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Business Plan for National Expansion of Memorial Garden Stones.

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1 Business Plan for National Expansion of Memorial Garden Stones

2 * Become a Precious Paver Manufacturer and Distributor and receive a spot on the official website as the place of purchase for your area. * Once established as a manufacturer, Precious Pavers ™ will work to help set up larger volume clients in your area to carry your product. * Expand your operation and become eligible to be a vendor for one or several potential big box store chains.

3 * National expansion through small home based manufacturing affiliates. * Memorial garden stones are perfect for a small home based manufacturing business. * Empower those looking for a way to create opportunity for themselves. * Help local community pet related charities. * Help people get back to work.

4 Pet Expo 44 sales in 2 days @ $39 ea. = $1,716 - cost $450 = $1,266 gross profit Beagle Fest 24 sales 1 day @ $39 ea. = $936 – cost $225 = $711 gross profit You can plan on weekends as the best opportunity to show your product and jump start sales with gross revenues up to $1,500 on a good weekend at a pet show.

5 Paws Fur a Cause ™ Let’s make a difference in an animal’s life! Precious Pavers ™ is proud to be supporting rescue organizations with every purchase.

6 * Precious Pavers ™ can be produced in a small area of about 8’ x 10’ with very little cleanup. The mix comes in a pre-measured bag and needs only to be mixed with water and our foaming agent to create these pavers. * We provide you with all the tools and equipment needed to produce a unique marketable product. * The cost to produce one of the Precious Pavers ™ paver is about $7 in your home done with your own labor in an area you are already occupying. This keeps the cost of the new business down to a bare minimum. * We have financing available based on your credit and we deliver all the equipment necessary including the mixer, wheelbarrow, hand tools, forming molds, mold release agent and enough premixed paver mix and enough air in training agent to produce 500 pavers. * The suggested retail sales price of the pavers is $39.95 times 500 pavers equals $19,975 which pays for your entire business investment. The suggested retail price is very conservative and can be much higher in many locations. We will advise you on how to set up your schedule of manufacturing and then sales, so you’re able to see a gross profit up to nearly $1500 in a week. * Once your business is established, you’ll receive orders from the Precious Pavers ™ website. Any paver order request from your area will go to you. * Once you are producing enough volume of quality pavers, we will work to help you set up in some of the larger chain stores to carry your product. * Total cost to start a business $16,500

7 Our goal at Precious Pavers™ is to share our love for pets and promote pet adoption and rescue. Come and talk to us if you are a rescue group or charity organization and are interested in fundraising opportunities through Funds Fur Friends™. * Funds Fur Friends ™

8 * Download the test marketing kit and reserve your area while you are test marketing. * Visit the stores and businesses that we suggest to find out how many will carry your pavers. * Precious Pavers will not over crowd our Manufacturers, allowing for the continued growth of our partners. * Once you have tested the local market, you will find you have a very good business opportunity. * After careful consideration make a decision and act. There are only a limited number of manufacturing spots available.

9 * Anyone out of work and physically able to work * Students needing to supplement their income can gain true business experience running their own company * Seniors looking for a hobby and want to supplement their retirement income * Anyone looking for an artistic business to operate * Animal lovers looking for a pet related business to operate * Parents of unemployed college graduates can put their children to work while gaining excellent business experience and can help pay back their student loan

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