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Government of Karnataka 1 Hearty Welcome to the presentation on Mid Day Meal Scheme- Karnataka.

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1 Government of Karnataka 1 Hearty Welcome to the presentation on Mid Day Meal Scheme- Karnataka.

2 A View of Implementation of MDMS in Karnataka during ( to ) 2

3 Midday Meal Scheme Hot and hygienic cooked meal is provided to all the children studying in classes from 1 to 10 in Government and Aided Primary and High Schools all over the State. Objectives:  To ensure enrollment of all children of school going age.  To enhance retention rate.  To facilitate academic excellence.  To improve child health and increase nutrition level.  To bring social equity and Integration. 3

4 Cooks in MMS Honorarium to cooks CooksCentralStateTotal Head cooks Other cooks Amount in Rs SCSTOBCMINOTHERSTOTAL Head cooks are given Rs 100 extra from State funds. AT-1 4

5 Compensation for cooks Sl.NoParticularsAmount in Rs 01In case of death.Rs 1,00,000 02In case of burnt injuries leading to permanent disability. Rs 75,000 03In case of burnt injuries.Rs 30,000 Cooks are paid compensation by GOK in the event of untoward happenings while cooking. The details are as follows. 5

6 Kitchen Category and Cooks No of childrenCategoryNo of Cooks 1 to 25A1 26 to 100B2 101 to 200C3 201 to 300D4 301 to 500E5 501 to 800F6 801 to 1100G to 1400H to 1700I and aboveJ10 As per GOI guidelines W. e.f :

7 The Details of Food Grains,Conversion Cost and Nutrition Provided to Primary and Upper Primary School Students Food Grains Classes Classes Quantity (in Gms) CostCaloriesProtien Quantity (in Gms) CostCaloriesProtien Rice Dal Oil D.F Salt Vegetables Fuel Total AT-1 continued.. 7

8 Cooking cost per child per day ClassCentralStateTotal W.E.F to to W.E.F to to From the Year with effect from April to to Amount in Rs AT-1 continued.. 8

9 Details of provision in the State Budget AT-2 Rs in lakhs * GOK is giving additional Rs 100/- for head cooks. 9 S.No. ComponentBudget Provision Budget Released till Unutilized Budget (Col3-Col6) For Central Share For State ShareTotal Recurring Assistance 1Cost of foodgrains Cooking Cost Transportation Assistance MME Honorarium to Cook-cum- Helper Non-Recurring Assistance 6Kitchen-cum-store Kitchen Devices 0.00

10 Schools covered during Schools covered during AT-3,3A,3B 10 Schools Schools Govt +LB AidedTotal Lower Primary Schools (1 to V) Upper Primary Schools with Primary (1 to VII) Upper Primary & High schools ( 6 to 8)+(8 to 10) AIE253 Madarasa111 NCLP111 Grand total 56083

11 In lakhs Beneficiaries during AT-4,4A, 11ClassesEnrolmentOpted Average Beneficiarie s % As compare to enrolement 1 to % 6 to % Total %

12 No of Institutions assigned SDMCNGOAIE + MadrasaTotal Responsibility of Implementation AT AT-21 School Health Programme No of Schools to be covered under SHP (Govt+GA+Un aided) No of children to be covered under SHP ( classes 1 to 10) in lakhs Children covered Health Check ups (in lakhs) IFA, Vitamin-A & Deworming tablets Schools (Govt+Aided) Children (classes 1 to 7 (in lakhs)

13 NGOCook cum Helper No of NGOs working No of children covered (in lakhs) Number of schools covered No of children covered ( in lakhs) Information on Cooking Agencies AT-22 13

14 AT-5,5A MDM-PAB Approval for Performance (Upto ) No of Institutions No of children ( in lakhs) No of working days No of meals to be served ( in crores) No of Institutions Total no of meals served (in crores) No of working days on which MDM is served Average No of children (in lakhs) PRIMARY UPPER PRIMARY Plan vs Performance Primary(1-5)Upper Primary(6- 8) 14

