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Welcome 2014 PHS Football Kickoff Meeting August 15, 2014.

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1 Welcome 2014 PHS Football Kickoff Meeting August 15, 2014

2 Quarterback Club Agenda: Introduce QB Club Board Members Review some background and philosophy Review the 2014 QB Club budget Ask for your support – Financial – Volunteer to help

3 Quarterback Club QB Club Board Officers Tom Lysinger, President Eva Wilson, Vice President Brenda Mealhow, Vice President Val Douglas, Treasurer Celia O’Brien, Secretary

4 Quarterback Club QB Club Board- Members at Large Erin Griffin Lisa Amechazzura Candi Thomas

5 Quarterback Club QB Club Board- Class Contactss Kristen Bullock, Senior Class Contact Kathryn Lysinger, Junior Class Contact Greg Dunn, Sophomore Class Contact Tim Ostdahl, Freshmen Class Contact

6 Quarterback Club A non-profit 501(c)3 organization Organized with the following purposes: – General support for the Coaching Staff – Raising funds required by the football program – Organization of parent volunteer activities to enhance the playing experience of our kids – Organization/sponsorship of social activities for players and their families

7 Quarterback Club The days of “free” high school sports of our youth are long gone (at least in Douglas County). The school district pays for: – Salaries for most of the coaches – $4,846.99 for bus transportation The remainder of expenses are covered by the QB Club. The 2014 QB Club expense budget is $91,750.

8 Quarterback Club Guiding Principles: Be clear with parents up-front on what it takes to run the program. Create a plan that balances fund-raising with parent contributions. Be creative and aggressive with fundraising. Be frugal but provide for a good experience for our kids Don’t “nickel and dime” parents. Provide for economic support to families when needed. No student should be kept from playing football for financial reasons. Maintain absolute transparency with financials.

9 Quarterback Club Expense Budget: New Varsity Uniforms:$17,000 Fundraising- Purchase of Pondo Cards, Supplies)$13,850 End of Season Banquets:$12,000 Equipment: $10,000 Coaches Stipends:$ 6,000 Family Hardships:$ 4,800 Bus Transportation:$ 4,500 Pre-game Meals:$ 4,000 Videography:$ 3,000 Football Operations (e.g. HUDL, Camps, Athletic Trainer)$ 3,000 Banners, Signs, Buttons$ 2,500 Bowling Event Expenses:$ 2,000 June 6 Scrimmage Dinner:$ 2,000 August Kick-Off Event:$ 1,500 QB Club Expenses (e.g. Constant Contact, Senior Night, Homecoming):$ 1,500 Bookkeeping (QB software, tax prep):$ 1,100 Insurance:$ 1,000 Other:$ 1,500 $91,750

10 Quarterback Club Income Budget: Ponderosa Card Sales:$50,000 Player Participation Fees: $22,800 Corporate Sponsorships: $ 5,000 Lift-a-thon:$ 5,000 Poker Night(s):$ 5,000 Youth Camps:$ 3,000 Bowling Event: $ 2,500 $93,300 *PHS gets additional funding from student participation fees, gate and concessions

11 Ponderosa Football Parent expenses: Spirit Pack- Summer:$ 150 (to QB Club) Spirit Pack- Fall:$ 135 (to QB Club) CSU Pueblo Camp:$ 200 (to CSU) Athletic Fee:$ 150 (to Douglas County) Summer Weights:$ 150 (to Douglas County) QB Club Fee:$ 350 (to QB Club) $1,135 ($985 to Freshmen) Families have considerable out of pocket expense to support their son(s) to play PHS football

12 Quarterback Club What can we do to soften that financial blow? Leverage King Soopers Cards Help solicit corporate sponsors Help with fund-raising events - Staff events - Sell cards, hot dogs, whatever - Suggest new fundraising opportunities Work opportunities for our kids - Employer directs hourly wage directly to QB Club - Income allocated to player’s QB Club Account - Player participation fees - Spirit Packs - Camps

13 Quarterback Club What we ask of parents: Support your son in the sale of Ponderosa Cards Volunteer to help with various projects Reach out to local businesses for sponsorships Pay “Player Participation Fees” as soon as possible – Freshmen: $200 – Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores: $350 Attend QB Club Board Meetings (Monthly) Have fun together (e.g. Home Game Tailgates)

14 Please Remember:

15 Questions and Answers

16 Thanks! Please remember to sign up to volunteer!

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