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Collaborative learning in Semantic Web-based education Jozef Tvarožek.

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1 Collaborative learning in Semantic Web-based education Jozef Tvarožek

2 Introduction Computer-supported Collaborative Learning: Coordinated synchronous activity of a group of learners resulting from their continued attempt to construct and maintain a shared conception of a problem (Rochelle and Teasley, 1995) Collaborative vs. Cooperative Does not guarantee success!

3 Research paradigms Effects: Neither effective nor ineffective Conditions: Group composition, medium, etc. Child-Adult vs. Child-Child Interactions: Which interactions appear under which conditions? What effects do they have?

4 What it looks like in real?

5 Ontology of collaborative learning Behavior and roles of learners Types of interaction Conditions for initiating collaboration Group formation framework Learning goal ontology Negotiation ontology

6 Group formation Opportunistic Group Formation (OGF): Personal agents negotiate and manage Trigger (impasse, review, etc) Negotiation: Opinion exchange, persuasion, compromise, agreement Learning goals: Individual, interaction-supportive, social, group

7 Collaborative interactions How to identify efficient interactions? Participation Social grounding Active learning conversation skills Performance analysis and group processing Promotive interactions Promoting efficient interactions

8 Proposed method? Opportunistic collaboration driven by user feedback Social graph exploration User characteristics Methods for optimizing: Individual benefit Total payoff

9 References Inaba, A., T. Supnithi, M. Ikeda, R. Mizoguchi, and J.i. Toyoda. How Can We Form Effective Collaborative Learning Groups? Proc. of ITS, Montréal, Canada, 2000, pp. 282-291. Roschelle, J., and Teasley, S., 1995, The construction of shared knowledge in collaborative problem solving, in: Computer- Supported Collaborative Learning, C. O'Malley, ed., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 69-97. Soller, A.L., 2001, Supporting social interaction in an intelligent collaborative learning system, Internatoonal Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education 12:54-77.

10 That’s all folks!

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