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The Art of Concrete White Cement: Perspectives on Architectural Distinction.

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1 The Art of Concrete White Cement: Perspectives on Architectural Distinction


3 Architecturally Brilliant  The Beauty of White Cement Concrete

4 Imaginative in Design  Broad spectrum of color options  Infinite textures, shapes, and patterns  Versatile range of architectural applications

5 Consistent in Color  Clean bright whites, light pastels, and earth tones  Controlled manufacturing process for reliable consistency  Color matching to existing structures, previously placed concrete, and natural settings

6 Innovative in Appearance  Decorative, cost-effective alternative to stone, steel, and glass  Plasticity for fine surface detailing and versatile finishes  Long-term beauty, durability, and economy

7 Distinctive by Design Case Study - Precast Keeping Pace with Style and Substance Nike World Campus North Expansion Washington Co., Oregon  Objective  Helps complete Nike’s existing World Campus Headquarters at one centralized location.  Project  Six office buildings and one parking structure used 1,712 precast architectural wall cladding panels and column covers.

8 OWNER: Nike Corporation

9 ARCHITECT: Thompson, Vaivoda & Associates Architects, Inc. STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: KPFF Consultants

10 CONTRACTOR: Kiewit Construction PRECAST SUPPLIER: Morse Bros,. Inc. Prestressed Concrete Group

11 Limitless Design Possibilities  The Versatility of White Cement Concrete

12 Flexible Shapes, Textures and Colors  Varied pigments and colored aggregates for unique compositions  Expansive flexibility for unlimited textural effects  Customized designs, patterns, emblems and ornaments

13 Timeless Integrity  Strength to withstand wind, earthquakes, fire, and termites  High-density resistance to moisture and rot  Long-term appearance, low-maintenance performance

14 Superior Structural Capacity  Multi-story window casements  Arches and vaulted canopies  Towering columns  Copings, crowns, and returns

15 Distinctive by Design Case Study – Cast-in-Place Unshakable Performance Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels and Bell Tower Los Angeles, California  Objective  Build the first structurally base-isolated cathedral in the world to withstand Southern California’s earthquake activity.  Project  Structure with seating capacity for 3,000 people, engineered with a design life of at least 300 years, capable of uninterrupted service after an earthquake of magnitude 8.3 on the Richter scale.

16 OWNER: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles

17 ARCHITECTS: Design: Jose Rafael Moneo Executive: Leo A. Daly On site: John Williams, AIA STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Nabih Youssef & Associates GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Morley Construction READY-MIX SUPPLIER: Catalina Pacific Concrete

18 Blending Style with Utility  The Value of White Cement Concrete

19 Energy Efficient  Lower energy requirements per ton than other major building materials  Reduced temperature fluctuations, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs  Improved lighting efficiency for overall safety and streamlined operational costs

20 Competitively Solid  The look of natural stone – the cost-efficiency of concrete  Less lead time – shorter construction schedule  Advanced processes and construction methods – greater quality control

21 Cost Effective  Low life-cycle cost when compared to other materials  Less maintenance, reducing overall labor and material expenses  Architecturally practical for long-term performance and economy

22 Distinctive by Design Case Study – Tilt-up The Fast Track to High Tech Pepsi Distribution Facility, Windsor, Wisconsin Berbee Data Center, Fitchberg, Wisconsin  Objective  Meet the specialized requirements of commercial building projects with solutions that provide fast construction, long life, and low maintenance, while enhancing corporate image.  Projects  Concrete tilt-up construction of 130,000-square-foot Pepsi distribution facility and 50,000-square-foot Berbee Data Center building.

23 OWNER: Pepsi Cola Corporation

24 OWNER: Berbee Information Networks Corporation

25 DESIGN/BUILD FIRM: Robert M. Newcomb Co, Inc. Madison, Wisconsin READY-MIX SUPPLIER: Lycon, Inc.

26 Beyond Aesthetics  The Concrete Advantage  Cost effectiveness  Energy efficiency  Safety 

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