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ODS3F –Observation and Detection Systems For Forest Fire Monitoring

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1 ODS3F –Observation and Detection Systems For Forest Fire Monitoring
Drones: New Prospects for Aerial Surveillance Rome, May the 15th 2014 Speaker: Ing. Andrea Gastaldi

2 Drones: New Prospects for Aerial Surveillance
Overview Platforms and Sensors Case Studies and Scenarios

3 OVERVIEW Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are aircrafts characterised by onboard computer-assisted flight, under the remote control of an operator. Improvements in technology have deeply influenced the capabilities and effectiveness of Drones which are now a valid alternative and complement to traditional aerial or satellite surveillance: Miniaturisation of Avionics Equipments and Sensors. Use of lightweight advanced composites materials. Progress in electric power (high efficiency brushless motors and Lithium-based batteries) All rights reserved 3 3

4 OVERVIEW Drones can now be employed effectively to support area of risk situational awareness, monitoring and surveillance in many tasks and missions. Main advantages in the use of Drones are: Logistics – Drones can be deployed by small units, in short time, directly near the operation area. Resolution – Drones can perform missions at very low altitude thus acquiring information with high details. Time – Acquired data are available for the operators in real time. Safety – There is no need to put at risk pilot safety. All rights reserved 4 4

150 Kg Maximum Weight 50 Kg Payload 5 hours endurance IA-17 MANTA 20 Kg Maximum Weight 7.5 Kg Payload 8 hours endurance 12 Kg Maximum Weight 3.5 Kg Payload 2 hours endurance IA-12 STARK 5 Kg Maximum Weight 1 Kg Payload 40 minutes endurance IA-3 COLIBRI’ All rights reserved 5 5

6 PLATFORMS AND SENSORS UAV Systems are equipped with many different payload components and solutions: HD Cameras IR Cameras Multispectral/Hyperspectral Cameras Gyro-Stabilised EO/IR Turrets Environment monitoring equipment SAR LIDAR All rights reserved 6 6

The Colibrì Drone has been employed to support Civil Protection operators in the assessment and monitoring of a land movement in urban area. The platform is characterized by small dimensions in order to be carried and operated by a single operator (5 kg maximum weight; dimensions less than 1 meter) and by a 40 minute endurance. The Colibrì Drone is fitted with an autopilot in order to perform autonomous missions which can be planned on the Ground Control Station by a simple user interface. Colibrì is modularly equipped with 4 or 8 rotors in order to provide flexibility with respect to the task needs and requirements. All rights reserved 7 7

Colibrì can take-off and land on the water with capability to survey the underwater situation via the EO camera. Colibrì is designed in order to withstand harsh environmental conditions, operating in rain and with wind speed > 25 knots. Colibrì is equipped with foldable rotor arms in order to reduce transportation and handling encumbrance. All rights reserved 8 8

Handheld Rugged UCS Technical Specifications Diameter 810 mm Rotor Distance 605 mm Height 280 mm MTOW 5.0 kg Payload 1.0 kg Propulsion 4 x 700 W Brushless Endurance 40 min Man-portable rugged ergonomical UCS PAYLOAD Camera Daylight HD Camera Thermal Imager Multi-spectral Imaging All rights reserved 9 9

Colibrì has been used to support local Civil Protection operators for the assessment and the monitoring of a land movement in the urban area of Seravezza (LU). The proximity of the rock slide to houses and buildings was a major priority for Civil Protection operators in order to assess the potential risks. Despite being in an urban and populated area, the location of the slide was very hard to reach without exposing the operators safety to risk. All rights reserved 10 10

The operators requirement was a mean to observe from above the rock slide, with the requested level of detail and the capability to move in narrow areas, as rapidly as possible. Colibrì drone took off from the square and conducted a complete inspection from above of the area in less than 1 hour from the initial warning. Civil protection operators and experts continuously directed the Drone pilot during the flight, in order to survey and monitor the most interesting areas and features of the land movement. Consequently, authorities and specialists have been informed in real time of the actual situation and have been able to make the right decisions. All rights reserved 11 11

Optical, Thermal and Environmental sensing capabilities provided by Drones can be useful in fire monitoring, both in prevention and in fire-fighting phases. In the prevention phase, Drones can be employed for routine monitoring and survey of an area by the acquisition of optical and IR imagery for change detection and risk assessment. In the fire-fighting phase, Drones provide a rapidly deployable aerial sensor which can support the intervening teams with real time information on the area: Fire perimeter Survey over approaches and indications for operators movement Detection of occulted fire by IR images. Optical IR All rights reserved 12 12

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