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MARKETPLACE CHAMPION Dr Sally Uren Chief Executive Forum for the Future.

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1 MARKETPLACE CHAMPION Dr Sally Uren Chief Executive Forum for the Future

2 Exploring Business Models of the Future October 2014

3 #theBIGshift We’re on a mission to create a sustainable future by shifting the key systems upon which we rely. Individual efforts will only take us so far Let’s lead the way in shaping the future Join #theBIGshift

4 Six trends that are changing business

5 1. Demand outstripping supply


7 2. The digital explosion

8 Access to digital technology continues to rise Of the world’s 7 billion people, 6 billion have mobile phones. Only 4.5 billion have access to sanitation.

9 Enabling disruptive business models

10 3. Radical transparency

11 Nowhere to hide

12 …and loss of brand custody

13 4. Rising Inequalities

14 worsening social inequalities Two thirds of parents in poverty have cut back on food, a quarter have skipped meals so children can eat 500,000 people in the UK now reliant on food aid – a rise of 51% in a year

15 5. Changing consumer expectations

16 Source: Edelman, 2012 Mega trends are hitting ‘my world’

17 6. People power

18 Civil society finding its (disaffected) voice

19 = Radical change to the business context in the next 5 years

20 Implications

21 Leading businesses are experimenting with what it means to be “net positive” – making commitments and developing new principles. 1. Shift from “neutral” to “net positive”

22 2. Brands becoming problem solvers Leading brands are pushing ahead with social marketing and purpose-driven messages brands-are-turning-society%E2%80%99s-problem-solvers

23 3. Recast ROI “When we work on making devices accessible for the blind, I don’t consider the bloody ROI.” Tim Cook, CEO Apple

24 And, disruption or innovation?

25 There will be more of this

26 And maybe this?

27 Company No Charity No Company No Charity No Dr Sally Uren Skype: forumsallyuren CEO

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