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International Student Support Louise Saunderson International Student Support Co-ordinator.

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1 International Student Support Louise Saunderson International Student Support Co-ordinator

2 Student Support Services International student support Immigration advice Welfare Advisers (budgeting, benefits, accommodation contracts, council tax) Student Financial Support Unit (hardship funds, bursaries, Direct Loans) Open Door Team and Counselling Service Disability Services Make appointments at the Student Support Hub in Market Square or call 01904 32 4140

3 Further International Support International Students’ Association (ISA) English language support (CELT) International Ambassadors Scheme Email Student societies affiliated to YUSU. These include: Anime & Manga, Baking, Chess, CSSA (Chinese Students’ and Scholars Association), Fashion, History, Islamic, KnitSoc, Latin American, Modern Buddhism, HP Muggle Soc, York Glee Singers, York Cinema.

4 General Student Support Welfare teams in colleges – 24 hour support even if you live off campus YUSU (York University Students’ Union) Graduate Students’ Association for postgraduates Academic Support Office skills/study-skills/ skills/study-skills/ Careers department Equality and Diversity Office IT Services – telephone helpline extension 3838 Nightline – students helping students. Open 20:00 – 08:00 every night during term time. 01904 32 3735

5 Health Care Unity Health has a branch on campus at Heslington West (across lake from Central Hall) or the Hull Road surgery used by many residents on Heslington East campus If you are from outside the EU area and you are studying for less than 6 months, you will be expected to pay for most healthcare services If you are studying for 6 months or more, all students are entitled to: register with a GP (doctor for free) visit your GP as often as you need without charge free emergency treatment at a hospital Free contraception/birth control and sexual health services via your GP or a family planning clinic

6 Health Care All students must pay prescription charges, currently £8.05 per medicine prescribed by a GP All students must pay for dental care. NHS dentists are cheaper than private dentists, but have long waiting lists before you can register as a patient All students must pay for eye care If you are under 19 you can apply for a certificate which exempts you from prescription fees, and most eye care and dental charges. Use the HC1 application Non-EU students may be expected to pay for ongoing specialist treatment at a hospital See these websites for more information:

7 Family Network For students with partners and/or children in the UK and their family members Meets at St Lawrence’s Children’s Centre on alternate Wednesdays for those with children under 5 Regular trips and social events family-network family-network

8 i:Connect International Cafe Meets weekly at Spurriergate in city centre (next to Coney Street) Every Monday 19:00 – 21:00 Open to all York colleges/universities Make friends with other students, practise English and learn about British culture Christian organisation but open to all (they will not try to convert you!)

9 Chaplaincy and Prayer Rooms Full time Catholic, Anglican and Methodist chaplains Part time chaplains and contacts are also available for Islam, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Baha’i faiths Multi-faith prayer rooms are at Wentworth College and Ron Cooke Hub Muslim prayer room is at Alcuin College with separate rooms for male and female. The door code is available from the Islamic Society The Quiet Place is near Derwent College and Heslington Hall – door code available from Heslington Hall reception

10 Police Tony Barge is our main campus police officer. He is very friendly! You can also call the police station on 101 (non-emergency number). 999 is the emergency number for police, ambulance, fire brigade and coastguard. On campus you can call 3333 (01904 32 3333) for Security Services who will call emergency services for you. Please note, North Yorkshire police are generally pleasant and want to help students. British police are rarely armed and are not linked to military services.

11 Hate Crime York is a very safe city. However: If you are a victim of Hate Crime, please report it. If you are comfortable telling the police, call 999 if you are being intimidated and if it is safe for you to do so. Otherwise, report later when in a safe place. You are welcome to email Louise if you prefer. Hate crime includes name-calling, being followed, having objects thrown at you & racist comments. You may also report this behaviour anonymously in a number of ways: Through YUSU (York University Students’ Union) Contact the York Race Equality Network Report on the True Vision website

12 Driving & cycling Cycling You must have front & rear lights on your bike if it is dark You must not cycle on pavements unless you are on a cycle lane There are good deals for cheap bikes in York. See the University transport web pages at Driving You can only drive in the UK if you have a valid driving licence, car insurance for your vehicle, plus road tax and up-to-date MOT You cannot let your friends drive unless they also have insurance You can use a non-EU driving licence for up to 12 months. If you plan to drive in the UK for more than 12 months you must obtain a provisional driving licence, pass a driving test, and then apply for a full driving licence.

13 Post, Storage & Shipping Post Room Located in South car park; 10:00 – 13:30 (weekdays) For sending letters/parcels/suitcases at cheaper rates YUSU and ISA organise cheap storage in summer holidays Or try

14 Useful contact details International Support – or email Immigration - or email UKCISA – UK Council for International Student Affairs. Visit or call 020 7788 9214 Mon to Fri

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