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Enterprise Vault (EVault)

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1 Enterprise Vault (EVault)

2 What is EVault? Enterprise Vault is an archiving application program to store and manage s This session introduces information on an archiving application called Enterprise Vault. After the lesson, you will have an understanding on what is Evault, what it does, its features, benefits etc. What do you need to use this Evault? How to install Evault? How to enable Evault? You will also get an understanding on how to search, read and restore archived items etc.

3 What does Evault do? Frees up space on your mailbox, by moving mailbox items to an EVault Archives at off-peak times For the user, archiving activity is not noticeable. Archived items are marked with a shortcut icon When your mailbox is enabled for EVault archiving, a Vault is created for your mailbox. Items from all the folders in your mailbox are archived to this Vault as per the setting. Other users do not have access to your Vault unless you have given rights to access your mailbox. Archived items are marked with a shortcut icon in your mailbox. Double click the icon to access the archived item.

4 Why use EVault? Controls storage and life cycle of emails
Enables cost-effective storage of massive volumes of s Simplifies administration by centrally defining policies The volume of unstructured electronic data is continually and rapidly increasing. This data is a critical part of the business. Evault solves the problem by providing a single, highly scalable, repository for any type of data, archived from a variety of sources. EVault removes the long term storage burden from front line systems, freeing them to better serve users day-to-day needs. EVault uses flexible policies with an open storage model which reduces the over all cost of the data management and storage with minimum administrative overhead.

5 Message store Microsoft Exchange EVault
Ideal for day-to-day information handling Not ideal for long term, large scale management of data EVault Long term storage of older s Good management & control MS Exchange is ideal for creating, editing and sending documents on a day-to-day basis. A good communication tool. As the amount of data grows, so is the amount of backup and recovery times. Administrators are then forced to impose quota for mailbox. Users on the other hand want to keep absolutely everything regardless of its size. If both administrator and users are then forced to spend excessive time to simply manage their data, Exchange becomes a burden rather than a productive tool.

6 Features Policy-based File Archiving Fully automated
Web-based user interface Centralized web and archive server Easy to retrieve archived items

7 Benefits Frees up server or primary storage space without infrastructure changes Reduces complexity Shortens backup and restore times End users can easily retrieve archived items without administrator’s assistance Data is stored efficiently Many EVault settings are controlled by the administrator.

8 How to use EVault? Outlook Plug-in (preferred method)
Access to all functional features Can change the default settings Outlook Web Access (OWA) Located at Cannot change default settings EVault Web Interface Located at If you have been enabled to archive by your administrator, you will see the icons when you login to OWA Use Evault web interface with any browser to search or restore items from the Evault. This version of Evault doesn’t provide support for mac users

9 Install EVault Outlook Plug-in
Close Outlook Connect to the Internet Enter the following URL:- Campus users: select EVClient_en.msi Off-campus users: select EVClientHTTP_en.msi Enter your address & password Click Run and follow the on-screen instructions. Campus users: select EVClient_en.msi Off-campus users: select EVClientHTTP_en.msi

10 Enable EVault EVault is automatically enabled for staff mailboxes created after October 15, Staff who log in to McGill campus using Microsoft outlook can enable EVault by themselves after installing the Outlook Plug-in.

11 Enable Evault cntd… Start Microsoft Outlook
Right click on your mailbox name Select Properties for… Click Enterprise Vault tab Uncheck Suspend Enterprise Vault archiving for this mailbox. Click OK.

12 EVault Archives Mail messages, calendar items, attachments and folders
Note: EVault should not be used as a way to clean out your mailbox. All sensitive and unwanted must be deleted on a regular basis

13 Archiving can be by: Age of an item OR Mailbox size limit
Date stems from the received date OR Mailbox size limit Archive items older than 2 months until mailbox contains certain percentage of free space

14 Default setting Maintain mailbox at 50% used capacity
Archives oldest items until mailbox contains certain percentage of (50%) free space Will not archive items less than 2 months old

15 Turn Off Outlook AutoArchive
Tools>Options>Other> AutoArchive Uncheck the Run Autoarchive every… option.

16 Outlook toolbar icons Restore from Vault Search Archive Explorer
Store in Vault

17 Outlook Menu Items The Tools menu is extended to include EVault related selections, similar to those of the toolbar.

18 View the Evault Settings
To view the settings: Right click your mailbox Select Properties… Select Enterprise Vault tab Check the section under ‘Settings’

19 Change Settings To change settings: Right click your mailbox
Select Properties… Select Enterprise Vault tab Click Change button

20 Settings cntd… Click Use Custom settings
Then specify one option under the Settings section. Enter the % of free space you want in the Archive to leave ----percent free space box.

21 Settings cntd… OR Select Archive items older than and enter the age of the items to archive (eg. Older than 4 months)

22 Visual indication

23 Restoring Select the mail to restore Click the restore icon
Indicate where to place the restored item

24 Searching for items in Vault
Click on “Search Vault” icon Enter a phrase in the ‘Look for’ field

25 Archive Explorer

26 EVault – Web Search Specify the search criteria using the different fields to restore items to your mailbox. Click Search button.

27 EVault – Web Search Results
To restore an item, click Restore whole item icon To restore multiple items, select each item and click add to basket To restore all items to your mailbox, click restore all results EVault creates a basket automatically when you try to restore items.

28 Manual Archive Select an item to archive Click Store in Vault icon
The item will be marked to archive at off peak time.

29 Delegation rights & EVault
Archived mailboxes and folders inherit current delegation rights Outlook permissions determine delegates ability to interact with archived items.

30 Support & Help 398-3398
IT Customer Services (ICS)

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