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Mobile Data & Internet Onno W. Purbo

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1 Mobile Data & Internet Onno W. Purbo

2 Fokus.. Mengupas Realita & Impian Wireless / Mobile Data Network

3 Internet Evolves Internet Fixed Internet Internet Mobile Internet

4 Struktur Wireless Mobile Data Mobile Wireless Berasal Voice (GSM, GRPS, EDGE, WCDMA) Berbasis Data (PAGER, DATATAC) Fixed Wireless Packet Radio IEEE 802.11a, b Laser

5 Mobile Wireless Data 1 arah – pager 2 arah – DataTAC

6 2 Way Pager

7 Mobile Data



10 Struktur Wireless Mobile Data Mobile Wireless WCDMA2Mbps PAGERslow Fixed Wireless Packet Radioslow IEEE 802.11b11Mbps IEEE 802.11a54Mbps – 100Mbps Laser155-622Mbps

11 Mobile Wireless Modem US$170-350 Handset Rp. 1-2 juta Airtime 9600bps Butuh operator selular GPRS ~100Kbps di Singapore

12 Evolutions of Mobile Systems cdmaOne Packet Data cdmaOne Packet Data GSM TDMA CDPD TDMA CDPD cdma2000 1X EDGE WCDMA WCDMA cdma2000 1XEV 2GFirst Step into 3G3G phase 1 GPRS PDC PDC-P PDC PDC-P 64 - 144 Kb/s Evolved 3G 384 Kb/s - 2 Mb/s384 Kb/s - 8 Mb/s Time2000/20012001/20022003+  64 kb/s

13 Tahapan di GSM.. 2+ = GSM Phase 2+ HSCSD = High Speed Circiut Switched Data (14.4kbps * n) GPRS = General Packet Radio System (up to 114 kbps) EDGE = Enhanced Data GSM Environment (up to 560 kbps) UMTS = Universal Mobile Telephone Service (up to 2 Mbps)





18 Aplikasi Wireless Data Konvensional SMS Pager WAP Non-Konvensional Unified Messaging SMS E-mail FAX Bar code Pager Dll..

19 Kondisi Aplikasi Hari Ini SMS interoperability SMS – e-mail WAP …?

20 Mobile Internet Evolution Quality Volume Any access Media Entertainment Capacity Messages Information Data Path Multimedia Conversation Real time 2001-2002 2003 2004 2005

21 Aplikasi Wireless Internet Internet Service Provider Transparent Permanent IP Connection WAP, SMS,WWW, IP, Email, Messaging


23 Next Step M-Commerce Main Isu – Trust, Security


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