contribution Property and casualty insurance rates Dental, life and long term disability premiums Electricity 8 certified staff retirements Enrollment projections

6 6 Financial Unknowns (1/25/11) Bargaining unit contracts for three non- certified bargaining units Medical insurance premiums Fuel oil fixed pricing State aid – Education Cost Sharing (ECS), Excess Cost, Transportation, and Adult Education Grants

7 7 Ongoing efforts to control costs and limit operating budget increases  Negotiated contracts at 0% general wage increase for teachers and administrators*  Cooperative efforts- with the town and regionally with other Boards of Education - detailed listing in budget section of our website  Strategic use of ARRA funding ($1.2 million dollars in restricted special education grant funding over a two year period 2009-10 and 2010-11)  Strategic use of Federal Education Jobs Funding ($313,000) over two year period (August 2010 to September 2012) - deferred to 2011-12 fiscal year  District Management Council (DMC) Opportunities Review New delivery model for Simsbury Reading Intervention Program serving special education and regular education students in grades K-3 Newly developed criteria for delivery of Speech and Language services, Resource Room services, paraprofessional services Establish behavior supports to address student needs prior to special education * Does not include the increment cost for teachers and administrators

8 8 The 2011-12 Budget Will Meet BOE class size guidelines K-12 Incrementally restore a base of funding in textbooks, professional development, curriculum development Incrementally restore the technology equipment funding that was significantly reduced over the last 2 years Increases in staffing to achieve the 8 period day at SHS

9 9 The 2011-12 Budget Will Implement recommendations from the DMC Opportunities Review regarding staffing in key areas  Establishes Certified Reading Teachers for K-3 students (offset by reductions in other reading related positions)  Establish standards of practice in key areas of special education  Establish behavior supports to address student needs prior to special education

10 10 Board of Education Budget Increases

11 11 Superintendents Budget Range of Increase Predict a range of 1.5% to 2.3 % Depending on the financial “unknowns” Consideration of the Board of Finance guidelines (-1%, 0%, and 1%)

12 12 What’s next in the budget development process? Simsbury High School and Special Education Program Reviews on February 1 Presentation of projected certified and non- certified staffing on February 8 Presentation of Superintendent’s Budget on February 15 Budget refinement between February 15- February 28 Projected Board of Education budget adoption – March 1 or March 8, 2011

13 13 Important Dates BOF Public Hearing on Capital Projects  March 8, 7:30 p.m., SHS Auditorium BOE Presentation of 2011-12 Operating Budget to the BOF March 15, 6:00 p.m., Town Hall Meeting Room BOF Public Hearing on Operating Budgets  April 5, 7:30 p.m., SHS Auditorium Annual Town Meeting  May 3, 7:30 p.m., SHS Auditorium Budget Referendum  May 17, 2011

14 14 Concluding Remarks Preserve the quality of our school system in difficult economic times Focus on our well defined strategic priorities Implement cost savings wherever possible, including recommendations from the DMC Opportunities Review Ensure that “return on investment” is strong

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