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Installation Plan for 30 Monument Square Jim Hanley 617-839-9098

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1 Installation Plan for 30 Monument Square Jim Hanley 617-839-9098

2 Proposal for 30 Monument Sq Connect 30 Monument Sq to netBlazr broadband network in order to provide more internet choice to condo owners Install netBlazr radios on rooftop and follow existing conduit into the building to reach telco room in the basement Use telephone wired infrastructure combined with VDSL technology to deliver high-speed internet to individual condos Service: Standard Plan $39.95/mo Installation: $99.95/unit ($100 off list price) No contracts, no hidden fees, no escalating rates netBlazr Confidential2

3 Proposed Radio Locations netBlazr Confidential3 Place three non- penetrating roof mounts on roof set back from building edge

4 Installation Plan Install 3 non-penetrating roof mounts (NPRM) according to the diagram above. Install 2-3 radios per NPRM Mount a small weatherproof enclosure to the “telco wall” on the stairwell building. This will contain a small router and power management for the radios. Run exterior grade Cat5e cable from each radio to the small enclosure. Where possible, tie cables to existing rooftop conduits and structures. Create a horizontal weatherproof conduit into the stairwell and continue the conduit into the crawlspace between the rooftop and the 4 th floor. Run 2 Cat5e cables and 1 low voltage power cable through conduit to crawlspace and then over the internal arch into the 4 th floor telco closet. From the 4 th floor closet, follow the large telco conduit to the basement to the telco patch panel in the telco room. Mount an enclosure on the wall along side the old telco patch panel which will contain a router, power management and master VDSL devices. netBlazr will use building power (standard AC) from the upper crawlspace to power the rooftop enclosure and power from the basement telco room to power the customer equipment. As customers connect to netBlazr service, they will receive a “slave” VDSL device for their condo which will be plugged into an RJ11 phone jack. netBlazr will “tone out” the line to identify the matching quad cable in the basement. We will then patch over from our master VDSL device to the appropriate wire on the telco patch panel. netBlazr will conduct a speed test from each customer’s condo prior to handing over the circuit for use. netBlazr Confidential4

5 Equipment List and Specs Radios – mounted on rooftop – Ubiquiti NanoStation NS-M5 (3”x11”x2”)Ubiquiti NanoStation NS-M5 – Ubiquiti NanoBridge NB-5G22 or NB-5G25 (13” or 16”) Ubiquiti NanoBridge NB-5G22 or NB-5G25 Non Penetrating Roof Mount (3’x3’ base) Routing equipment Non Penetrating Roof Mount –MikroTik 750UP to control radiosMikroTik 750UP –MikroTik RB2011 to connect condosMikroTik RB2011 Planet VC-231 Ethernet over VDSL2 Converters Planet VC-231 Small enclosure (10”x14”x6”) mounted in basement telco closet and to exterior wall of stairwell building on rooftop Small enclosure Outdoor Shielded CAT5e FTP Cable netBlazr Confidential5

6 Next Steps Obtain approval of this Installation Plan Schedule installation with Phil and Lundgren Complete installation according to plan Promote the availability of netBlazr service to 30 Monument Sq tenants Begin connecting users netBlazr Confidential6

7 Additional Questions? Jim Hanley 617-839-9098 netBlazr Inc 18 Bridge Street Watertown, MA 02472 netBlazr Confidential7

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