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1 Strategic Plan Presented at JUSTSAP/PISCES 2008 Facilities, Fundraising, Stakeholder and Business Operations.

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1 1 Strategic Plan Presented at JUSTSAP/PISCES 2008 Facilities, Fundraising, Stakeholder and Business Operations

2 2 Facilities Plan Field Site – Haiwahini Craters at 9300-ft. Level on Mauna Kea Base Facility on UHH Campus/Technology Park – Currently in Institute for Astronomy, Possible Location Across Komahana from `Imiloa Analog Outpost Somewhere on Big Island – Off Saddle Road, Lower Slopes of Mauna Loa, Lower Slopes of Mauna Kea Three Major Facilities

3 3 Facilities Plan Current Field Site Test Areas Hale Pohaku Haiwahini Craters Area – Mauna Kea

4 4 Facilities Plan Planned Field Site Haiwahini Craters Area – Mauna Kea Build Incrementally on Current Success Portable Facilities –Power –Communications –Shelter –Convenience

5 5 Facilities Plan Current Base Facility PISCES Office Laboratory Electronics Shop Clean Room Machine Shop High Bay Institute for Astronomy

6 6 Facilities Plan Planned Base Facility Purposes: 1.To serve as the primary central location of PISCES 2.Provide working space for administration, staff, students, visiting faculty and other researchers. Design Parameters: –Two Classrooms: for ~10 courses –Two Laboratories: ISRU, Habitat and Robot Design –Six Offices: for staff and visiting researchers –Conference Room –Two Instrument Shops –Machine Shop/High-Bay Area

7 7 Facilities Plan Planned Base Facility Cost Estimate:

8 8 Facilities Plan Analog Outpost Philosophy: –Modular and Expandable –Incorporate Lessons Learned from Other Outposts (Mars Society, Haughton Crater, Desert RATS) –Will serve as developmental prototype of actual lunar outpost –Will provide research test bed for governmental and commercial use. Elements: –Habitats, Modular & Evolvable –Agriculture Enclosure –Simulated Launch/Landing Pad –Solar Power –Permanent Communications –Visitors’ Center

9 9 Facilities Plan Analog Outpost Cost Estimate

10 10 Fundraising Plan To Raise Sufficient Capital to Establish PISCES Physically and Intellectually To Raise Sufficient Capital to Position the University of Hawai’i at Hilo to Support PISCES and Become a Global Player in the Coming Era of Space Exploration and Settlement. Goals

11 11 Fundraising Plan Field Site Upgrades - $125K Base Facility - $12.077M Analog Outpost - $6.72M UHH Partial Faculty Endowments - $6M Two Professorships in Physics/Chemistry (ISRU, Materials) Three Professorships in Engineering (Robotics, Habitats, Lunar Surface Operations) One Professorship in Agriculture (Hydroponics/Genetics) Objectives

12 12 Fundraising Plan Philosophy –Strengthen UHH – Don’t Compete with It –Complement the NASA Field Centers – Don’t Compete with them –Benefit the People of Hawai`i Prospects –Individuals (Big Island Residents, NewSpace Entrepreneurs) –Foundations (Interest in Space, Technology, Jobs) –Governments (State and Federal, International) Methodology –Oversight by PISCES Director and a New Advocacy Board –Guided by Consultant –Close Coordination with UHH Development Office Implementation to Begin Fall 2009

13 13 Stakeholder Plan Government and Industry Identification of Commercial Opportunities Outreach to Japanese, U.S. and Others Promotional Materials Branding How We Will Relate to Our Stakeholders

14 14 Stakeholder Plan Develop Array of Quality Visual Aids and User- Oriented DVD Identify and Prioritize Detailed List of PISCES Stakeholders Maintain Active Communications with Key Individuals within NASA’s Constellation and Other Line Organizations, Participate in NASA Conferences Contact Selected U.S. Companies Maintain Active Communications with JAXA Contact Selected Japanese Companies Facilitate Near-Term Commercial Opportunities Objectives

15 15 Customers Services Marketing Strategy Business Model Organization Financial Projections How We Will Operate Business Operating Plan

16 16 The State Of Hawai`i (Its Citizens, Institutions and Government; In Particular, the People of Hilo and the Big Island) NASA (Program Managers at Headquarters and the Field Centers) Space Agencies of Other Nations Industry Partners (U.S. and International) Academic Partners (U.S. and International) Potential Philanthropic Supporters Customers Business Operating Plan

17 17 Meeting Customer Requirements –Research and Testing for NASA, Other Space Agencies, Companies –Economic Development for the State –Spin-Off Technologies for Industry Partners Direct Participation in Customers’ Exploration Planning –Engage with NASA Field Centers, Industrial Partners Evolutionary Capabilities Corresponding to Exploration Objectives –Outpost Architecture, e.g. Life Cycle and Sustaining Capabilities –Spiral Technology Development, e.g. Services Business Operating Plan

18 18 Spiral Technology Development Research at Base Labs and/or Outpost Testing at Outpost and/or Field Sites Maturation at Base Labs and/or Outpost Deployment at Outpost Business Operating Plan

19 19 Market Strategies Market Analysis, Advertising and Approach Linked to Public Outreach and Business Development Specific Sales Strategies and Techniques –Promote the unique characteristics of Big Island –Emphasize terrestrial spin-off technology development –Enlist faculty members with expertise –Partner with institutions offering complementary expertise –Make heavy use of the PISCES website to reach broader audiences –Develop promotional materials - brochures, videos, displays and web –Aggressively pursue news coverage of major events –Host topical seminars, workshops and other public events. –Strive to make the annual PISCES/JUSTSAP conference a world class event Business Operating Plan

20 20 Business Model – Industry/University/Government Partnership Membership Benefits –Access to reports, publications, talent pool (faculty members and students) –Recognition by name, logo, etc., in all promotional materials –Access to laboratory and field facilities –Intellectual Property Sharing and Confidentiality Agreements –Support of Testing at Field Site – Cost Reimbursable –Directed Projects – Cost Reimbursable Membership Fees –Full PISCES Membership: $30K/yr. –Basic Conference Sponsorship: $2K –Enhanced Conference Sponsorship: $8K In-Kind Contributions through Partnerships –Infrastructure –Local –National Business Operating Plan

21 21 Organization Business Operating Plan

22 22 Financial Projections: Revenues Business Operating Plan

23 23 Financial Projections: Expenses * On State Funds ** On Non-State Funds Business Operating Plan

24 24 Summary This strategic plan covers the first 10 years. It assumes steady, level, state funding. It assumes success in raising operating funds. It assumes success in raising capital funds. It will be updated annually to take into account changes in the viability of these assumptions. PISCES is a Long-Term Proposition

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