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1 CDMA2000: Enhancing your fixed network with a new WLL concept Huawei Technologies Innovation Never Stops.

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1 1 CDMA2000: Enhancing your fixed network with a new WLL concept Huawei Technologies Innovation Never Stops

2 HUAWEI 2 Problems for wired networks C.O  Higher investment (CAPEX) equipment cable expenses construction expenses Land rent  Longer deployment delays Can’t fulfill market needs  Operation and maintenance (OPEX) difficult adjustment difficult maintenance, more workload  Impossible in certain areas only where cables may arrive

3 HUAWEI 3 Why WLL? BTS2 BTS1  Lower investment Transmission in the air, no need for cables Less infrastructure Less Land rent  Faster deployment Flexible networking, easier adjustment Meet the need of increasing markets  Convenient maintenance Fewer site = fewer workload  Wider coverage No physical obstacles Easier coverage for remote areas  Easier Expansion Coverage expansion (just add sites) Capacity expansion (just add modules) LE is no more limited by copper losses

4 HUAWEI 4 Usual Problems in WLL technologies Product Maturity Vendors’ proprietary solutions Operators totally depend on one vendor specially for the users’ terminals Frequency availability usually limits the choices Low capacity per site due to spectral efficiency among others Operators need a big number of sites Limited coverage distance, due to technology limitations= More sites required, more complicated frequency planning Low speed data No evolution path

5 HUAWEI 5 CDMA presents the solution 1. A Mature Technology Source: CDG, March 2001 through March 2004 CDMA Surpasses 202 Million Global Subscribers 3G CDMA2000 applications reach up to 86 Million subscribers all over the world

6 HUAWEI 6 CDMA presents the solution 2a. Standard with Open interfaces iManager TM M2000 MSC/ HLR Internet PDSN/FA HA AAA Packet Domain V5.2/ SS7/ R2 SS7 PSTN PLMN ISDN 21 Radio Access iSite SoftSite iSite BSC/PCF/IWF BTS3606 BTS3612 Huawei CDMA2000 Solutions

7 HUAWEI 7 CDMA presents the solution 2b. Abundant User Terminals ETS1000/1200/1500 ETS2000/2200/2500 Huawei CDMA Fixed Terminals CDMA2000 1X (450/800/1900 MHz) Support reverse polarity/16kc/12kc pulse High-quality voice call with 8/13kbps QCELP and 8kbps EVRC Data capabilities up to 153.6kbps POTS, CLIP, G3 FAX, circuit / packet data, payphone, etc. Optional outdoor/indoor antenna

8 HUAWEI 8 CDMA presents the solution 3. Multiple Working Frequency Band Huawei supplies all system products in above frequency bands, including user terminals. Today, huawei is leading the CDMA450 market. F-BandUp linkDown link 1450MHz450 ~ 457.5460 ~ 467.5 2800MHz824 ~ 849869 ~ 894 31900MHz1850 ~ 19101930 ~ 1990 42100MHz1920 ~ 19802110 ~ 2170 2.1GHz 800MHz 450MHz800MHz1900MHz2100MHz

9 HUAWEI 9 CDMA presents the solution 4. Higher Capacity per site 1 CDMA2000 BTS in average configuration equals: 4 GSM BTS sites 4 Analog AMPS sites 20 DECT sites 30 PHS sites The capacity (Spectrum Efficiency) of CDMA2000 1x is 6~7 times of that in GSM, and 25~30 times of that in PHS.

10 HUAWEI 10 CDMA presents the solution 5. Wider Cell Coverage Frequency (MHz) Cell Radius in Rural Area (km) Cell Radius in Suburb (km) Cell Radius in Urban, Indoor (km) Cell Radius in Dense Urban, Indoor (km) 45052.978.232.591.87 80036.825.561.631.17 190015.522.720.700.41 450MHz has the Best Radio Propagation! Assumption:  Cell load: 50 %  FER: 1%  Transmit power of BTS: 20W  Transmit power of MS: 200mW  Height of MS antenna: 1.5m  Height of BTS antenna : urban:30m, suburb and rural: 50m CDMA450 GSM 900 GSM1800 IMT- 2000

11 HUAWEI 11 CDMA presents the solution 6. High Speed Data Solution Video On Demand Video meeting Internet Browsing Online game Location Service Circuit data service  Fax: G3  Asynchronous data service: 9.6k or 14.4k Packet data service  Max. Data rate: forward 153.6kbps, reverse 153.6kbps  VOD, web surfing, online game, … Fax

12 HUAWEI 12 CDMA presents the solution 7. Clear Evolution Path IS95A 9.6kbps /14.4kbps 1995 IS95B 76.8/115.2kbps 1998 CDMA2000 1X 153.6kbps(Rel 0) 307.2kbps(Rel A) Larger system capacity & hold time 2001 CDMA2000 1X EV - DV 3.1Mbps /1.8Mbps 2005 CDMA2000 1X EV - DO 2.4Mbps/153.6kbps (Rel 0) 3.1Mbps/1.8Mbps (Rel A) 2003 To achieve the evolution from 1x to 1x EV-DO with Huawei equipment, the only hardware required is the EV-DO channel boards, all the rest is software upgrade thanks to Huawei’s broadband platform deployed in 1x.

13 HUAWEI 13 Leased Line Services Cash Center Sonatrach B N A Government University CDMA WLL EV-DO 64Kbps 1Mbps 512Kbps 256Kbps 128Kbps

14 HUAWEI 14 LAN + 1x + EV-DO = Enterprise Solution Extend the limit of coverage with LAN\PBX Extend the limit of coverage with LAN\PBX CDMA WLL 1X + EV-DO FWT Enterprise(BNA) WLAN AP LAN 1 Mbps PBX FWT

15 HUAWEI 15 VOIP based on EV-DO CDMA WLL EV-DO IP PhoneFWT IP Backbone P S T N

16 HUAWEI 16 CDMA solutions in over 30 countries, for over 40 operators Network capacity of over 12 million subscribers Leading vendor for CDMA450 end-to-end solution The first CDMA commercial network in Western Europe World’s first international roaming About Huawei CDMA2000 Applications

17 HUAWEI 17 Conclusion WLL is no more a sacrifice that fixed operators must accept in order to provide access to certain unreachable areas. WLL is no more an “Only Voice Services and low speed data solution”. With CDMA, fixed operators can transparently provide their PSTN services to the users, as well as High Speed Data Services with rich contents and VAS. With CDMA, operators can even provide ADSL like services using the EV-DO technology with up to 2.4Mbps. CDMA allow the operator to consider Limited Mobility as an option to the user, as well as upgrade to full mobility in the future if required with minimum investment. Huawei Technologies has put a special focus on different CDMA2000 technologies, and today provides complete end-to-end solutions including applications like LBS, PTT, Wireless PABX, Wireless IN…

18 THANK YOU Moheb Ramses

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