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Superintendent’s Proposed Budget 2015-16. 2 “If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for a hundred years, teach the people.

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1 Superintendent’s Proposed Budget 2015-16

2 2 “If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for a hundred years, teach the people. When you sow a seed once, you will reap a single harvest. When you teach the people, you will reap a hundred harvests.” -Kuan Chung Opening Thought …

3 Board of Education Priorities 1. Our schools will be safe, orderly, caring places that support/promote student learning and positive relationships. 2.All students will have access to and engage in rigorous learning in every classroom. 3.Teaching and learning will be supported by leaders focused on instruction, sound professional development, professional learning communities grounded in best practices. 4.Parent, community and business relationships will be built and supported recognizing that they contribute to increased learning for all students. 3

4 Proposed 2015-16 Budget Although this budget reflects needs tied to significant changes the school system faces, as well as requests aimed at continuous improvement, the budget increase for 2015-16 is a responsible 2.19% over the current operating budget. 4

5 Budget Requests, 2005-2015 5

6 Guiding Principles for Budget Development  Student learning, high achievement, the priority  Whole child must be considered  Professional development of teachers and administrators must be ongoing  School safety, inviting buildings, essential  Needs of individual buildings may differ 6

7 Budget Priorities, 2015-16  Elementary Reconfiguration  Academic and Operational Improvement and Development  Security and Climate 7

8 Budget Specifics Requests 8

9 Elementary Reconfiguration In October 2014 the Board of Education voted to:  Restore K-5 configuration  Establish preschools in at least three school locations  Redistrict the schools with the goal of greater balance 9

10 Elementary Reconfiguration 19.5 teachers (additional) $1,170,000 4.0 Teacher Leaders280,000 4.0 Teacher Leaders280,000 4.0 Media Aides (net cost) 60,000 4.0 Media Aides (net cost) 60,000 New Costs$1,510,000 Classroom Teachers & Support 10

11 Overtime $75,000 (custodial, maintenance, school secretarial) IT Temporary Help & Central Registration Secretary 40,000 New One-time Costs$115,000 Elementary Reconfiguration Other Salary Requests One Time Only 11

12 Moving Expenses $50,000 Building Projects 50,000 MIS20,000 Instructional Supplies 92,000 Library/Media Center Collections 28,000 Musical Instruments42,500 Furniture and Fixtures10,000 Professional Development20,000 New One-time Costs $312,500 Elementary Reconfiguration Requests Non-Salary Requests One Time Only 12

13 Elementary Reconfiguration Total Costs (Reconfiguration-related)$1,937,500 * * Of this amount, $427,500 reflect costs that are ‘One-Time Only’ * Of this amount, $427,500 reflect costs that are ‘One-Time Only’ - and – - and – Most other reconfiguration costs are covered through reallocated dollars. One Time Only 13

14 Beyond Redistricting, insuring that we are continuously improving in our classrooms and our schools as well as strengthening our operations is essential. 14 Continuing to Improve Amidst Change

15 “Improvement consists of increases in quality and performance over time. Increases in performance result from increases in quality.” Richard Elmore Continuously Improving

16  Revising curriculum  Developing and refining assessments  Integrating technology into instruction  Providing professional learning opportunities  Building capacity of our leaders Our Ongoing Work

17 Academic Improvement  2.0 Academic Support Specialists$120,000 (one at Law, one at Foran)  0.2 Guidance Counselor (The Academy) 12,000  Reclassification: Academy Director22,000 New Costs$154,000 17

18  Safety and School Climate Improvement  Operational Improvement 18 Beyond the Classroom

19 Safety & School Climate Needs 1.0 Security Coordinator$70,000 2.0 School Resource Officers 75,000 1 middle school; 1 elementary school 3.0 School Greeters 49,500 1 for each middle school New Costs$194,500 19

20 Operational Needs 1.0 Custodian (East Shore) 40,000 1Special Education Van40,000 1.0 Special Ed Van Driver20,000 New Costs$100,000 20

21 Summary: Total Budget Requests, 2015-16 Elementary Reconfiguration$1,937,500 Academic Improvement154,000 Operational Needs100,000 Safety & School Climate 194,500 Summary of New Costs$2,386,000 21

22 The majority of the costs for all proposed requests will be covered through the reallocation or reduction of funds from existing budget. The next section will highlight those savings. Expenses and Savings Relationship 22

23 Budget Specifics Reductions & Savings: Major Areas 23

24 Primary Driver: Declining Enrollment (13.4) Regular Education Teachers$(804,000) (5.0) Special Education Teachers(300,000) (0.5) Reclassification of Academy FTE(30,000) (4.0) Part-time Media Aides(40,000) Total Staff Savings$(1,174,000) Savings: Staff Reductions 24

25 Regular Education Transportation$(150,555) Gasoline-Buses(20,000) Total Transportation Savings$(170,555) Savings: Transportation 25

26 Energy Conservation $(126,107) Computers (422,154) Curriculum Work (119,750) Total Utilities, Equipment, $(668,011) and Curriculum Savings Savings: Utilities, Equipment, Curriculum Work 26

27 Staffing$(1,174,000) Other(838,566) Total$(2,012,566) Savings Summary: Staff/Other 27

28 Budget Savings$(2,012,566) Budget Requests$ 2,386,000 Major Costs Vs. Major Savings Recap 28

29 Proposed Budget Detail, by Category 29

30 Proposed Budget Detail, Another View Object14/15 Adopted 15/16 Proposed Change% Change Salaries64,090,18464,960,889870,7051.359% Benefits5,086,8285,388,969302,1415.940% Contracted Services2,043,4932,199,974156,4817.658% Facilities4,179,3904,320,116140,7263.367% Transportation4,706,8154,667,826(38,989)-0.828% Other Support1,059,0851,087,47028,3852.68% Tuition3,594,0523,984,301390,24910.858% Educational Supplies/Equip3,723,2443,780,64257,3981.542% Other Educ. Support730,140780,45150,3116.891% Totals89,213,23191,170,6381,957,4072.190% 30

31 The Budget Before You 31  Makes possible reconfiguration of elementary schools to PK-5  Sustains and strengthens safe, inviting buildings and supports continuous improvement

32 “Out of the public schools grows a great nation.” - Mark Twain 32 A Closing Thought …

33 QuestionsQuestions Thank you for your partnership and support. We welcome any questions you may have. 33

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