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Tactical UAV Systems for The Home-land-Security and Civil Markets Confidential and proprietary information of Bluebird Aero Systems Ltd. Copyright © 2005.

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1 Tactical UAV Systems for The Home-land-Security and Civil Markets Confidential and proprietary information of Bluebird Aero Systems Ltd. Copyright © 2005. Bluebird Aero Systems Ltd. All rights reserved. Bluebird’s Cutting Edge Technology

2 2 Bluebird’s assets 4 lines of products for diverse users and applications High expertise and unique solutions in soft-wing based platforms Rapid design, development & manufacture of aerial platforms In-house Avionics and electronics capabilities Rafael’s developer and manufacturer of tactical UAV’s 7.5Kg6Kg0.75Kg55Kg

3 3 Blueye - End To End solution Unique (patented) soft-wing technology Delivers variety of applications: –Day & night quality video –REAL time mapping on demand (TMOD) –Change detection Designed for the demanding civil market: –Simplicity – autonomous operation by two-men team (from takeoff to landing) –Low risk – safe for use even above populated areas (tolerant for human errors) –Low cost – purchase, maintenance and operation Capabilities & advantage –Long endurance (up 8 hours) –High payload capacity (up to 15Kg) –Takes off and lands in unprepared Areas –High reliability by full system redundancy –Portability – transportable container

4 4 Blueye - The ultimate solution Provide you own intelligence needs at real-time Multi-sensor support (video imagery / TMOD) Safe for use even above populated areas Requires no organizational changes to adapt the system Can be operated any-time, anywhere (simple logistics) Effective solution even in cloudy days High availability @ low cost Undetected operation (low signature)

5 5 Blueye - System Spec Field deployment sequence10 min Operational range 50 Km Gross weight (incl. Payload)45 - 60 Kg Long endurance up to 8 Hours Payload (camera sensors, etc)up to 15Kg Cruise altitude up to 2000m Airspeed 30 - 65 Km/h Dimensions (cm)180L x 120W x 115H Dimensions packed (cm)180L x 50W x 100H Power supply 500W Alternator & backup batteries Takeoff run5-25m Climb rateup to 2.5m/sec (500fpm) Winds limits25 Knots

6 6 US Marines evaluation The Blueye was tested by the MCWL (Marines Corps War Lab) as part of AVCDS (Airborne Volumetric Change Detection System) capabilities. The System assists in locating IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) The tests took place in YPG (Yuma Proving Grounds) during May 2005. The Blueye performed reliably under the harsh desert conditions, flying in strong thermals, dust devils, sinks and wind shears. The Blueye presented high system reliability, with the capability to be ready for the next flight in just a few minutes after landing.

7 7 High resolution imaging capability Automatic 2D change detection Automatic 3D change detection IED’s detection

8 8 More TMOD products Raw material Click for Image TMOD ‘Chicago’ Click for Image Automatic stitching Click for Image 3D model Click for Image Urban Area Map Click for Image Over ‘Chicago’ clip Click for Image

9 9 HLS and civil applications Monitoring and surveillance of urban areas –Independent and immediate response in urban areas –Locate and monitor negative elements in disordered areas Border patrol –prevent smuggling and illegal crossing based on change detection capability –Maintain regional “memory” of activities and events for better and focused response

10 10 HLS and civil applications - cont Convoy protection –detection of IEDs / suspected objects (Change Detection capability) along the road before and during the convoys motion Agriculture and forestry –monitoring and protecting natural resources while operated by government field supervisors –Automatic detection of insects attack, watering problems, leafs disease, etc.

11 11 Forest protecting missions Monitoring and surveillance to detect forestry general problems Preventing fire disasters by detecting heat sources in designated areas (early warnings) Management emergency events by means of: –Collecting of real time information (airborne sensors) –Dissemination of the information to the rescue teams –Command & control the emergency event based on the unified situation awareness –Accurate and quick response

12 12 Fire event scenario Need of real-time situation awareness to enable efficient control of the rescue teams

13 13 Fire detection and control solution End-to-end integrated solution to provide sensor information to both the command and rescue team levels, by means of: –Multi Airborne units –Diverse payload options (video, hi-res images, thermal images, photogrammetric HRI ) –Communication network –command & control systems (friendly and intuitive MMI, command and field levels)

14 14 Monitoring using airborne sensors multi UAV capability to support management of wide disaster area Collecting and analyzing information Information distribution to field level The event management process airborne relay routine Fire detected Start operation Operation management

15 15 GCU (Ground Control Units) Rugged PC based ground control unit Easy customized for special applications Friendly and intuitive MMI High portability (field, vehicles and harsh environments) Optional man-portable GCUs

16 16 Blueye - Payload Options The “Eye-light” – Low end day video –A stabilized pan-tilt-zoom day Camera –High resolution, Color low-light CCD, X25 zoom –360° continuous panning, 180° tilting –1/6" CCD sensor with 800K pixels, 0.01 Lux ESP600 – High end day video w/ tracker –Two High Resolution Color CCD Cameras –Field of View (0.7°; to 22.6°) with x15 Zoom Lens –Automatic Video Tracker capabilities Photogrammetric Payload –Designed for TMOD applications & change detection –Airborne control via the PGC computer –High bandwidth digital datalink (45Mbps) –High resolution images in real-time –Down looking real-time video

17 17 Photogrammetric application Low altitude slow speed Accurate route following High resolution Automatic High- resolution Orthophoto map Automatic change detection capabilities (2D, 3D) 3D visualization

18 18 MicroB – A UAV for the HLS Autonomous operation Endurance >45 minutes Hand launch / point recovery Real time GIS video image, HRI, thermal images Packed in a ‘James Bond’ Suitcase, ready to launch Launched from the Blueye UAV Weight (incl. Payload): 1000 gr Cruise altitude : 500 m Air speed : 55 - 90 Km/h Extended range – up to 10Km

19 19 We are specializes in technological solutions to the challenges and needs of both civilian and the military UAV market. A new product on the way…

20 20 SILVER SHADOW advanced security systems Ltd. Is an Israeli company dedicated to the provision of specialized security services and products. Our dynamic and highly-capable staff is uniquely and equipped to offer diversified range of consulting, planning, design, system analysis, research & development, training, instruction and executive services in all branches of security, Home-land-Security and Civil Market. SILVER SHADOW advanced security systems Ltd. Was founded by two former senior officers of the elite units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel Police and security services. SILVER SHADOW advanced security systems Ltd. Is a member of the Israel Export Institute (IEI), and fully complies with the regulations of SIBAT (the foreign Defense Assistance and export division of the Israel Ministry of Defense) regarding the exportation of defense-related know-how, equipment, systems and services. SILVER SHADOW advanced security systems Ltd. Maintains excellent business relations with the leading defense industries of Israel, as well as with leading manufacturers worldwide. This allows us to keep abreast of all the latest technological trends and state-of-the-art developments in specialized weapons, systems, and equipment.

21 21 Silver Shadow advanced security systems Ltd. 4 th Floor,Africa – Israel Building Yehud, Israel Ph.: 972-3-6326666 Fax: 972-3-6326099

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