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Joint Monitoring Committee on Improvement of Quality of Life and Status of Children, Youth & Disabled Persons, 29 February 2008.

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1 Joint Monitoring Committee on Improvement of Quality of Life and Status of Children, Youth & Disabled Persons, 29 February 2008

2 2  Introduction  Umsobomvu Response to Apex Priorities  Umsobomvu Response to other State of Nation Address Imperatives  2008- 2009 Key Strategic Priorities  Challenges Content

3 3 Introduction  Umsobomvu’s interventions are in fact alligned to key Apex Priorities outlined in SONA and thus require no change in our focus but rather scaling up of delivery.  The 5 key apex priority projects that Umsobomvu’s programmes are alligned to include: Project 4: Implement intensive campaign on energy security Project 8: War against poverty Project 9: Self-/employment interventions in the second economy Project 13: Assistance to SMES including procurement activities by government Project 24: Increase SANDF (Military Skills Development) intake of young trainees  Other SONA Key Imperatives pertaining to Youth Development and UYF Mandate: Youth Pledge 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Relations with People’s Republic of China Umsobomvu Youth Fund – National Youth Commission Merger

4 4 Apex Priorities PROJECT 4: IMPLEMENT INTENSIVE CAMPAIGN ON ENERGY SECURITY STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS: “ Sure, the problems here are serious; overcoming them will require ingenuity, especially in energy efficiency and energy saving, as well as the development of alternative power supplies. But if all of us can forge strong partnerships to tackle the situation, we will all come through – I hope relatively unscathed…This is not a time for finger pointing, but for working together in finding solutions." Page 5 UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND RESPONSE: NATIONAL ELECTRICITY RESPONSE CAMPAIGN The campaign consists of an information campaign about what households can practically do to achieve energy efficiency. This will be supported by a team of 10 000 trained “Energy Savers” under the National Youth Service whose duty is to mobilize households and businesses to participate in the campaign and also carry out minor technical jobs such as installing energy efficient bulbs and blankets for geysers. Old Mutual and Indalo Yethu are partners in the campaign. Water and Energy SETA has also come on board in respect of a solar equipment/ panel installation programme.

5 5 PROJECT 8: WAR AGAINST POVERTY STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS: “ Yet another critical Apex Priority is the elaboration of an integrated and comprehensive anti-poverty strategy that addresses especially sections of the population most affected by this scourge. These include children, women, the youth, people living in rural areas and urban informal settlements, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses and the elderly.” (Page 9) UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND RESPONSE:  National Youth Service Programme. NYS Project matrix 27 02 08.docNYS Project matrix 27 02 08.doc NYS Project matrix 27 02 08.docm Aimed at providing young people with skills whilst they provide critical community services and through this to enable these young people to access economic opportunities upon completion of the programme and to continue to engage with community and social processes. To date the NYS has enrolled more than 50 000 young people in projects that improve government infrastructure, health care and service delivery. Apex Priorities

6 6 APEX PRIORITIES: PROJECT 9: SELF-/EMPLOYMENT INTERVENTIONS IN THE SECOND ECONOMY STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS: “intensifying efforts already started to scale up assistance to co-operatives and small enterprises especially those involving women, with emphasis on providing training and markets, including linking them up with established outlets;” (Page 10) UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND RESPONSE:  Business Development Services Voucher Programme Aimed at providing business development support (mentorship) to start up and existing enterprises to enable them to be more profitable and sustainable.  Micro Enterprise Finance Aimed at providing young people, women and people with disabilities with finance ranging from R1000 to R100 000.  SME Funding Aimed at providing entrepreneurs with loans ranging from R100 000 to R5m inclusive of Old Mutual – UYF Women’s Fund Specific fund for people with disabilities restricted by lack of funding.  Co-operative Support Programme. Aimed at providing youth owned cooperatives required training, business support and access to finance.  Graduate Development Programme Aimed at providing unemployed graduates with skills required for employment (job preparedness training)  Jobs and Opportunity seekers’ database programme (JOBS). Aimed at linking unemployed youth, inclusive of graduates, to employment and other related opportunities such as learnerships and internships.

7 7 PROJECT 13: Assistance to SMES including procurement activities by government STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS: “ introducing the system of products for preferential procurement by government from small, medium and micro-enterprises; and through the Small Enterprises Development Agency setting up a rigorous system to ensure that the 30-day payment period is observed.” (Page 10) UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND RESPONSE:  Business Opportunities Support Service Aimed at linking young entrepreneurs with business opportunities thereby increasing youths’ participation mainstream economy and also advancing the government’s objective of broadening economic empowerment among the historically disadvantaged individuals.  Volunteers in Action Mentorship Service Aimed at linking young and inexperienced entrepreneurs with seasoned business executives and established entrepreneurs in a structured and supportive mentoring relationship resulting in growth and sustainability of youth owned enterprises. Mr Herman Mashaba the veteran of black business is the Patron of this initiative. Apex Priorities

8 8 PROJECT 24: INCREASE SANDF (MSD) INTAKE OF YOUNG TRAINEES STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS: “Scaling up the National Youth Service programme including a graduated increase of the intake in the Military Skills Development programme of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) from the current 4 000 to 10 000. R700 million has already been given to the SANDF to start scaling up this programme;" (Page 10) UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND RESPONSE:  National Youth Service Programme. The Military Skills Development Programme is one of National Youth Service initiatives in partnership with the Department of Defence. Apex Priorities

