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3G vs WiMAX vs WiFi Onno W. Purbo

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1 3G vs WiMAX vs WiFi Onno W. Purbo

2 Target Pricing Akses Data / Internet –24 jam –128-256Kbps shared. –Rp. 150-500.000 /bulan unlimited access. Jangan Harap Survive Jika Harga >> Rp. 150-500.000 / bulan unlimited.

3 UWB Cable/DSL WiMax(802.16a) Dial-up Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) Bluetooth 3G (WCDMA, cdma2000) 2.5G (EDGE, GPRS) 1G (GSM, cdmaOne) Satellite FixedPortableMobile Narrowband Broadband Typical user data rate ProprietaryMBWATechnologies WiMax(802.16e) 802.20 WiBro HSDPA EV-DO, EV-DV Mobility ZigBee(802.15.4) LMDS/MMDS

4 Alokasi Frekuensi

5 “G” Technology 2G9.6- 14.4Kbps GSMPDCCdmaOn e 2.5G64- 144Kbps GPRSMC1X 3G384K- 2Mbps EDGEWDCMAcdma20 00 3G+384K- 20Mbps WLAN 4G100Mbps??


7 IEEE 802.11 Specs. (WiFi) 802.11b802.11g802.11a Max. Speed 11 Mbps54 Mbps ModulationCCKCCK & OFDM OFDM Frequency2.4 – 2.497 Ghz 5 Ghz ApprovalJuly 1999June 2003July 1999

8 WiMAX Forum Didirikan pada bulan April 2001,terdiri dari pemimpin besar dari industri komunikasi dan komputasi untuk mendorong sebuah platform umum untuk penyebaran global dari layanan nirkabel pita lebar berbasis IP. WiMAX Forum akan mengeluarkan sertifikasi berbasis “conformance” dan interoperabilitas produk dalam standar kompatibel IEEE 802.16, ETSI HiperMAN dan lainnya

9 WiMAX Forum Per March 2006 Board Member13 Principal Member97 Regular Member200+

10 Tahapan Teknologi WiMAX 2003Pre-standard 2004Fixed OutdoorIEEE 802.16a 2005Fixed Indoor 2006PortabilityIEEE 802.16d 2008MobilityIEEE 802.16e

11 Harga 3GWiMAXWiFi CPEUS$300- 400 US$500- 1000 US$50-80 Base Station ?US$15- 30.000 US$80-200

12 WiFi vs. WiMAX IEEE 802.11IEEE 802.16a Max Speed54Mbps (a&g)10-100Mbps Range100m40 km QoSnoneyes CoverageIndoorOutdoor UsersHundredThousand Service LevelNoneYes

13 3G vs. WiFi 3GWiFi StandardWCDMA, CDMA2000 IEEE 802.11 Max Speed2Mbps54Mbps OperationsCell PhoneIndividual/ISP LicenseYesNo Coverage AreaSeveral km~100m AdvantagesRange, MobilitySpeed, Cheap DisadvantagesSlow,ExpensiveShort Range

14 Akalan WiFi Mengalahkan WiMAX & 3G Beli Tupperware Buat Antenna Kaleng Bikin Pigtail Sendiri Performance –22-54Mbps –Range 1-3km

15 3G vs. WiMAX 3GWiMAX StandardWCDMA, CDMA2000 IEEE 802.16 Max Speed2Mbps10-100Mbps OperationsCell PhoneIndividual/ISP LicenseYesYes/No Coverage AreaSeveral km AdvantagesRange, Mobility120km/h, LongRange DisadvantagesSlow,ExpensiveInterference

16 3G vs. WiMAX lebih detail Ref: –White paper July 2006




20 Conclusion Quote from “WiMAX Forum” The WiMAX technology continues to evolve with the WiMAX Forum’s approval of the Release-1 mobile WiMAX system performance profiles based on the 802.16e-2005 amendment. With OFDMA, mobile WiMAX can meet the stringent requirements necessary for the delivery of broadband services in a challenging mobile environment.Performance simulations show that mobile WiMAX provides superior throughput and spectral efficiency compared to planned 3G CDMA- based enhancements, EVDO and HSPA. These advantages will provide operators with added network capacity for the support of value-added services with fewer base stations than alternative approaches thus resulting in lower network capital and operating costs.

21 Towards 4G.. Ref: Dana Blair, “4G: The End of the Intelligent Network”, Cisco

22 2G to 4G Voice Delivery BTS Mobile Switching Center (MSC A ) Base Station Controller 2G Circuit Node B MSC Server RNC 3G R’99 ATM ISDN w/ handoff 3G R’00 VoIP Node B Call State Control Function SIP Call stateful Proxy SGSN RNC ATM IP Tunnel GGSN Internet Node B 4G VoIP IP SIP Media Gateway PSTN

23 SIP Based VoIP





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