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1 Progress Report Presented at JUSTSAP/PISCES 2008 And Strategic Plan Overview.

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1 1 Progress Report Presented at JUSTSAP/PISCES 2008 And Strategic Plan Overview

2 2 The PISCES Team Frank Schowengerdt, Professor of Physics UHH, Director Robert Fox, Chair UHH Physics & Astronomy, Deputy Director & Higher Ed. John Hamilton, Instructor UHH Physics & Astronomy, Operations Manager Christian Anderson, Institute for Astronomy, Assistant Operations Manager Dan Bland, President JAMSS America, JSC Liaison Rob Carlson, JAMSS America, Industry Liaison Larry Clark, ISRU Manager, Lockheed Martin, ISRU, Oxygen Production Jim Crisafulli, Dir. Office of Aerospace Dev., DBEDT Liaison Stephen Day, President International Ventures Associates, JUSTSAP Liaison Mike Duke, former Director Center for Space Resources, Colorado School of Mines, Affiliate Professor UHH, ISRU & Student Design Program Judith Fox-Goldstein, UHH Conf. Ctr., Conference Director Alex Ignatiev, Professor of Physics and Director, Center for Advanced Materials, University of Houston, ISRU, Solar Cells Mark Henley, Boeing Phantom Works, Solar Power & Power Beaming Koa El Rice, Consultant, Local Education and Outreach Neville Marzwell, Senior Program Manager JPL, Robotics Beth McKnight, McKnight Comm., National Education & Outreach Osamu Odawara, Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Japan Liaison

3 3 2008 Accomplishments From FY2010/11 Continuation Proposal Formed Hawaiian Cultural Advisory Board Held Workshop to Formulate Strategic Plan Submitted 10-Year Strategic Plan to Legislature Selected PISCES Field Site Continued Student Design Competition Began Development of UHH Education Program Conducting Test & Demo Program (KSC, JSC, JPL, DLR, NORCAT, CMU, Michelin), November 1-15 Submitted Major Proposal ($4.8M) for NLSI Node Conducted Outreach to Local Schools, Hawaiian Community, Industry, Universities, National Media

4 4 Accomplishments Continued Began Staffing: Operations Manager, Assistant Operations Manager, Local K-12 Coordinator Initiated Collaboration with UH-Manoa: Developing Statewide Space Studies Program; Submitted Proposal to NASA for Virtual Reality Research Signed MOU with Colorado School of Mines Initiated Collaboration with University of Houston Initiated Collaboration UHH College of Agriculture Initiated Collaboration with `Imiloa: Submitted Proposal to NASA for `Imiloa/PISCES Displays, Planetarium Show, Informal Education Program; NASA Displays and Demos at `Imiloa November 15 th Produced New Facilities and Services Brochure

5 5 Accomplishments Continued Cooperation with Institute for Astronomy: Developed Agreement for PISCES Use of Laboratories, Electronic Shops, Machine Shop, High-Bay Area Offered New Course, “ASTR 394: Special Topics in Space Science; Introduction to Space Exploration”, attracting maximum allowed enrollment of 20 students. Developing Five Additional Courses Initiated Preliminary Planning for Capital Fundraising Campaign; UHH Development Office and Hawaii Island Business and Economic Development Office Assisting; Preliminary Donor List Developed Initiated Preliminary Site Selection for Analog Outpost Presented UHH Faculty Seminar

6 6 PISCES Strategic Plan To Chart a Course for PISCES for Next 10 Years To Guide Expenditures To Serve as a Reference Document for Proposals To Form Basis for Promotional Materials To Anchor Media Messages Purposes

7 7 Contents Research Program Plan Higher Education Program Plan K-12 Education and Public Outreach Plan Facilities Plan Fundraising Plan Stakeholder Plan Business Operating Plan Major Sections

8 8 Research Program PISCES as a Leader of Thought More than a Field Test Site or an Analog Outpost An Industry/University/Government Partnership Center ISRU and Robotics Initially Life Support Systems, Solar Energy, Communications, Agriculture, Habitat Design, Human Factors Eventually Fundamental to the Mission

9 9 Education Program Based at UH-Hilo Branching Out to UH-Manoa Partnering with Community Colleges A Statewide Degree Program in Space Studies K-12 Education in Local Schools Diverse and Diffuse

10 10 Public Outreach Audiences Messages Media Relations Media Materials Guidance Local and National

11 11 Facilities Plan Field Site at Haiwahini Craters on Mauna Kea Base Facility on UHH Campus/Technology Park Analog Outpost Somewhere on Big Island Three Major Facilities

12 12 Fundraising Plan For Capital and Endowment State of Hawai`i Federal Government Private Foundations and Individuals Industry $25 Million Goal

13 13 Stakeholder Plan Government and Industry Identification of Commercial Opportunities Outreach to Japanese, U.S. and Others Promotional Materials Branding How We Will Relate to Our Stakeholders

14 14 Business Operating Plan As a non-profit entity of the university, who are our customers and what services will we provide them? Market Analysis and Strategy Development Approach Operations Approach Financial Projections How We Will Conduct Our Business

15 15 Summary PISCES has moved from concept to reality – in just one year. Achieved widespread name recognition. Matched State funding by 2 to 1, Potentially 10 to 1. Well positioned to support international space exploration efforts. Developed a 10-year Strategic Plan that is phased, affordable and sustainable. PISCES is a Reality

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