9 9 YOUTH PLEDGE STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS: “The first of these is a proposal that we should develop an oath that will be recited by learners in their morning school assemblies, as well as a Youth Pledge extolling the virtues of humane conduct human solidarity among all South Africans.” (Page 11) UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND RESPONSE: The UYF supports the spirit, object and motive for a Youth Pledge. The UYF will embed the Youth Pledge particularly within the National Youth Service’s civic education curriculum. SONA Imperatives

10 10 2010 FIFA SOCCER WORLD CUP STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS: "Of course, I have absolutely no doubt that we will honour our undertaking to FIFA and the world community of soccer players and lovers to create all the necessary conditions for the holding of the best ever FIFA Soccer World Cup tournament.” (Page 7) UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND RESPONSE: Since last year the UYF has been in discussion with the LOC in respect of the Volunteer Programme for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. To date young people have served as volunteers in FIFA’s preliminary draw held in Durban in November 2007. The UYF is collaborating with the Department of Sports and Recreation who will provide financial support. SONA Imperatives

11 11 RELATIONS WITH PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS: “This year we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Africa and the People's Republic of China. The mushrooming of relations in a variety of areas between our governments and peoples confirms that the China-South Africa Partnership for Growth and Development is a strategic relationship of mutual benefit, which can only grow from strength to strength.” (Page 15) UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND RESPONSE: The UYF has received assistance from the People’s Republic of China to train 200 young people as artisans in various scarce skills. These young people have also been linked to the Expanded Public Works Programme and thus ensuring that they provide service and access exit opportunities. SONA Imperatives

12 12 UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND – NATIONAL YOUTH COMMISSION MERGER STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS: "In order further to improve the service being provided to vulnerable sectors such as veterans, women and youth, we shall review the structures delegated to carry out these functions and examine the most appropriate arrangements, including the evaluation of the government structures specifically established to focus on youth development and empowerment." (Page 13) UMSOBOMVU YOUTH FUND RESPONSE: The UYF supports the proposed merger with the NYC and believes that the National Youth Development Agency, if set up via a legislation, will have the constitutional responsibility to take youth development initiatives to scale and thus with a measure of increased funding for such. SONA Imperatives

13 13 2008 – 2009 Key UYF Strategic Priorities: Skills Development  74 500 young people will be trained and placed in National Youth Service initiatives benefiting 120 000 members of the community through home based care, extension services to emerging farmers as well as building of low cost houses.  35 000 grade 8 to 12 learners will be enrolled in entrepreneurship training.  21 200 out of school and unemployed youth will be enrolled into entrepreneurship education and cooperatives programmes, with 4380 linked to business support and finance resulting in 6000 new jobs created by graduates starting businesses  6300 unemployed graduates will complete job preparedness training resulting in 4500 of them being linked to employment opportunities  2000 unemployed young people accessing jobs and other livelihood opportunities  6200 young entrepreneurs will undergo supplier development training resulting in 4340 of them being linked to business opportunities

14 14 2008 – 2009 Key UYF Strategic Priorities: Youth Business Support  15 000 vouchers will be issued to youth entrepreneurs resulting in 22 500 jobs being created/sustained and 4800 new businesses being established  1000 young entrepreneurs will be assisted through volunteer mentorship support resulting in improves business performance, sustainability and 1650 jobs being created  R230 million worth of business opportunities will be sourced for 500 entrepreneurs with a potential of creating 650 new jobs  22 222 loans accessed by micro, small and medium youth owned enterprises resulting in at least 18 000 jobs created and sustained.

15 15 2008 – 2009 Key UYF Strategic Priorities: Service Delivery Channels  6 new Youth Advisory Centre’s will be established to increase the total number of YACs to 18 thereby increasing young people’s access to UYF’s services  Parliamentary Liaison Officer recruited to focus on working with parliamentary constituency offices  40 Youth Advisory Centres Points will be opened to increase the total number of YAC Points to 170 – these are established in partnership with municipalities and further education and training colleges  5 (bringing total to 9) YAC mobiles will also be rolled out to increase the outreach to all the provinces.  Equity targets:  54% women target for all programmes  4% target for youth with disability for all programmes including Take Person with Disability To Work Campaign.  25% outreach to rural areas

16 16  Funding – only R5m per annum allocated under MTEF  Treasury argues that UYF should utilise cash on hand – however most is committed to projects.  Mismatch between the National Budget and State of Nation Address Support to Unemployed Youth who are out of school. R125 billion on education focuses on Schools, Further & Higher Education. Bulk of beneficiaries under National Skills Development Learnerships affects Section 18(1) – employed youth More allocation to youth in prison than to the Unemployed Youth Cohort. Challenges

17 Merger/ NYDA  Mandate / Strategic Focus related to National Youth Policy/ Integrated Youth Development Strategy  Products & Services  Governance – relevant Executive Authority & Portfolio Committee  Relationship with the Provincial Youth Commissions  Passing the NYDA Bill / Act (before March 2009)  Liquidation of NYC & UYF and transfer of assets  Internal & External Communication (stakeholders)  Systems, operations processes integration  Forecast budget of R10 million required

18 18 Unleashing the potential of youth…

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