15 Food grains Utilization [PRY] % Utilisation AT (Units in MTs)

16 % Utilisation AT-6A (Units in MTs) Food grains Utilisation [UP PRY]

17 Payment of cost of food grains [PRY+UPPry] % Utilisation AT-6B (Rs in lakhs)

18 Cooking cost Utilization [PRY] % Utilisation AT (Rs in lakhs)

19 Cooking cost Utilization [UPPRY] % Utilisation AT-7A (Rs in lakhs)

20 Honorarium to cooks [PRY+UP Pry] % Utilisation AT-8, 8A Central and State share (Rs in lakhs)

21 Cost of transportation [PRY+UP Pry] % Utilisation AT (Rs in lakhs)

22 MME Utilization Utilisation AT-10 (Rs in lakhs)

23 Achievement during , 07-08,08-09(Kitchen Sheds) up to end of Dec-2012 Progress (in %) AT Units in number 23 Up to end of Mar-2012 Constructed:22943, In Progress:2065, Yet to be start:2839

24 Achievement during ,07-08,08-09 (Kitchen Devices) Progress (in %) AT

25 (Govt+L B) Schools GA School s EGS / AIE Centres Madarsa s/ Maqtab Total (in lakhs) No of Days Proposal for Classes 1 to 5(PRIMARY) Proposal for Classes 6 to 8(UPPER PRIMARY) AT-14,14A Proposal for Classes 1 to 5 and 6 to 8 for the Year Number of children No of Districts No of schools No of Children No of Days AT-14B Proposal for NCLP schools for the year

26 No of SchoolsKitchen sanctioned by GOI Constructed through convergence Kitchen Sheds Newly sanctioned by GOI during Govt. + Local body Govt. aided TotalGovt. + Local body Govt. aided TotalGovt. + Local body Govt. aided TotalGovt. + Local body Govt. aided Total Proposal for Construction of Kitchen sheds for the year AT-15 26

27 No of Schools Kitchen devices sanctioned by GOI Balance requirement Replace ment of Kitchen Devices Govt. + Local body Govt. aided NC LP AIE CEN TES MAD RAS A TotalGovt. + Local body Gov t. aide d TotalGovt. + Local body Govt. aided NCLP+A IE+MAD RASA Govt. + Local body Proposal for replacement of Kitchen devices for the year AT-16 27

28 Total No of Institution (Govt+ Aided + LB) Weighing machines required height Recorder required AT Proposal for Weighing machine and height Recorder for the year

29 SchoolsWorking Additional cooks required TotalGrand total GovtGA Primary Upper Primary with Primary Upper Primary Total Already sanctioned during Additional requirement10335 Requirement of Cook-Cum-Helpers for the Year AT-18 29

30 Total Budget Proposal for the year AT Sl. No Component PrimaryUpper Primary Grand Total CentralStateSub Total CentralStateSub TotalGrand total 1Cost of Foodgrain Cooking cost Honorarium to cooks Transportation Assistance MME Kitchen sheds Kitchen devices Total

31 NGOs Participation in MMS  Number of NGOs : 105  Number of schools covered : 5906  Number of children covered : 8.22lakhs  Some of the NGOs involved are Akshaya Pathra Foundation, Adamya chetana, Sri Gurushantheswara Janakalyana Prathishtana Hukkeri etc., 31

32 Supplementary Nutrition Tablets Vitamin A tablets (2 lakh IU): at the rate of 2 tablets per year per child once in 6 months. Iron and Folic acid tablets (20 mg) : at the rate of 3 tablets per week per child for 36 weeks in a year. Albendazole (400 mg) de worming tablets: at the rate of 2 tablets per year, once in 6 months. 32

