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Engineering and Integrating Business Processes Rik Eshuis.

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1 Engineering and Integrating Business Processes Rik Eshuis

2 Keywords....

3 Research topics Process Integration Process Composition Process Adaptation Process Views Process Engineering Process Transformations Process Verification

4 Motivation process integration Organizations collaborate more and more in networks Networks are agile and process-oriented Each network partner has business process Partners exchange data, but also process status

5 Context Business partners in agile networks need to integrate their business processes −supply chains, outsourcing,...  Process Composition: how can partner business processes be coordinated?  Process Adaptation: how can mismatches between partner processes be resolved?  Process Views: how can partners collaborate, yet hide internal business details from each other?

6 Process Composition How to combine different business processes? Analyse data flow dependencies between processes Convert dependencies into block-structured control flow (BPEL) Used in IST CrossWork project

7 Example R. Eshuis and P. Grefen. Composing Services into Structured Processes. International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, 18(2):309-337, 2009

8 Current state Solution for non-interacting processes −each process aggregates into web service Solution for interacting processes under development Focus on control flow Future topics: full automation, data flow, dynamic coordination,...

9 Process Adaptation (PhD project Ricardo) Resolve behavioural incompatibilities between interacting business processes Minimal Adaptor R. Seguel, R. Eshuis and P. Grefen. Generating Minimal Protocol Adaptors for Loosely Coupled Services. In Proc. IEEE ICWS 2010, 2010. To appear

10 Current state Solution for interacting processes −asynchronous/synchronous communication −application: supply/demain chain management Focus on efficiency (minimal adaptors) Future topics: adaptor selection, deployment of adaptors,...

11 Process Views View is public window on private business process Maintain balance between interest of owner and client

12 Example process view

13 Constructing process views R. Eshuis and P. Grefen. Constructing Customized Process Views. Data and Knowledge Engineering, 64(2):419-438, 2008.

14 Current state Process views for service outsourcing (with Alex Norta) Future work: non-block-structured processes, interacting processes, incorporating data (ontologies), negotiation,...

15 Process engineering How to construct dependable process models?  Process transformation  Process verification

16 Process Transformation Mapping from Petri nets to statecharts Efficient yet correct −Structure-preserving −Behaviour-preserving Realized as model transformation and Java program Application: net-like models (UML, BPMN)

17 Example ???

18 Another example AND/OR tree

19 Preserve syntactic structure place  BASIC node transition  hyperedge no counterpart of statechart AND/OR tree Problems −How to ensure proper nesting of AND nodes? −How to determine border of AND/OR nodes? Translation issues R. Eshuis. Translating Safe Petri Nets to Statecharts in a Structure-Preserving Way. In A. Cavalcanti, D. Dams, editors. Proc. Formal Methods 2009, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5850, pages 239-255, Springer, 2009

20 Current state Model-driven + Java implementation Future work: extend with data, apply to UML,...

21 Process Verification Analyse Business Process Models Focus on diagnosis of errors and giving useful feedback R. Eshuis and A. Kumar. An integer programming based approach for verification and diagnosis of workflows. Data & Knowledge Engineering 69(8):816-835, 2010

22 Conclusion Research approach: −model driven, −design oriented, −formal −engineering Research topics: −cross-organizational BPM −engineering BPM models

23 Questions?

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