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Prospectus about Land Rover type reconnaissance car.

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1 Prospectus about Land Rover type reconnaissance car

2 Equipment of the car: -Gas concentration meter with wireless USW transmitter The centre contains 4 USW radio transmitter with gas indicator. This equipment can provides measured data to the car, which is standing 300- 400 meters away, where the data can be evaluated and when the limit value is reached, it makes an alarm signal.

3 -Meteorological station (data can visualise and elaborate on laptop) Equipment of the car: The weather conditions near the car can be followed by the meteorological station mounted on the telescopic pole. The wind direction and speed, the temperature and the atmospheric pressure can be determined.

4 -Ground settlement monitoring video system Equipment of the car:

5 - Video and GPS system, and transmitter equipment can be mounted on the aircraft Equipment of the car:

6 -GPS, GSM telephone system. Data can visualise on the map. GPS-locating functions together with SMS-based telematics communication. (precision:3-5 meter)

7 - Laptop, modem which enable to reach external networks Equipment of the car: The settled laptop can evaluate, record, and transmit data (video sign, photograph, gas sensor) as necessary. The supplied data can be visualised on the maps and can be logged on other worksheets. If necessary, the obtained values, photographs, maps can be send forward to the decision makers and users on any network. It is important to note, that it is necessary to build a unified technical background on the other side, in order to run the system safely. The laptop is capable for apply any other software. (office programs, special civil protection programs, etc.)

8 - USW radio Equipment of the car:

9 -Model helicopter

10 - Reconnaissance car is capable for cope with obstacle, and capable for rescue work. Functions of the car: -Main function of the car is reconnaissance of out of the way affected area by ground, air and video systems, and to determine location of affected area, (GPS) and elaboration of data recording, visualisation on map, and transmission. Furthermore the car is capable for perception of weather conditions and reconnaissance of chemical danger.

11 The car is settle down at the border of the affected area. The affected area is continuously followed with attention via ground video system.(VHS camera with 16 X zoom). Details of further affected area can be enlarged. The state and position of observed objects or buildings can be determined, and more exact information on it can be provided. Usage of the car:

12 For detailed reconnaissance an Radio Controlled (RC) helicopter can be applied. Usage of the car:

13 Specifications: Engine: 2 cycle 15 ccm Aircraft Performance: 3,3 HP/15000 rev Rev: 2000-16000/min Helicopter body: Rotor wingspan: 1,6 m Weight of helicopter: 10 kg Maximum load: 15 kg. Parameters of flying: Flying with full tank petrol: 25-30 min. Effective range: 200-300 meter Usage of the RC helicopter:

14 Model helicopter is capable of air reconnaissance and monitoring of affected area. According to air photo (video sign and high resolution digital photos), the head of rescue team can continuously follow with attention the movement of rescue teams. He immediately gets to know the evolved dangerous situation and the change of situation. The system is capable of reconnaissance and flying over of damaged tankers, railway carriages, barrels in low altitude. The model helicopter capable of reconnaissance of inaccessible areas, isles, cliffs, rifts, dikes. Usage of the RC helicopter:

15 Using of the system of the car the effectiveness of managing the rescue services can enhance, thus the level of the rescue forces may become more efficient. Vulnerability of rescue teams fall off by immediate recognizability of critical situations. We can start first reconnaissance without forces involved and running the risk of injuries. Usage of the RC helicopter:

16 According to transmitted data from the car (video signs, photos, GPS) the decision maker can decide about the rescue operations, and the applicable technical equipment. He can easily find out the extension of the affected area. In this way we are able to prepare the rescue operations more effective, as in case of traditional reconnaissance. Usage of the RC helicopter:


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