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HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver CTSO Overview Job-Alike Fall 2014 HOUSTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT.

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1 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver CTSO Overview Job-Alike Fall 2014 HOUSTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT

2 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver 21 st CENTURY LEARNING  BPA - Business Professionals of America  DECA  FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America  FCCLA - Family, Career and Community Leaders of America  FFA – Future Farmers of America  TAFE – Texas Association of Future Educators  HOSA – Health Occupations Students of America  SkillsUSA  TTSA – Texas Technology Student Association State Recognized CTSOs

3 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver  Lead Sponsor - must have five or more student members  Assistant Sponsor - May be added only if the chapter has 30 students members or more  Second Lead Sponsor (same CTSO/same campus) - Each chapter must have at least 25 students ( Secondary chapters may not have assistant unless 30 or more in that chapter ) Funding for Campus Chapters

4 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver  Campus Commitment  Membership Roster  Monthly Meetings  Leadership Conference  Community Services Project  Fundraising (optional) Requirements for CTSO Chapters

5 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver  Commitment Form signed by Principal  Stipend Request form  Copy of National Roster  Chapter Meeting documentation  Leadership Conference documentation  Community Service project documentation - Two (2) projects each school year.  Fundraisers are optional and should not be one in the same as the service project Stipend Request Documentation

6 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver Commitment Form One form per campus  Must be signed and approved by campus principal  Please write legibly  Can be located on CTE website (Teachers – Forms & Documents – CTSO)

7 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver Stipend Request Form Required by all Sponsors Lead and Assistant  Total of 50 hours should be reported  Must be approved and signed by campus principal  Can be located on CTE website (Teachers – Forms & Documents – CTSO)

8 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver National Roster  Produced upon registering and making payment to National CTSO

9 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver Meeting Documentation Meet once a month  Each meeting shall be documented with sign-in sheet  Provide a copy of minutes taken by Secretary at each meeting

10 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver Leadership Conference  Sponsor shall take a group of students to at least one Leadership Conference each year  Leadership Conferences within your CTSO– – Fall/Spring – Regional/District – State – National – May not include local non-CTSO event

11 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver Leadership Conference  Brochures  Daily Agendas  Completion Certificate  Awards  Pictures Examples of Documentation

12 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver  A chapter project that provides an opportunity for members to better understand the importance of civic activities in a community  The outcome is in the form of a contribution to the community or a charity, not the CTSO chapter  The project provides an opportunity for the chapter members to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary in planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating a community service project  One Service Project each school semester  Projects may include blood drive, food drive, clothing drive, collecting money for a charity in the form of sales or donations, school supply drive, working at a local shelter, park, nursing home, etc Community Service Project

13 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver Community Service Project cont. Examples of Documentation  Flyer/Marketing material  Pictures  Results of items collected or work completed  Donation report

14 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver Fundraiser (optional) Possible Activities  Bake Sale  Raffle  Coupon Book  Money raised benefits the CTSO or school in any way

15 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver  Teacher travel  Teacher registration (Leadership conference only)  Submit online Wufoo form: Professional Development Funding Request What can be paid for…

16 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver  Submission  Title pages  Sponsor examples CTSO Portfolio

17 HISD Becoming #GreatAllOver  Fall – December 1, 2014  Spring – April 27, 2015 Submission Schedule

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