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Concept et Stratégies pour Gouvernement Ouvert et Open Data Jeff Kaplan - Senior Consultant, ICT Unit

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1 Concept et Stratégies pour Gouvernement Ouvert et Open Data Jeff Kaplan - Senior Consultant, ICT Unit Email: Twitter: @jeffkaplan88 Tunis, Tunisia Mardi 03 avril 2012

2 The Idea Behind Open Government... “A way of redistributing governance to the hands of citizens... Waiting for bureaucracy is so 20th Century.” - Ben Berkowitz, CEO of SeeClickFix Tunisia is proof of the power of this idea...

3 Open Government & Open Data Offer Big Opportunity Leapfrog others in region and join global digital leaders

4 In Search of a Comparative Advantage Today, networks create competitive advantage as much as size. Open Government and Open Data create networks of collaboration and co-creation that produce real economic impact and innovations.

5 Open Data leads to job creation on both supply and demand sides. Digitiziation of paper documents can generate micro-work while increased open data produces more startups and work for developers. Open data alone could add between €20 - 100 million per year to Tunisia’s economy (based on EU study) Australian study found Open Data creates $5 of value for every $1 spent to open data The Value of Open Government

6 Weather data: Open data from US National Weather Service supports a private weather industry worth over $1.5 billion per year. Commercial Value

7 The Value of Open Government Zillow now generates over $60 million in annual revenues and has market capitalization over US$1 billion. √ √ Open data drives a huge real estate information market

8 The Value of Open Government Open Government & Open Data produce real social value for citizens.

9 NGOs in Slovakia used open data to create a website enabling people to see the total value of government contracts associated with any person or company. Website won 1st Prize in European Commission’s Open Data Challenge in 2011.

10 HospitalCompare, created by U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, enables comparison of hospital performance and services based on combination of open data + customer feedback.

11 Crime mapping is very popular application that helps both citizens and police see and understand crime in their local areas.

12 Open Government Goes Global Open Government has global momentum now... TRANSPARENCY ACCOUNTABILITY CITIZEN PARTICIPATION 50 countries and growing...

13 Open Government Open gov principles translate into real services and apps...

14 Participatory Budgeting 2,000 municipalities across the world now use participatory budgeting. Participation Brazil is global leader - Porto Alegre uses participatory budgeting > 10 years.

15 Participation Participatory Budgeting Often use combination of town hall meetings (awareness / budget education / voting) + voting by SMS / Internet / IVR (telephone). For people without Internet access, some cities make computers available in public places supported by local staff to help people.

16 Participation (ePetitions) UK -- and many others -- offer an online platform for public petitions.

17 CU@School in Uganda enables people to monitor teacher and student attendance and absenteeism using mobile phones.CU@School (Uganda has one of highest rates of teacher absenteeism in the world). Data is visualized in real time on maps and charts available to school districts, parents associations and the public. Participation (Education)

18 Department of Finance: Pera ng Bayan website enables citizens to report companies and people suspected of tax evasion or report a corrupt official. Also has Facebook page for submitting reports. Participation (Anti-Corruption)

19 Open data portals exist in over 30 countries... And counting! Transparency & Open Data

20 Transparency Created by an NGO to show the public how UK government spends money. Won contest by UK Government and grant supported launch 1st version in 2009 Code is open source so anyone can create their own version with it.


22 Federal transparency portal: free access to budget data including spending by each agency on salaries, travel, contracts, supplies, even use of credit cards by officials. Updated daily. 250,000 visits per month. Transparency

23 OpenDar mapping project August 2011 September 2011 Collaboration: Civil Society + Citizens

24 Being more open about data and collaboration enables others to help you create new services faster and cheaper. Collaboration: Gov + Developers

25 Build an Open Government Ecosystem Open Government

26 What is needed to build this? Champions - from government, civil society, private sector Active engagement by agencies + civil society + private sector Knowledge partners to share global best practices and expertise Capacity building efforts (for agencies, NGOs, media...) Resources ($$) for a multi-year Open Government Program

27 What Will Open Government Deliver? Continuous improvement of services New, innovative servicesIncreased trust in gov’tCost savings to gov’tNew apps = jobs & investment Open government has real ROI...


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