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The Eight Stages of Genocide. Background Information.

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1 The Eight Stages of Genocide

2 Background Information

3 ULTRANATIONALISM - extreme devotion to or advocacy of the interests of a nation, especially regardless of the effect on any other nations. Ultranationalists are often fanatically loyal to their own country, and hostile and racist towards other nations. GENOCIDE - the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. WAR CRIMES - wilful killing, torture or inhuman treatment; wilfully causing great suffering; and intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population or against those who are involved in a humanitarian or peacekeeping mission. Examples: Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY - The widespread or systematic attacks against a civilian population - murder, enslavement, torture, slavery, and imprisonment. Examples: The Ukraine Famine

4  Bipolar society  Rwanda is home to 2 ethnic groups: Hutus (the majority) and Tutsis (had political power because they were favoured by the Belgians)  Ethnic tension in Rwanda is nothing new. There have been always been disagreements between the majority Hutus and minority Tutsis  The killing of Hutu President Juvenal Habyarimana initiated the killing. Tutsis extremist were blamed

5 Symbolism & Dehumanization Rwandan Hutu hate radio referred to Tutsis as “cockroaches’ Kangura Newspaper, Rwanda: “The Solution for Tutsi Cockroaches”

6 Polarization & Dehumanization Hutu ultranationalists used radio to wage a propaganda campaign against the Tutsis. The first to be killed in a genocide are moderates from the killing group who oppose the extremists.

7 Organization

8 Preparation

9 Extermination  The Rwanda Genocide was the results of revenge killings between the Hutus and the Tutsis.  Victims’ bodies were mutilated, buried in mass graves, or burnt. Rwandan militia killing squads

10 Denial

11 Summary  These events occurred because ultranationalist policies took control of the country so that they could protect and ensure the success of their nations security and interests. These policies are designed to be in the interest of one nation, and thus, are generally not in the interest of another nation, which is why it causes such crimes against humanity.  On a scale of 1 - 5 we rate the ultranationalist influence in this genocide as...

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