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Unit14 New Words. Translate the following phrases 1. 发表演说 2. 向 …… 进军 3. 把 …… 看成 …… 4. 被法律所禁止 5. 为 …… 而战,为 …… 而奋斗 6. 为 …… 树立榜样 7. 获得奖学金 8. 自由干 …… ,随便干.

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Presentation on theme: "Unit14 New Words. Translate the following phrases 1. 发表演说 2. 向 …… 进军 3. 把 …… 看成 …… 4. 被法律所禁止 5. 为 …… 而战,为 …… 而奋斗 6. 为 …… 树立榜样 7. 获得奖学金 8. 自由干 …… ,随便干."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit14 New Words

2 Translate the following phrases 1. 发表演说 2. 向 …… 进军 3. 把 …… 看成 …… 4. 被法律所禁止 5. 为 …… 而战,为 …… 而奋斗 6. 为 …… 树立榜样 7. 获得奖学金 8. 自由干 …… ,随便干 …… 9. 实现目标 10. 把 …… 与 …… 分开 11. 使某人受到全国的注意 12. 获得诺贝尔和平奖 give a speech make / deliver a speech march on treat…as…[consider / regard/think of] be forbidden by law fight for set an example to sb. win a scholarship be free to do sth achieve one’s goal separate … from… give sb. national attention receive the Nobel Peace Prize

3 做 “ 监禁状态 ” 时为不可数名词, 不用冠词。 take/ send sb. to prison put / throw/cast sb. into prison be in prison 被监禁 go to prison 入狱 break prison 1.prison n. 监狱 prisoner 犯人 prisoner of war

4 e.g. The three of them joined hands and burst into laughter. The Chinese soldiers joined hands with the Americans in the war against Japan. 2. join hands (with sb. ) 携手 联合 合欢 互相握手

5 3.separation n. 分隔,隔离 He was unhappy because of his separation from his mother. separate vt. separate … from … separately adv. get separated from We went home separately after class. Australia is the only country that covers a separate continent.

6 4. forbid ( forbade, forbidden) vt. 禁止, 不许 forbid sb. to do sth. sth. be forbidden forbid sb. sth. I forbid you to go swimming. 火车上禁止吸烟。 Smoking is forbidden on trains. Permit Allow advise 也有同样的用法

7 e.g. Which of the following is not right? _______ A.I forbid you the room. B.I forbid you to enter the room. C.I forbid your entering the room. D.I forbid that your entered the room. D

8 5. set an example to 为 … 树立榜样 雷锋为青年人树立了好榜样。 Leifeng set a good example to the youth. take….. for/ as an example without example follow /copy the example of give an example of 以 … 为例 没有先例 以 … 为榜样 在.. 方面做出榜样

9 6. demand vt./n. 要求 demand to do sth. 要求做某事 ( 不可说 demand do sth.) The worker demanded an apology from his boss. demand that+ 主 +(should) do--- 他要求告诉他一切。 He demanded to be told everything. 班主任要求我们每堂课前擦干净 黑板。 The head teacher demanded that we (should) clean the blackboard before every class. demand for 对 --- 要求 / 需要 The worker’s demand for higher wages seems reasonable.

10 7. arrest vt./ n. 逮捕, 拘留, 扣留 arrest sb. be arrested for--- (be) under arrest 逮捕某人 因 --- 而被捕 被捕,被拘留 The police arrested the thief last night. He was arrested for robbery. You are under arrest. The police made three arrests yesterday. Poor food arrests the natural growth of children. The bright colors of the flowers arrested Susan's attention.

11 8.boycott vt 联合抵制 ; 经济抵制, 拒绝出席、参加 They're boycotting the shop for it sells goods of poor quality. to boycott a meeting : to refuse to attend 拒绝出席会议 boycott sb. 一致不与某人往来 school boycott 罢课

12 9. vote vi./n. 投票, 选举, 选举权 vote for/against 投票赞成 / 反对 --- vote on sth. 就 --- 投票表决 I gave my vote to Mr. Wang. 他对该计划投了反对票 。 He voted against the plan. 现在我们对这个问题投票表决。 Now we will vote on this question. All the members have voted that Japan be a standing member of the Security Council.

13 10. regardless of 不理会, 不顾 = despite/in spite of We will persevere regardless of past failures. 尽管以前我们失败过,但仍要坚持下去.

14 [1].Winning a scholarship gave him the chance to go to college in one of the northern states, where black people had equal rights and were free to live,study and work as they wished. 任意的;随意的 be free to do as they wished / liked. practice : 免费的 a free ticket to the concert He got a ticket for free freedom Every citizen in China enjoy the freedom of speech. 在中国,人人享有言论自由 。 the freedom of religion 今天你可以做你想做的任何事。 You are free to do everything as you like today. n. Sentence patterns:

15 [2]He led many non-violent demonstrations against racial discrimination and the Vietnam War, during which he himself was often beaten or arrested by the police. Towards evening, the army arrived at a hill, in front of which there was a temple. October1,1949was the day on which the People’s Republic of China was founded. 1.1949 年 10 月 1 日是中华人民共和国成立的日子。 2. 这部电影把我带到以前的时光,那时我在乡村受到很好的 照顾。 The film brought the days back to me, during which I was taken good care of in the countryside.

16 [3]He led many non-violent demonstrations against racial Discrimination. Schools are non-smoking areas. China has the right to use non-peaceful means to solve the problem of Taiwan. China is a non-English speaking country.

17 [4]It was during the “March on Washington DC” in 1963 that he gave the speech “I have a dream”, which inspired people of all races to fight for equality. Practice: It was _______ back home after the experiment. A.not until midnight did he go B.until midnight that he didn’t go C.not until midnight that he went D.until midnight when he didn’t go

18 [5] 1.- -- to continue the separation of blacks and whites. 2.There were separate sections for blacks in shops. 3.Black children were educated in separate schools. 4.The company was wrong to separate blacks from whites. 1. 台湾政府试图从祖国分裂出去是不对的。 It’s wrong for the Taiwan government to try to separate from our homeland. practice : 2.As we joined the big crowd I got ______ from my friends. A. separated B.spared C. lost D.missed ( NMET’2001) 3.Hospital staff burst into cheers after doctors completed a 20-hour operation to have _______ one-year-old twins at the head. ( 上海 ’2004) A.isolated B.separated C.divided D.removed

19 [6]Although slavery ended in the USA in 1965,almost a hundred years before, the South had its own laws to continue the separation of blacks and whites.Mixed-race marriages were forbidden by law. Practice: Smoking is bad for health.It is _____ in many public places. A.refused B.rejected C.forbidden D.prevented

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