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Housing Grants administered by SCKEDD *Weatherization *HOME Investment Partnerships Program *AHP – Affordable Housing Program *HPG - Housing Preservation.

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2 Housing Grants administered by SCKEDD *Weatherization *HOME Investment Partnerships Program *AHP – Affordable Housing Program *HPG - Housing Preservation Grant *CDBG- Community Development Block Grant


4 Staff has increased from 3 employees in 1997 to 42 office and field personnel in 2011. 4 management 8 administrative assistants 5 inspectors 10 HVAC 15 crew members

5 Office staff processes applications for weatherization services Staff reviews applications to ensure eligibility requirements are met. Applicants are placed on waiting list based upon date received; however priority is given to the elderly, disabled, or clients with inoperable heating systems during winter months.

6 Home Inspection and Energy Audit Client homes are inspected and an energy audit is performed. The combustion appliances are inspected and tested for efficiency and health and safety. Existing insulation levels are measured. Whole house depressurization testing identifies areas of air leakage and provides a baseline infiltration rate prior to any work being performed. Audit software is utilized to determine which weatherization measures are cost-effective for each home.

7 Certified Energy Auditors perform diagnostic testing Combustion appliance testing Blower Door depressurization testing

8 Thermal Imaging is utilized Interior wall adjacent to attic Missing insulation

9 Residential Installations We install high efficiency equipment to ensure maximum energy savings while improving indoor air quality. A licensed HVAC technician provides a quality installation to improve comfort level in client homes.

10 Attic Insulation is a key element of weatherization Attics are prepped prior to insulating to seal any bypasses. A minimum of an R-38 is installed in all weatherization homes.

11 Foundation Insulation completes the thermal boundary Crawlspace InsulationFloor Insulation

12 SCKEDD has been instrumental in providing service to individuals living in high rise complexes. We have been recognized by KHRC as the sole provider of these services in Kansas. Currently we are making efforts to provide training to other agencies which will allow them to provide assistance in their service area.

13 SCKEDD has worked on 25+ multi- family buildings since 2001, serving approximately 2000 individuals and families. Due to additional funding we have increased our efforts in serving multi-family properties from 2-3 per year to 13 in 2011.

14 Old vs. New Original unit Replacement unit

15 Boiler System Replacement

16 In addition to KWAP, we serve many families through the HOME Investment Program. This whole house rehab program currently serves 14 communities and has repaired over 75 single-family homes since 2008. Current funding is in excess of 3.2 million dollars.

17 The HOME program provides funding for comprehensive housing rehabilitation BeforeAfter Homeowners, neighborhoods and communities benefit from the program

18 Rehabilitation Activities Roof replacement Electrical & Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Replacement Windows Siding replacement Foundation repair

19 Housing Preservation Grants The Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) program provides grants to sponsoring organizations for the repair or rehabilitation of low- and very low-income housing. Currently we have 2 communities with active HPG grants totaling over $97,900 benefiting 26 homeowners. These grants can be used on a single repair to the home not to exceed $3500.

20 Affordable Housing Program The Affordable is the largest privately funded housing program in the united states. FHLBank partners with the member financial institutions and private housing development organizations to award grants to help fill financing gaps in low-income owner and rental initiatives. We currently have one AHP grant benefiting 35 homeowners within SCKEDD’s region.

21 Heritage Trust Fund The Heritage Trust Fund (HTF) is a state program that provides matching funds for the preservation of properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the Register of Historic Kansas Places. The HTF reimburses expenses for projects that preserve or restore historic properties.National Register of Historic Places or the Register of Historic Kansas Places In 2010 SCKEDD obtained a $90,000 HTF grant to assist Elk County with the Replacement of the roof to the Historic Elk County Courthouse.

22 Elk County Courthouse

23 Davis Bacon Compliance Services SCKEDD is providing Labor Standards Assistance for procurement and Davis Bacon compliance. SCKEDD currently this service for 3 school building projects; a new high School for USD 259 in NE Wichita, an addition to Cooper Elementary School in Oaklawn and a Child Start Facility in Wichita.

24 New NE Quadrant High School

25 Economic Development Administration EDA grants provide funding for infrastructure improvements to assist communities with attracting new industries or expanding existing industries. In 2010 & 2011 SCKEDD worked on 4 EDA grants totaling over $4,900,000 with approximately $4,900,000 in matching funds. These grants provided roadway improvements ion Rice County for Cal-Maine egg production facilities, rail spur extension in Hutchinson for Siemens Wind Turbine Nacelle plant, rail, sewer water and street extensions in El Dorado for BG Products manufacturing plant and for street, sewer water and rail extensions for the Salt City Business Park Phase III expansion in Hutchinson.

26 New Siemens Plant Hutchinson

27 Community Development Block Grants The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program allows the Department of Commerce to distribute federal funds to Kansas cities and counties looking to improve their community. To receive funds, a project must meet at least one of the following federally mandated criteria: The project benefits low- and moderate-income individuals. The project removes or prevents a slum or blight condition. The project eliminates an urgent need created by a disaster when local funds are unavailable.

28 Community Development Block Grants Grants are awarded in several areas: Sewer and Water Community Development (which includes public facilities and street, bridge, drainage, etc. improvement) Economic Development – which provides infrastructure improvements, equipment or working capital to create or retain jobs in rural communities Housing Rehabilitation

29 Community Development Block Grants SCKEDD is currently administrating 15 CDBG grants totaling over $6,100,000 with approximately $12,300,000 in local match. These grants are broken into 4 categories: 4 sewer and water grants 5 community facilities grants 4 economic development grants 2 housing rehabilitation grants.

30 SCKEDD is committed to be innovative in the future to expanding its services to provide the best product to our communities and clients.

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