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Welcome to the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Informational Meeting 1.

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1 Welcome to the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Informational Meeting 1

2 FTTH Project Schedule General Information Equipment Pictures Topics Covered 2 Information on the OSP Construction

3 Private Roads In order for BTI to plow/install fiber along private roads, everyone will need to sign an easement before construction can begin. If you live on a private road, please contact Ken Carlsrud for an easement form. His direct line is 715-688-1039. General Information Private Utilities Private utilities such as sprinkler systems, sewer systems, power to out buildings, lighting, gates, and alarm systems are not covered by the Wisconsin Diggers Hotline system. These utilities will need to be located/identified by the homeowner prior to plowing the fiber drop on the homeowners property. Current Service Provider Term Contracts If you are currently in a contract with your service provider, please verify when your contract will end. Some providers have an automatic renewal policy that you may not be aware of. Early out/termination fees for these contracted services can have costly penalties. 6

4 General Information BTI will be connecting customers that have the necessary wiring completed in the order that we received their Check-Off Form. How will BTI know that the home wiring has been completed? When the house wiring is complete, the homeowner will send the signed customer check-off form to BTI. 7

5 Overview/summary of OSP Construction ● The Outside Plant project will start as soon as possible in May/June 2013. ● The project was designed as a 100% fiber optic build. The current electronics are provisional to Gigabit Ethernet with Active Ethernet technology and 100Mb using PON technology. ● OSP construction will include static plowing of the mainline fiber, installing handhole vaults (HH) and vibratory lawn plows to the house. 5 ● The Outside Plant Project (OSP) consists of installing, splicing, and testing all of the fiber optic cable and drops.

6 One of the key steps of the wiring requirements is the homeowner/electrical contractor installing a 1” PVC pipe from the Network Interface Location (NIL) to the outside of the house. This will accomplish two things. 1.It will let the outside plant contractor know where the fiber drop needs to be plowed. 2.It will be used to run copper to the NIL if the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is to be placed on the outside of the house. Home Wiring 10

7 Network Interface Location Establish a Network Interface Location (NIL) inside the home This area will need to be a 2’ x 2’ of wall space (minimum) This is where all of the low voltage wiring within the home will terminate. It will also be the area where BTI will place equipment needed to provide services. 11

8 Most of the time the NIL is in an utility room or in the basement by the power entrance. Some of the newer homes have a low voltage home run panel somewhere in the house. 12

9 1” PVC Install a 1” PVC conduit from the NIL to an exterior wall with a Lb and riser installed. The conduit riser should be between 46” and 60” from ground level. Minimum of 1 clamp on outside. Conduit should be silicone at the entrance going into the house and riser capped (capped not glued). Maximum length of conduit end to end should not exceed 40’. 13

10 14

11 110 Volt power Outlet Install 110 volt power outlet for FTTH power supply If a dedicated 110 volt outlet (not circuit) is not available, an outlet will need to be installed at the Network Interface Location (NIL). 1 17

12 1 18

13 Wiring for Data (Internet) The wire used for data needs to be a minimum of Category 5 wire. Cat 5 wire needs to be home run from computer/router location back to the NIL. At the computer/router location the wire needs to terminate to a RJ-45 (568b) jack. At the NIL end BTI will terminate the Cat 5 wire during cutover. (Please leave 10’ of wire at the NIL) 1 19

14 20 New CAT wire 5 terminated with RJ-45 568B data jack

15 If you are going to be using wireless technology within the house, the wireless router must be placed so coverage is achieved everywhere in the house. A basement location is usually not a good location for the wireless router. 21

16 Cable TV / COAX Wiring All locations need to be wired with RG-6 Coax. Both ends need F type compression connectors installed. TV locations should have a F connector wall plate installed – optional. At the NIL, all ends should be terminated and be next to one another for a splitter to be terminated. BTI will provide the CATV splitter at the time of cutover. 22

17 23

18 Telephone Wiring New CAT 5 wire needs to be installed from current phone junction to NIL. If a new location is needed for phone, CAT 5 wire should be used and terminated on a RJ-11 jack. 24

19 25

20 1. Install Power Supply 2. Install ONT 3. Provision Services 4. Terminate House Wiring 5. Test and turn-up Services 6. Estimated Time for Cutover is Approximately 1 Hour per Service 26 New CAT wire 5 terminated with RF-45 568B data jack

21 Construction Process The following slides explain the construction process 28

22 Static plows will be used for majority of the mainline cable placement. 1 29

23 Handhole/Vault Static Plow 30

24 Black dirt and seeding follows behind any mainline cable plowing operation. 31

25 Directional boring will be the method used for crossing under hard surface roads, driveways, water crossings, etc.. 32

26 Vibrating plows will be used for all of the Fiber Optic drops going to the houses. Fiber drop Locating of utilities will be coordinated by Contractor 33

27 Picture of a plow slot after the job is completed. (no obstacles were encountered along the way). 34

28 Handhole/Vault HH are used for splice points for the Fiber Optic cable. They are primarily placed at intersections and locations where the drops will be connected from the houses. 35

29 36

30 37

31 38

32 2009 construction season Picture of a Handhole (HH) and warning marker 39

33 BTI WEB Site BTI will establish a separate tab for the FTTH project on it’s Website It will include the following: ● A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) ● Informational slide show ● Guide for in-house wiring requirements and check off form ● Services to be available 41 And much more valuable information

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