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2 1) Enhance the development, coordination and marketing of recreational amenities. 2) Leverage Mandan’s current, and potential, array of indoor and outdoor sports facilities to attract year round tournaments to the community. 3) Capitalize on and enhance Mandan’s ability to attract adventure tourism visitors.

3  Secure an inventory of possible additional opportunities for hosting district, state, regional and national events, tournaments, competitions, conventions and other gatherings with a focus on more unique and obscure activities that fit with the facilities and nature amenities already present in Mandan.

4  Focused on Mandan youth.  Surveyed Juniors and Seniors at Mandan High School  Received 270 Responses (50% Response Rate). MANDAN BRAVES MANDAN BRAVES

5 The survey identified 40 potential activities and events and asked the respondents to rate their interest level in each on the following scale: A. great interest; B. moderate interest; C. little interest; or D. no interest.

6 Events, activities and venues identified in the survey included (among numerous others): Various winter sports activities Outdoor entertainment (e.g. concerts, dances, festivals) Racing and athletic events Equestrian events

7  Mandan youth have a broad range of interests.  Discount/Drive-In Movie Theater was the most popular.  Snow-shoeing trails and competitions was the least popular (by far).

8  We tried to identify events, activities and venues in which Mandan youth expressed an interest that are also feasible.

9  Over 60% of respondents expressed great or moderate interest in a hot air balloon festival.  North Dakota + blustery wind with unpredictable weather.  Could a balloon festival work in Mandan?

10  We think a balloon festival is feasible.  Weather is not a disqualifying factor.  Other Northern and Great Plains states hold successful balloon festivals.  The number of festivals close to Mandan is small, so it would be a unique event.

11  There are more than 100 balloon festivals held annual in the United States.  The festivals range from relatively modest events with a dozen or so balloons to week long events with hundreds of balloons, hundreds of thousands of attendees and numerous related activities.

12  Cadillac of Balloon Festivals.  Nine day event held the first week of October.  Most photographed event in the world  Over 700 balloons and hundreds of thousands of spectators.  Major tourist attraction – but it started from humble beginnings.

13  Natchez, Mississippi – Great Mississippi River Balloon Race. Mid-October Natchez is similar in size and lies along a major river.  Centralia, IL – Balloon Fest Population 15,000 20 years running 50,000 visitors and 40 balloons

14  Sweetheart’s Balloon Rally – Minnesota Lakes, MN.  Faribault Area Balloon Rally – Faribault, Minnesota.  Great Plains Balloon Race – Sioux Falls, SD.  Magic City Hot Air Balloon Rally – Billings, MT.  Central Wyoming Balloon Fest – Casper, WY

15  Balloons!  Races  Games and Contests  Balloon Rides  Balloon Glows

16  Balloon festivals are more than just balloons.  Survey indicated high interest in outdoor concerts, dances, food festivals, etc.  All of those activities could be incorporated into a balloon festival.  The sky is the limit.

17  Weather is of the utmost importance.  Steady and calm winds (10 mph max)  Clear skies.

18  Average Annual Wind Speed is 10.2 miles per hour.  However, average wind speed for 6 months is below 10 mph.  Billings, MT – 11.2 mph annual wind speed (July 9.5 mph).  Casper, WY – 12.7 mph annual wind speed (July 10.1 mph).

19  Best months for wind: January (10.0 mph) February (9.8 mph) July (9.2 mph) September (9.9 mph) October (10.0 mph) December (9.5 mph)

20  Also need clear skies – low wind corresponds to low precip (generally).  Average monthly precip for low wind months: January (.45 inches) February (.51 inches) July (2.58 inches) September (1.61 inches) October (1.28 inches) December (.44 inches)

21  Balloons need wide open space to take- off and land.  Mandan has plenty of those types of areas.

22  Must consider weather, other balloon festivals and other events in the community.  Almost always a balloon event happening somewhere – should avoid conflicts with nearby festivals.

23  June, July & August – many conflicts and not ideal weather.  Labor Day Weekend – holiday, minimal conflicts, good weather.  Mid-October – minimal conflicts – fall festival is unique, harvested crops (more landing sites).  Winter – balloons fly well in cold air, relatively unique, could incorporate desired winter activities.

24  Gauge the interest of the ballooning community.  No known ND balloon associations.  Identify balloon owners and pilots in North Dakota (participation is key).  Contact South Dakota and Minnesota Balloon Associations.