33 Suvarna Arogya Chaitanya Programme During , lakh children have been medically examined and 682 children are treated for speciality cases and an amount of Rs 3.34 crores have been spent out of NRHM funds in co- ordination with Health and family welfare department, GOK. 33

34 Best Practices  Women as cooks - preference given to widows, Destitute women.  Cooks are being trained every year.  All cooking centers are provided with LPG for cooking.  Mothers committee constituted to ensure cleanliness.  Kitchen Gardens are maintained & Wall writings on kitchen walls displaying quantity of food grains and number of beneficiaries.  Teachers taste food before serving to children.  Fire Extinguishers are installed in all schools.  100% inspection of MDM cooking centers have been covered. 34

35  Akshara Dasoha Sahayavani Grievence Redressal MechanismToll Free No: inaugurated by Education Minister Sri. Visheweshwara Hegde Kageri in the state during the month of 29 th March Totally 215 Grevences are recorded among this 185 complaints have been solved, remaining 30 are about increasing of cooks honororium  On 20 th Jan 2012 the Education Minister Sri. Visheweshwara Hegde Kageri convened a state level meeting for all the Zilla Panchayat Education Standing Committee Chair persons and members of the districts in Bangalore and discussed the importance of Akshara Dasoha and also explained their role in the implementation of the Programme with co-ordination with state Authorities. There was very good response by the members and at last they took a Oath (Pratigna Vidhi) and Committed themselves to involve actively in the programme and co- ordinate and co-operate with the officials as well as the scheme completely for the success of the programme.  Akashavanni Phone in programme on 12/1/2012 helped the public to discus their issues with state level authorities of MDM directly and find the solutions.  100% schools are inspected by district & taluka level officers, and we covered 6729 schools inspections from the state office by making teams of officers of different districts and taluks. 35

36 Mid day meals has reduced hunger and malnutrition. Nutritious food ensures better health. Mid day meal in the school ensures Social harmony. Children participation in curriculum and extra curriculum activities becomes more effective. Above factors contributes to Qualitative Learning. Impact: 36

37 Issues for consideration  Extension of central assistance towards providing MDM to children of classes 9 to 10.  Central assistance towards procurement of micronutrient like Vitamin-A, Albendazole and Iron and folic acid tablets.  Enhancement of food grain transportation charges for hilly areas from Rs 75/- to Rs 93/- and Rs 75/- to Rs 83/- for other areas may be considered.  Enhancement of Honorarium to Cooks-Cum-Helper Up to 3500/- per Month.  Provide Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojana/NPS Light Swavalambhan Yojana/ Janna Shree Bima Yojana Insurance facility to Cooks. 37

38 Analysis: Foodgrains lifting (Month-wise cumulative) Pry Foodgrains (in MTs) 77493

39 Analysis: Foodgrains lifting (Month-wise cumulative) Upr Pry Foodgrains (in MTs) 69900

40 Analysis: Foodgrains lifting Pry Foodgrains (in MTs) 100% 66.61% 85.80%

41 Analysis: Foodgrains lifting Up Pry Foodgrains (in MTs) 100% 64.53% 91.19% 41

42 (In lakhs) 42 Enrolment V/S Coverage [Pry]

43 (In lakhs) 43 Enrolment V/S Coverage [Upp Pry]

44 Thank You 44

45 45 In Kolar, Gadag & Haveri District Apron, Caps, Slipper, Masks and Hand glouse have been provided to all the cooks.

46 Children are served food after making them to sit in a row. 46

47 Children are administered micro nutrient tablets. 47

48 In some schools on special occasion children are served sweets. 48

49 Kitchen shed 49

50 ZP Educational Officers of MDM & ADPI of TPs Capacity building work shops are conducted in all the 4 division. 50

51 All Cooks being given training at taluk/cluster level, All over the State. 51

52 Foodgrains being delivered to school. 52

53 Wall writing for public information 53

54 Kitchen garden in schools. 54

55 Cooking gas being delivered to school. 55

56 Mass prayer by children. 56

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