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(IQRA Community Services) Town Hall Meeting September 27 th, 2013.

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1 (IQRA Community Services) Town Hall Meeting September 27 th, 2013

2 Agenda Key Updates Finances Events Policy Requests Questions & Answer

3 Key Updates New Name: Islamic Center of East Brunswick New website: http://www.icebnj.org Mussallah Loan Payoff Current Activities (Classes, Monthly Dars, Ramadan events, Eid, Iftaar, Picnic, Quran Nazra, etc.) Expansion work – Wetland survey – NJDEP Approval – Plan for construction/parking. Moon sighting Friday prayers Weekend School Meeting with Pastor of the church

4 Finances Account Balance As of Jan 1, 2013As of Sep 26, 2013 General Account: $10,348 $18,965 Expansion Account: $84,982 $48,141 Total Funds Collected in 2013 (Expansion Acct): $121,000 Mussallah Payoff: $158,000 Funds collected during Ramadan General Account: $5,650 Ramadan Account: $7,010 Expansion Account: $45,481 Total pledges during Ramadan: $27,500 Funds collected off those pledges: $12,834

5 Events Policy Funds Mussallah Expansion Fund Mussallah General Maintenance Fund Community Services Fund We are not using Mussallah funds for community related events. So far we have collected money thru sponsors or fund collection for events like High School Awards, Eid Refreshments, Community Iftaar and Annual Picnic. So if you are donating for any such event then please mark your checks accordingly. Event/Program Policy If you want to organize an event (classes, dars, etc.) at Mussallah, it is imperative to get an approval from the administration; it will help us organize, and schedule programs effectively. Please provide us one week timeframe for approval.

6 Requests Volunteers for Mussallah Related Work We need help from volunteers for misc. Mussallah work such as housekeeping, monthly dars program food pickup, arrangement at Mussallah, Parking, Eid hall arrangement, etc. Dinner sponsors for monthly dars programs Membership Renewal/New Registration We will be sending out an email for membership renewal and for new registration.

7 Questions & Answers

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