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(IQRA Community Services) Annual General Meeting March 23 rd, 2014.

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1 (IQRA Community Services) Annual General Meeting March 23 rd, 2014

2 Agenda Rules of the meeting Performance for the last fiscal year Future programs and activities Current financial status Proposed budget for the forthcoming fiscal year Resolutions (if any)

3 Meeting Rules Members of IQRA (aka ICEB) are the only participants of this AGM. At least fifty (50%) percent of the members shall constitute the quorum for the proceedings to take place and motions to pass. Currently we have 61 members. AGM is for formal business only so there will be NO questions and answers session. Details will be provided for past performance, upcoming events, financial standings and any resolutions. We will have a town hall meeting right after the AGM where you can bring up all your questions, concerns and suggestions.

4 Performance of last fiscal year The new administration took charge on Feb 24, 2013. Mashhood Siddiqui (VP) Humair Qadri (General Secretary) Rasheed Yusuf (Treasurer) Mushahid Rafique and Zeeshan Quadri as member. New Name: Islamic Center of East Brunswick Alhamdulillah this name has been registered with the state. New website: http://www.icebnj.org Mussallah Loan Payoff: Alhamdulillah, Third and final installment of $158K was made in Ramadan.

5 Performance of last fiscal year Next steps with respect to renovation or expansion work: Wetland survey was approved by NJDEP A sub-committee has been formed. Once the requirements have been finalized, we will select three Architects/Engineers for the proposal. The final proposal will be presented to the community before we submit to Township.

6 Performance of last fiscal year Funds: One major shift in policy by new administration was not to Mussallah funds for community related events. So far we have collected money thru sponsors or fund collection for events like High School Awards, Eid Refreshments, Community Iftaar and Annual Picnic. Mussallah Expansion Fund Mussallah General Maintenance Fund Community Services Fund Town Hall Meeting: We conducted the town hall meeting during the month September to communicate the ongoing and future planned activities at ICEB/IQRA. Membership fee structure: Membership has been divided into three groups: Youth (18-25 years old): $20 per year Regular(26 – 59 years old) : $50 per year Senior: (60 and above) $20 per year All money goes to Mussallah regular expense account.

7 Performance of last fiscal year Departure of Church: Tentative departure date is mid April. Front Mussallah Sign: We are going to replace the front Mussallah sign.

8 Performance of last fiscal year Moonsighting Policy: Shura is taking lead on devising a moonsighting policy for our community.

9 Program & Activities Religious Activities Monthly Dars: Monthly Dars are continuing. Ramadan Activities: Taraweeh prayers were performed like every year. Eid Prayers: Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha prayers were held at Elk’s Lodge and on average we had 300 people. Juma Prayers: Alhamdulillah, we were able to start Juma prayers at our Mussallah on Friday, Dec 6th, 2013 Quran Naazra Classes: Quran Naazra classes are continuing every Friday and Sunday.

10 Program & Activities Religious Activities Quran Translation Class for Sisters: A class for sisters on translation of Quran was started on September 14, 2013. Muslim Girls of East Brunswick (MGEB) Halaqa/Dars: Starting September 28, 2013, a halaqa/dars was started under Br. Nouman’s supervision for Muslim girls aged 9 – 15 to cater for their religious and social needs. EB Muslim Students (EBMS) Halaqa/Dars: EBMS continued with their halaqa/dars on a bi-weekly basis. Humayoon Hashmi and Zaid Saud are managing these gatherings. Saturday Islamic School: IQRA Islamic School was started on January 11, 2014. We have 22 students currently attending classes. The school is self-supported financially. Interfaith Meetings: We participated in interfaith meetings within the township.

11 Program & Activities Community Services Annual Picnic: Annual picnic was held on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at Johnson Park in Piscataway. About 130 people participated in the event. Annual Iftaar Program: Annual Iftaar for the community was arranged on Saturday, July 20, 2013 at Aldersgate United Methodist Church. Attendance was approx. 200 people. High School Awards: Like past few years, we awarded two high school kids with monetary awards of $500. Distribution of Cakes on Eid: Cakes were distributed among nearby churches on the occasion of Eid. Blood Drive: For our annual blood drive, 20 people signed up and 11 people donated the blood.

12 Program & Activities Community Services Community Potluck: Just last week we had a very successful Potluck event where 165 people participated in the event.

13 Events missed : Internal Achievement Awards for Kids: Unfortunately we missed this event last year, but have an intention to plan it have it this year. Awards for High School Seniors at Picnic: We totally forgot about this event as we were busy arranging the picnic. Program & Activities

14 Future Program & Activities Future Programs and Activities Insha’Allah, we will continue with the events described earlier, and add to it. Please let us know if you have any recommendations. One of the program that we would like to add is a young boys. This will be a sleepover event at the Mussallah and beside the religious activities, we will be working out the details about taking them out for recreation.

15 Finances # ACCOUNT TYPE Balance on Jan 1, 2013 Community Contributions in 2013 Yearly Expenses 2013 Balance as of Jan 1, 2014 1 MAINTENANCE/GENERAL ACCOUNT $11,848.06$17,847.54$11,379.73$18,315.87 COMMUNITY SERVICES ( Including money collected at Iftaar, Dars, Picnic, etc.) $0.00$4,910.00$2,492.00$2,418.00 RAMADAN/EID SERVICES $0.00$9,793.00$6,642.05$3,150.95 2 MASJID PURCHASE/EXPANSION ACCOUNT $84,982.44$147,920.84$162,372.61$70,530.67 3 SATURDAY SCHOOL ACCOUNT $0.00$20.00$0.00$20.00

16 Expenses EXPENSES BREAKDOWNDESCRIPTIONFOR YEAR 2013 UTILITIES PSE&G, Verizon, Sewer/Water, Central Jersey Security,$4,936.47 MAINTENANCE Door Lock, Lock Smith, Fire/Safety inspection, Sound System, Sprinkler, Handicap lift Inspection, Toner Cartridges, Blinds, Purchase Donation Boxes. Snow Removal$2,385.64 INSURANCEMussallah Insurance$2,232.00 MISCELLANEOUS Postage Stamps, Rack Space, Attorney fee, PayPal fee, Corporate fee for State, Supplies for Mussallah.$1,825.62 COMMUNITY SERVICES High School Award, Food services for Monthly Programs, Toll/Gas for Scholars$2,492.00 RAMADAN/EID SERVICES Hall Rent for Eid, Ramadan, Food, supplies, Huffaz Hadya and sweets, Eid Milan/Picnic$6,642.05 MASJID PURCHASE/EXPANSION Third Installment paid to purchase Mussallah, Topo Survey, Consultant fee for Wetland, DEP fee for Wet land Application.$162,372.61

17 * Will be supported by school tuition fees. Proposed Budget for 2014 ACCOUNT TYPE Proposed Budget for 2014 MAINTENANCE/GENERAL ACCOUNT $13,000.00 COMMUNNITY SERVICES $5,000.00 RAMADAN/EID SERVICES $8,000.00 MASJID PURCHASE/EXPANSION ACCOUNT To be determined SATURDAY SCHOOL ACCOUNT $3,500.00*

18 Resolutions? Resolutions

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