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NAMIBIA YOUTH CREDIT SCHEME (NYCS) Empowering the Youth, Securing the Future Programme Document : 2007---2012 NYSC Programme Secretariat Ministry of Youth.

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1 NAMIBIA YOUTH CREDIT SCHEME (NYCS) Empowering the Youth, Securing the Future Programme Document : 2007---2012 NYSC Programme Secretariat Ministry of Youth

2 Introduction NYCS stands for Namibia Youth Credit Scheme It is a youth empowerment programme through enterprise development It is the follow-up phase of CYCI pilot phase that was implemented in 4 regions of central northern Namibia It targets committed out of school youth Programme Duration --5 years Budget: N$ 40,000,000.

3 Features of the programme The target beneficiaries are youth (18-35 years) Operations through the group lending methodology Training in basic business management Provision of credit. Follow-up training, counseling and mentoring. Access to other products after graduating from the initial package

4 What makes NYCS/ CYCI a good model? This is an integrated business development model that targets committed out of school youth and prepares them to start and grow their own enterprises with the objectives of generating incomes, creating employment opportunities and contributing to the alleviation of poverty.

5 Development Goals of NYSC To increase the participation of the youth in the country’s economic affairs. To promote entrepreneurship among youth through structured and integrated support. To increase access to business support services (training, counseling, mentoring) To increase access to financial services among the poor

6 Justification of NYCS High levels of unemployment, particularly among youth (+43.2%) Demonstration of CYCI as an effective tool through the pilot phase Support systems for small enterprise development

7 Adaptations from the pilot phase Use of the market to identify implementing agencies Training to be enhanced to include follow-up and mentoring Loan fund to be coordinated by programme secretariat Higher partnership with programmes seeking similar outcomes Stronger role of the Management Advisory Board Support and approval by the Cabinet for replication to all 13 Regions.

8 Objectives of NYSC To create 13,000 jobs To provide basic business management skills to 5,000. (4750) To establish 5,000 sustainable enterprises. (398) To build the capacity 200 village banks (180) To build the capacity of five youth support organizations into Micro Finance Institutions. (Already five) To establish a revolving loan fund of N$ 15,000,000 (+1,500,000.00) (4,000,000) To mobilize savings of N$ 10,000,000. (2,500,000)

9 Institutional Framework Lead agency…MYNSSC…to articulate policy and mobilize programme resources. Management Advisory Board. Implementing agencies Training Service Providers Regional Centers Programme Secretariat Youth

10 Components of NYSC Loan Fund Training (including mentoring) Capacity building and coordination Consultancies, Studies and Technical Assistance Monitoring and Evaluation

11 LOAN FUND To be coordinated by the Management Advisory Board Core product to be the CYCI…training with three loans Fourth loan for growingProducts to be devebusinesses N$ 50,000 U$ 6,500 Revolving loan fund to be coordinated by programme secretariat, reporting to MAB Target repayment rate..95%

12 TRAINING (Youth) Include basic business management training, follow-up training and mentoring for youth Continuous material up-grading and adaptation. Targeting 5000 youth

13 Capacity Building and Coordination Includes strengthening the institutional framework. Training, exposure, working tools to: MAB Secretariat Implementing agencies Youth Officers

14 Consultancies, Studies and Technical Assistance To support implementing agencies through ongoing advisory support To gather data or analyze specific issues To assess capacity of potential implementing agencies To undertake market research and develop new products or refine old ones.

15 Monitoring of the programme MAB, in policy making, visit the beneficiaries, and do assessment of implementing agencies. Secretariat, staffs visits implementing agencies and beneficiaries. Quarterly report from the implementing agencies on activities carried out before a fund is disbursed to them Youth Centers, the youth officers monitor the beneficiaries on regular basis for progress report and for business advices. Implementing Agencies are directly involved with the beneficiaries and they translate the programme policies/strategies and estimated programme output/outcome to the last beneficiaries. Parents/ Village Head and Constitution Concillers are invited mostly to the loan fund disbursement ceremony.

16 Evaluation of the programme. The target and the progress is considered and the lesson learnt will be incorporated during further implementation of the programme. All stakeholders forum annually for progress report. MTR is carried out to ascertain the progress of the programme.This was done during the pilot phase and is currently one on going.

17 5 Year budgets the components Loan Fund: N$ 17,200,000 Training (incl. ment.): N$ 8,489,000 Capacity building: N$ 3,456,000 Consult., Stud. and TA: $ 3,410,000 Mon. and Evaluation: N$ 2,800,000

18 Analyses of Benefits The economic value of : 13,000 jobs Revolving loan fund of N$ 15,000,000 Savings mobilized of N$ 10,000,000 5,000 sustainable enterprises Capacity building of 200 village banks Capacity of 5 MFIs Exceed the programme cost of N$ 40,000,000. The programme funds mobilized stands at N$26,000,000 having a difference of N$14,000,000 =N$2,000,000

19 Programme Assumptions the current environment of political stability and peace will be maintained the programme after the Mid Term Reviwe to be complited by June 2011 to become a Micro Finance Institution with the support of the Government, the programme will continue to enjoy Government support and backing, Social Security Commission will continue its relationship with the NYCS the business environment will continue to be favorable, and current policy initiatives in support of SME development will continue. the current institutional set-up, including the MAB, will be maintained.

20 Supporting our youth (adding value to natural resource base)


22 Supporting Youth (enhancing their hopes)



25 Supporting Youth (improving livelihoods)


27 Supporting youth (improving livelihood) Oshakati

28 Youth improving livelihood

29 Secretariat visit to beneficiaries

30 Supporting Youth (improving livelihoods)

31 Programme Funding Pilot Phase was funded through a tripartite partnership involving SSC, CYP and the Ministry of Youth. The main phase counts on partnership building, to todate SSC and the GRN through the MYNSSC has pledged for financially support of the programme. Proposals are also send to a number of Institutions for possible funding.

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