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1 Pollution Prevention Tracking and Reporting System (PPTRS) Josh Silverman EH-43.

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1 1 Pollution Prevention Tracking and Reporting System (PPTRS) Josh Silverman EH-43

2 2 The Bottom Line The PPTRS is changing from a numerical tracking system, designed to measure waste volumes, to a Performance Measure and OMB scorecard tracking system. –These measures are qualitative rather than quantitative –The reporting is more explicitly tied to activities identified in a site’s EMS

3 3 Recap: the existing system Three separate databases, each created with different programming tools Outdated and limited in functionality Locked into this system to complete the 2005 waste reduction goals –We’re done (congratulations/thanks), it’s time to move on.

4 4 PPTRS: One System or Three? The PPTRS is really three systems: –Waste Generation Reporting –Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Reporting –P2 Award Nominations Initially, we considered replacing these with a brand new data system. –Too expensive for the uses of the system –Instead, we will modernize and align the three systems

5 5 Goals of the Redesign Apply common look and feel Improve consistency across the system Make data entry easier (i.e., fewer logins, easier file uploads, etc.) Improve analytical capabilities Incorporate new Performance Measures Improve administrative controls

6 6 EPP Entry Form

7 7

8 8 Changes: EPP EPP is the system that will see the fewest changes –New biobased products will be added Optional in 2006, required in 2007 Existing optional reporting for biobased products to change accordingly –Electronics purchasing will be added –Improved reporting capability

9 9 Waste Volume Reporting

10 10 Changes: Waste Generation Waste volume reporting is no longer required by EH Data no longer needed for EO 13148 reporting –Existing functionality will remain –PSO prerogative to instruct sites to enter data

11 11 Site Profile Entry Form

12 12 Changes: Site Profile Expect major changes to “site profile” section –Much of the new information will fall in this section –Most Performance Measures will be captured in this section.

13 13 1.a Has waste generation been identified as a significant impact in the site's EMS? Yes No If yes, continue to 1.b. If No, skip to 1.e. 1.b Has waste prevention been included as an objective and measurable target in the site EMS? Yes No If yes, continue to 1.c. If No, skip to 1.d. 1.c Have pollution prevention operational assessments of waste generating activities been included as objectives and measurable targets for waste prevention and P2 assessments? Yes No 1.d Were the resources needed to implement EMS objectives and targets for waste prevention and P2 assessments? Yes No Example: Reporting New Performance Measures Goal 1: Waste Prevention

14 14 Accomplishments Reporting

15 15 Changes: Waste Generation (cont.) Accomplishments reporting will see major changes –Open all year long; no need to wait until October to enter an accomplishment –Simplified (or eliminated) cost/benefit worksheet Sites used the worksheet sporadically and inconsistently –Linked with Awards database

16 16 Changes: Waste Generation (cont.) Certain reporting elements will come through the accomplishments section Example: –4.e Describe any notable application of the sustainable building design and development criteria during the reporting period –5.e Describe notable post consumer recycling actions taken and/or P2 assessments conducted during the reporting period

17 17 P2 Award Entry Form

18 18 Changes: Awards Database The Awards database will be completely rewritten –Awards a subset of the Accomplishments Person doing data entry will select whether the Accomplishment will also be an award If the award option is selected, the user will be taken to the appropriate screen Maintain alignment with CTC process, but also support P2 Star awards –Improved file upload and handling capability

19 19 Where We Go From Here Show me the money! Pilot this summer, ready to roll for October data call Volunteers for piloting new system –Thank you PPPL –Any others? Continuous improvement—expect ongoing modifications as needed

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