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Land Use Zones Case Study Glasgow. Higher Geography Land Use Zones.

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1 Land Use Zones Case Study Glasgow. Higher Geography Land Use Zones

2 Learning Objectives Identify different land use zones from the CBD to the suburbs using map evidence to justify your answers. Describe the land use associated with each functional zone.

3 What are the different land uses in a city?
Similar land use zones are called FUNCTIONAL ZONES! Residential Industrial Service – Retail Administrative Educational Transport Medical Financial Entertainment Religious

4 City Land Use & Maps We will look at the following key parts or “Zones”, of the city using O.S. Maps. CBD Transition zone / inner city. INCLUDES - Low Cost Housing/Industry Medium Cost Housing High Cost Housing Rural Urban Fringe

5 Glasgow OS Map CBD Medium Cost Housing Inner City
High Cost Housing Suburbs Medium Cost Housing Inner City CBD Glasgow OS Map


7 2 CBD



10 CBD

11 CBD



14 CBD New Development

15 CBD New Development

16 CBD

17 CBD Transport

18 CBD

19 Characteristics of the CBD
The center of the settlement. Most accessible part of the city > Most expensive part of the city – HIGH BID RENT PRICE. High Rise Buildings, MAKING MOST OF THE SPACE. High Order Shops, Offices, Financial Institutions, Universities, Entertainment, Public Admin, Art and cultural centers, Hotels. Focus of transport routes. rail, road and boat. Pedestrianized Streets Grid Iron Street Patterns, Old and new building combined. Named examples, Buchanan Street, Buchanan Galleries, Hilton Hotel, UGC Cinema, Glasgow City Chambers, Central Station, M8, Buchanan Bus Station….

20 Inner City

21 Tenement Housing

22 Tenements

23 Tenements




27 Characteristics of the Inner City
Normally located next to the CBD. Industrial Features such as flat land, accessibility – roads, rail, canals, motorways. Large buildings, warehouses, usually with wks, beside it. Old housing – TENEMENTS – used to house the workers in the past > low car ownership had to walk to work. Densely populated, no open space, congested, polluted. Named examples, Govan, Partick, Yoker, Whitinch. In Glasgow this zone stretches linear along the Clyde. Not the same in all cities. Could mention Clydebank.




31 Medium Cost Housing Moving away from the CBD. Better quality housing.
Less densely populated. Better layout of street pattern. Crescents and Cul-de-Sacs. More open space and gardens. Less traffic, less pollution. Named examples Kelvinside, Kelvindale, Anniesland, Knightswood.

32 Modern Housing

33 High Cost Housing SUBURBS
Cost of travel in reduced and car ownership increases > people move further away from city center. Low density, High cost housing. Bungalows and detached housing. Large gardens, schools, open space, modern street patterns, small shopping centers. Named examples Bearsden, Milngavie, Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch.

34 New Housing and new Industry. Out of town shopping centres
Rural Urban Fringe New Housing and new Industry. Out of town shopping centres Expanding suburbs. Protected by the green belt.

35 New Development - Braehead
40 New Development - Braehead

36 New Development – Braehead
41 New Development – Braehead

37 New Development - Braehead
42 New Development - Braehead

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