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Energy and Housing Resources WMCA Western Maine Community Action.

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2 Energy and Housing Resources WMCA Western Maine Community Action

3 History Western Maine Community Action’s Housing Program has been providing services in Franklin County for over 30 years. We are the only program within WMCA that has a single county service area, with the exception of the revolving loan program and Information and Referral which are offered to clients in all three counties. We are regulated by our other funding sources to serve Franklin County residents only.

4 Staffing Judy Frost Program Manager Randy Burguess Energy Programs Coordinator Gary LaGrange Energy Auditor Diane Haley Housing Program Specialist Tania Gage Entitlement Program/Information and Referral Specialist Tammy McGowan Customer Service Representative Wanda York Customer Service Representative Louise Kilponen Customer Service Representative

5 Partnerships USDA Rural Development Mission at the Eastward Economic Ministry Community Concepts Farmington Area Ecumenical Ministry Local Financial Institutions Maine Center for Financial Education (Consumer Credit Counseling)

6 Programs Fuel AssistanceHEAP Telephone LifelineTLP Electricity Lifeline ELP Energy Crisis Intervention ECIP Above Ground Oil Tanks AST Elderly Hardship GrantsEHG Housing Preservation Grants HPG

7 Programs Weatherization Wx Information and Referral I & R Heating System Repair/Replacement CHIP Homeownership Workshops AHP Revolving Loan Fund RLF Line Extension Program CMP Appliance Replacement Program ARP Maine American Dream Initiative MADI

8 Families Served Program 2005 2006 Fuel Assistance 1905 2002 Telephone Lifeline 1905 2002 Electric Lifeline 547 550 Energy Crisis Intervention 194 152 Above Ground Oil Tanks 48 42 Appliance Replacement Program 116 Ecumenical Heating Fund 23 73 Information and Referral 1469

9 Families Served Weatherization 54 CHIP 30 Home Ownership Education 36 Revolving Loan Fund 0 CMP Line Extension 10 Elderly Hardship Grants 3 Housing Preservation Grants 5 Septic System Loans 0

10 Energy Audit Diagnostic Tools The blower door test is performed for every energy audit. The infrared camera shows where the heat loss occurs in a home.

11 Funding Sources Received Through MaineHousing LIHEAP—Fuel Assistance/ECIP Department of Health and Human Services—1,000,000 ELP--Electric Lifeline Program Central Maine Power—250,000 Appliance Replacement Program Public Utilities Commission—60,000 Weatherization/CHIP- Department of Energy—150,000 Department of Health and Human Services—225,000 Telephone Lifeline Program Maine Department of Health and Human Services—250,000 Home Ownership Education hoMEworks—1,500 per class MADI—70,000

12 Funding Sources Other Funding Sources Information and Referral Community Services Block Grant—25,000 Franklin County Commissioners—26,000 Above Ground Oil Tank Department of Environmental Protection—48,000 Line Extension Program Central Maine Power—up to 2,800 per client Loan Program WMCA Revolving Loan Program—130,000 MADI—70,000 Elderly Hardship Grants—29,000 Septic System Loans—22,000 MAR Maine Association of Realtors—3,000

13 Funding Sources

14 WMCA’s Revolving Loan Fund The Revolving Loan Fund was started with a grant from Maine State Housing Authority and USDA Rural Development in 1985. Since that time we have processed more than 200 loans. Our average loan has been $4,500. We currently have over $130,000 available in our loan fund.

15 Challenges and Opportunities The greatest challenge that Energy and Housing Resources faces is funding, Federal, State and local. The loan programs and partnerships with CCI and Mission at the Eastwood are great opportunities for Energy and Housing Resources.

16 Energy and Housing Resources –Western Maine Community Action’s Energy and Housing Resources Program maintains the belief that it is the RIGHT of every human being to have safe, adequate and affordable housing.

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