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Environmental Reporting Topics Steve Woodbury Office of Nuclear and Environmental Policy, HS-24 November 2006.

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1 Environmental Reporting Topics Steve Woodbury Office of Nuclear and Environmental Policy, HS-24 November 2006

2 Overview of Topics  New HSS Organization  EMS Reporting  Pollution Prevention Reporting  OMB Scorecard

3 New HSS Organization  Contains most staff and functions of the former  Office of Environment, Safety and Health  Office of Security and Safety Performance Assurance Security  Some functions and staff were reassigned to other Offices  Glenn Podonsky is the new Chief Health, Safety and Security Officer, reporting directly to the Secretary/Deputy Secretary

4 Goals  Strengthen health, safety and security at DOE  Provide enhanced support to program and field offices  Strengthen capacity to address Department-wide issues  Better integrate ES&H with security oversight and management  Glenn Podonsky has re-emphasized that when he speaks of ‘safety’ he intends to encompass ‘environment, safety and health’

5 Major ES&H Functions Major ES&H functions remain, though they have been reorganized:  HS-10 Office of Health and Safety  HS-20 Office of Nuclear Safety and Environment  HS-30 Office of Corporate Safety Analysis  HS-64 Office of ES&H Evaluations

6 EMS Reporting – Content  EMS reporting for 2006 – 2008 is based on a Questionnaire developed by the Interagency Working Group  Three sets of questions: I.Ongoing implementation and continual improvement of EMS II.Impact of EMS on operations and compliance III.Open-ended narrative questions: benefits, obstacles, lessons-learned

7 EMS Reporting – Process  We will use a web-based reporting system, hosted by FedCenter  Program Office EMS points-of-contact are identifying site-level contacts  FedCenter will issue passwords  Site contacts will respond to questions  Program Office points-of-contact can review  EPA will be provided with summary data, not site-level responses

8 EMS Reporting – Schedule  Information is due before the end of December 2006.  Site-level responses to Part I will be rolled up to an Agency score.  These scores will be reflected in the OMB Stewardship scorecard in January 2007.  Non-reporting sites will be scored as the lowest score. Please be sure you report.  By October 2007, we will report on a Fiscal Year, not Calendar Year basis. HS-21 will issue guidance soon on the transition (2006 or 2007).

9 P2 Reporting  DOE Order 450.1 Chg 2  Pollution Prevention Environmental Management System (EMS) requirements  New Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Environmental Stewardship (P2SES) goals and accompanying strategies  New P2SES goals are qualitative rather than quantitative and linked to site EMS activities  Track well with OMB environmental scorecard

10 P2 Reporting (cont)  On-line Pollution Prevention Tracking and Reporting System (PPTRS) updated for ’06  Like goals, new performance measures are qualitative and tied to EMS activities  PPTRS provides one-stop system for tracking and reporting on site pollution prevention activities including participation in voluntary Federal environmental initiatives such as the Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC)

11 Overview OMB Scorecards Overview  OMB Scorecards  Energy Management  Transportation Management  Environmental Stewardship  Environmental Stewardship Criteria  How the Process Works  What it Means for DOE Sites

12 OMB Scorecard Criteria  Criteria for Status are listed as “Standards for Success”  OMB’s templates for the three scorecards are available at

13 DOE Scorecards – July 2006 Status Progress Environmental Stewardship Energy Management Transportation Management

14 Environmental Stewardship Scorecard for DOE Current Status (July 2006) EMS Implementation Green Purchasing Sustainable Design/Green Building Electronic Stewardship Compliance Management Plan Progress (July 2006)

15 Energy Management Scorecard for DOE Current Status (July 2006) Reduction in Energy Intensity (standard buildings since 1985) Reduction in Energy Intensity (all facilities compared with 2003) Renewable Energy (% of facility electricity use) Plan to Meter Energy (100% of appropriate facilities by 2012) Energy Efficient Buildings (% of new building designs 30% more efficient than code) Progress (July 2006) N/A

16 Transportation Management Scorecard for DOE Current Status (July 2006) Alternate Fuel Vehicles (% new vehicles that are alternative fuel vehicles) Use of Alternate Fuels in Alt. Fuel Vehicles Average Fleet Fuel Economy (increase since 1999) Reduction in Petroleum Use (compared with 1999) Implementation of Requirements of EO 13149 Implementation of EO 13149 In Perf. Evaluations Progress (July 2006)

17 Criteria: Environmental Management Systems Has met all EO 13148 EMS agency-level criteria and facility-level criteria at all appropriate facilities. Has met all EO 13148 EMS agency-level criteria, and at least 50 percent of appropriate facilities meet facility-level criteria. If applicable, has not met agency-level criteria or sufficient, appropriate facility-level criteria per the EO 13148 EMS report card.

18 Criteria: Green Purchasing Agency h as a comprehensive, written green purchasing plan (GPP) that –includes recycled content products, Energy Star/energy efficient (EE) products, biobased products, and environmentally preferable products (EPP)3; –demonstrates compliance in representative acquisitions; –audits compliance annually and –develops corrective action plans to address shortcomings in GPP preference program. Agency has a GPP for recycled content, biobased, & environmentally preferable products and includes requirements for recycled and biobased products in a representative sample of acquisitions (e.g., construction, O&M, office supplies, etc.).

19 Criteria: Sustainable Design/ Green Buildings Agency has implemented a sustainability program for green buildings that at a minimum requires sustainability design principles on all new construction and major renovations and is consistent with EPACT 2005 and EO 13123, and/or is implementing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings (1/24/06) or equivalent. Agency has developed a sustainability program for green buildings and/or has signed the MOU on Sustainable Buildings.

20 Criteria: Electronics Stewardship Agency has implemented a sustainability program for electronic stewardship that at a minimum promotes the –purchase, –operation, and –use of end-of-life management strategies for electronic assets consistent with the MOU on Electronics Stewardship (11/15/04), or Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) or equivalent. Agency signed the MOU on Electronic Stewardship and/or has a plan to meet the objectives of the MOU; and/or is a FEC partner.

21 Criteria: PMC Compliance Improvement Initiative Agency has a comprehensive Compliance Management Plan (CMP) and a CMP implementation strategy in accordance with the President’s Management Council (PMC) Compliance Initiative as specified in the memo to agencies dated November 2004. Agency has selected initiatives for a Compliance Management Plan and/or discussed a strategy with the Federal Environmental Executive in accordance with the PMC Compliance Initiative.

22 Roll Out of Scorecards  Briefings and drafts circulated in late 2005  Roll-Out at Meeting of Agency Environmental Executives in January 2006  July Scorecards issued by OMB at a meeting of Agency Environmental Executives on July 31, 2006

23 Updating Environmental Scorecard  Status is updated once annually (January)  Progress is assessed twice annually (January and July)  EH-4 submits updated information to OFEE  OFEE circulates draft revised scorecard to Agency contacts for review  OFEE submits draft revised scorecards to OMB  OMB issues revised scorecards

24 Scorecard Staffing and Analysis  Environmental Stewardship Office of the Federal Environmental Executive and OMB  Energy Management Federal Energy Management Program and OMB  Transportation Management Federal Energy Management Program (Federal Fleet Initiative) and OMB

25 For Further Information: Steven Woodbury 202-586-4371

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