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District Camp 2014 10 Year Anniversary 22 nd to 25 th August Bramhope Scout Camp Parents Information Meeting - 8.15pm, Monday 7 th July 2014.

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1 District Camp 2014 10 Year Anniversary 22 nd to 25 th August 2014 @ Bramhope Scout Camp Parents Information Meeting - 8.15pm, Monday 7 th July 2014

2 Tonight will cover Arrival & Registration Paper work Programme Beaver Transport Scouts without leader The Explorer Section Catering Arrangements Map/Layout/Camping area Parking Matters Striking Camp Health, Welfare & Safeguarding Clothing Orders Agreed Polices Deadlines Q & A

3 Arrival Arrangements Stagger Times: from 6pm to 6.30pm 1 st Shipley & 11 th Shipley from 6.30pm to 7pm 1 st Bingley & 3 rd Shipley from 7pm to 7.30pm6 th Bingley, 9 th Bingley, 3 rd Bingley, 8 th Shipley, 8 th Bingley, AV Explorers EVERYONE must visit registration desk upon arrival BEFORE going onsite. Your Group will need to make arrangements for a QUICK drop off. Groups without a Leader (8 th Shipley), Paul Jagger will be meet you and ensure you find your camping pitch. Medical & Activity Permission forms remain responsibility of your scout group’s Leader in Charge – Parents MUST return these – no forms, no camp!

4 More on Paperwork All aspects of camp are rigorously Risk assessed – parents are welcome to request copies of Risk Assessments nearer the time. Kit Lists including Spending Money (Group’s have been asked to make a decision on how much spending money and how it will be managed, tell your young people) All forms & Kit Lists are available to download on website DOCUMENTS section at

5 Programme Outline for programme – Saturday & Sunday – 4 Programme Zones with 100+ activities to enjoy. Cub Day Trip – depart 9.30am at latest, coach+3minibuses to Doncaster. Scouts/Explorers – depart 9am, coach to Light Water Valley, Return for 6pm. Friday Evening – Giant ‘The Cube Contest’ + Free Choice After Hours – cinema, disco, live music venue (Do you know any acts!) Saturday Night – BBQ & It’s A Knock out – Enter a team Sunday International Street Party – Each Group Will represent a country. Monday – 5-6 workshops, sign up for 3 (40mins each) Beaver leaders – look after you beavers but please encourage parents to ‘come and run an activity’ PARENT VOLUNTEERS TO RUN A BASE for 3 hours needed!

6 Beaver Matters Transport up to own group – please consult your Scout Group. 1 Group at present staying over night – Ashton Centre Lunch, Tea, all drinks and snacks will be provided if central catering; if self catering this will be the groups responsibility but will need to align with Camp Programme timings.

7 Scouts without Leaders Paul Jagger (Commissioner for Scouts in Airevalley) to oversee Scouts without leaders (1 group of 5 scouts at present) Will camp as a group ‘neat to’ another group for support. Parents of these scouts please chat to Paul before you leave.

8 The Explorer Section If going as YL pay £10 but no access to Explorer programme or Sub Camp. If going as Explorer pay £50 and full access to Explorer programme and Sub Camp (they can of course still support their sections if they choose to as YL at times) They may camp with group or Explorers - they choose and commit. Explorers to submit a Passport for Camping as part of a Sub Camp. Martin Peel to oversee the passports and the Explorers – please chat with him before you leave. Special ‘after hours’ events Saturday & Sunday.

9 Catering Arrangements Central Catering Known food allergies and dietary requirements – where they on your initial registration? If so we have them recorded, if not, let us know tonight. Dining Marquee to seat if bad weather – if good ‘Alfresco’. Disposable Crockery and Cutlery – no washing up. Set times – staggered to reduce congestion Will be a set menu but no one will starve, the catering team know what they are doing! Self Catering You will be given additional camping space to accommodate. Ensure your timings align with Programme. Groups will still be expected to provide leaders (reason for central catering)

10 Parking Arrangements Long Stay – Car Park attached to John Briggs Centre – cars will be ‘Packed and Stacked’ The Driveway to this Car Park will be reserved for each group to ‘have one emergency car’ that can easily get out if necessary. Short Stay – Main car park for day visitors, minibuses, coach pick up and drop off and Arrivals Friday night and Beavers on Sunday – THIS IS THE ARRIVAL POINT FOR PARENTS, please drop and go – we have a lot to get in and out in a short period of time.


12 Striking Camp Departure arrangements & times – please let us know if you are using a coach. Distance to travel will be the deciding factor. Inform Ed if you have any ‘special circumstances’. Stagger Times: from 1.30pm to 1.45pm 1 st Shipley from 1.45pm to 2pm11 th Shipley from 2pm to 2.15pm 6 th Bingley, 9 th Bingley, 3 rd Bingley, 8 th Shipley, 8 th Bingley, AV Explorers from 2.15pm to 2.30pm1 st Bingley from 2.30 to 2.45pm 3 rd Shipley

13 Health, Welfare & Safeguarding ALL 18yrs+ require CRB – Leader in Charge will sign to verify this. First Aid – during group time=groups responsibility; during programme time First Aid will be covered. Banding – must have a leaders’ contact number and red dot to indicate a 'welfare issue' – after registration it is responsibility of Leader in Charge to ensure ALL members of contingent are wearing band (if band is lost, must see Julie Wright for re-issue).

14 Clothing Orders Deadline for Order form will FULL payment by 30th June – sorry no credit! BUT WE WILL TAKE ORDERS TONIGHT AS A LAST MINUTE EFFORT. Pick up orders at registration or arrange to collect from Julie Get sizes right - no swaps, exchanges available!

15 Camp Policies Smoking – follows POR and no smoking in the buildings. An area at the back of the camping field out of view of young people will be established as the only smoking area on site. Drinking – never in front of young people. The Ashton Centre on the Friday and Saturday night will be given over to Leaders to ‘relax’ in. The Leader in Charge as names on the Booking In Spreadsheet remains responsible for the welfare of the young people and adults. Safeguarding - wear bands at all times – replacement must be sought from Julie Wright if lost. All those 18 and over must have a Scout CRB as noted on Booking in Spreadsheet. Drugs misuse – As per Scouting POR Sending Home – This is a District camp. If in the event a participant has to be ‘sent home’ for whatever reason (illness, behaviour, policy infringement, home- sickness’ – this is only to be done in consultation with the Leader in Charge of the group and the Camp Leader (and District Commissioner if appropriate). Social Media – if your group uses social media, you are only permitted to post items and photographs that relates specifically to the young people in your care.

16 Budgeting and Funding ASDA bag pack – 26 th July – Please push – this is an unexpected opportunity to raise £1500+ if we can cover all the tills for 9 hours – please support – it will be the difference between an OK programme and a fantastic programme!

17 Q & A Any questions raised will be answered were possible, recorded, pass to Andrew and put in FAQ section of website as soon as possible. Any unanswerable questions will go to next Steering Group Meeting.

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