25  Festival would require large volunteer efforts.  Many festivals partner with civic/charitable organizations.  Civic/charitable organizations provide readymade volunteer force and the organizations receive some of the event proceeds.

26  Develop a marketing strategy.  Missouri River would be a key selling point.  Lewis & Clark and Native American tie- ins.

27  Many obstacles and challenges.  Significant costs – advertising and operating costs.  Need strong corporate sponsorship and volunteer and community support.  Festivals have come and gone (Clinton, Iowa (8 years), Danville, IL (10+ years, was a very large event).  Festivals that last have a significant positive effect on the community – both economic and quality of life.

28  Over 60% of the juniors and seniors in Mandan ranked it as great or moderate interest.  Low start-up costs.  Dependant on snow fall in the area.  Existing races in the surrounding area.

29  Races could be held at the Dakota Speedway or the Mandan Airport.  Mandan could host several races and host a year end banquet.  Promotion of local businesses.  Brings families together to participate in fun activities.

30  Over 50% of the juniors and seniors ranked as great or moderate interest.  Dependant on snow fall.  Start up costs would include purchasing the tubes, the rope pulley, staff, groomer and location.  Bring seasonal employment to Mandan.

31  Mystic Miner Ski Resort at Deer Mountain located in Lead, South Dakota. Costs are $20 for a half day and $25 for a full day.  Buck Hill, which is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. Costs are $15 for a 2 hour day session and $13 for a 2 hour night session.

32  The large hill located behind the new middle school in Mandan.  Huff Hills  If the hill was located within the City of Mandan, utilization would be high of the hill.  Could offer a lodge with a concession stand, video arcade and pool table.

33  Over 69% of those surveyed ranked it of great interest.  It ranked highest out of all categories in the survey  Two way we though about implementing it Drive-in you parked your car at Park like setting people gathered at to watch a movie

34  Form of Cinema structure  Outdoor screen, Projection booth, concession stand  Only one open in ND Williston  Capacity of 500 cars  Open April-October  $6.00 per person

35  Peaked in popularity in the late 50s  Advantages People with babies could go to movie Ideal for date night  Disadvantages Movie can only show at twilight

36  Decline Cost of real estate Advent of color T.Vs, VCRs, and video rentals  “Do-It-Yourself” inception in 2001 Utilize LCD projector and radio transmitters  Examples in Minneapolis and Canada

37  Concession Stand Helps generate more income  Arcade Could also be used at times other than when movies are playing  Restaurants  Flee Market  Farmers Markets

38  Location Prairie on the Hill Land behind new middle school  Dates Open April-October  Who it would attract Different movies different people  Jobs created Concession stand, tickets sales, IT person

39  Screen Newman Signs $.25 a square foot - $600-$900 Inflatable Screens $3300  Better for the park like setting Do-It yourself kit $500  Projector LCD Projector with HDMI $2500

40  Speakers Outdoor speakers to withstand outdoor elements $450 each  DVD Player Pioneer Blu-Ray $2200  Seating For park like setting  Illumination

41  Arcade I.F. Lafleur & Sons out of Devils Lake  Movie Rights Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) Umbrella License application Approximately $600 per year

42  Mandan has direct access to a natural recreational opportunity – the Missouri River -Canoeing is a sport that would utilize the river and draw sports enthusiasts to the water and beaches.

43 - Kayaking the cousin sport to canoeing  Both sports will draw surrounding population to Mandan.  Inexpensive family sport with health benefits and life-skill building  Explore country side from another perspective  Relax on the water



46 Youth  Youth Programs Supervised Programs  Learning basics to Olympic strategies Youth Summer Camp  Skill building and safety Sprint Racing  Youth teams competing with expert coaching staff

47 Adult  Canoe/Kayak Lessons  Adult Team Racing Citizen-level, fitness-oriented, socially- centered competition  Group Tours Family and friend group guided tours  Senior citizen guided tours

48 One-time Start-up Cost Estimates  Business Fixtures and Equipment $50,000  Starting Inventory Costs $26,000  Licenses and Permits $ 600  Insurance $ 1,000  Advertising, office supplies, etc $ 2,300  Unexpected expenses $ 12,000  Approximate Start-up Cost $92,000

49 A Real Adventure - Recap  Canoeing and Kayaking ranked very high on the survey.  Mandan has a natural sporting resource  Start up requirements minimal  Start up costs minimal  Seasonal – 2 to 3 season accessible  Only one other operation in Bismarck area


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