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Shilin Market 士林夜市 Mixed Land Use (Commercial and recreational)

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1 Shilin Market 士林夜市 Mixed Land Use (Commercial and recreational)

2 Shilin

3 Commercial Many food stalls Some shops Stalls

4 Recreational Many game stalls A tourist spot

5 Recreation & Commerce in Shilin Advantages 1) high accessibility (roads and railway)  efficient for transporting goods and food to Shilin market  save time cost 2) highly concentrated of stalls and shops  sharing cost in bulk purchasing building infrastructures, and making advertisements

6 3) residential land use nearby  constant supply of customers 4) a hot tourist spot  from Hong Kong, China and other foreign countries like England and America

7 Disadvantages 1) near the roads  air pollution 2) too many tourists  contamination to streets  hygienic problem  some bad people may commit crimes 3)Noise pollution  nuisance to residents nearby

8 Tamsui Old Main Streets 淡水老街

9 Mixed land use - Residential land use is often mixed with commercial land use - Retail shops on the ground and residential units on the upper floors

10 1. high accessibility  presence of Metro Railway 2. sufficient public amenities (post office, public hospital) Advantages

11 3. preservation of buildings with historical and cultural value  two temples can be found along the Tamshui Street

12 Major problem 1.urban decay  Buildings have become worn-out  Garbage, narrow streets and roads bring bad environment to pedestrians 2.Land use conflicts  Light pollution from retail shops and noise pollution created by visitors affect residents  living standard drops

13 Measures 1. Revitalization – Improving the quality of internal amenities and exterior walls – Maintaining old buildings 2.Land use zoning e.g. Retail shops can be located away from residential buildings

14 Shimen 西門町 (commercial land use)

15 Special features of Shimen A tourist spot Shops Cinemas Street performance Similar to MongKok Central part of Taipei High density of building High land value

16 Pros and cons of this city planning Pros Boosting economy Cultural exchange Attracting tourism High accessibility (railway and main road) Many customers ( ∵ near to the central part of Taipei)

17 Cons Noise pollution Light pollution Hygienic problems Degradation of nearby living environment Excessive use of electricity Over emission of greenhouse gases

18 Shimen VS Mongkok ShimenMongkok Large numbers of shops High accessibility A famous tourist spot Located in the central part of the city High population density Well developed territory industry nearby (e.g. Hotel, restaurant) Shorter buildingsTaller buildings Lower building intensityHigher building intensity Mainly commercial land useMixed land use  land use conflict

19 without systematic urban planning Hawkers are along the streets not enough traffic light dangerous and accidents easily caused

20 HK for better image, Hawkers are not allowed to do business on streets systematic traffic light and road planning e.g. 行人專用區 in Mong Kok without hawkers, is it good??


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