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Sue Hutley Terena Solomons Manager Manager

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1 Generational Change in Australian Librarianship : Viewpoints from Generation X
Sue Hutley Terena Solomons Manager Manager UQ Ipswich Library Hollywood Hospital Library

2 Background ….


4 Background 2001 – potential shortage identified by United States
Managing between the generations Different values, experiences, styles, and attitudes create Misunderstandings Frustrations

5 Demographics Stanley Wilder says …..

6 Australian Library Demographics

7 Australian Library Demographics
20% of Australian Librarian population may retire between 2005 and 2010 and, a further 32% may retire between 2010 and 2020



10 Australian Population Projections
5.14 POPULATION, Summary indicators Units 1947 1971 2002 2021(a) 2051(a) Total population 000 7,579.4 13,067.3 19,662.8 23,368.4 26,421.5 Proportion of population aged (years) 0-14 % 25.1 28.7 20.3 16.1 14.0 15-64 66.8 63.0 67.1 64.9 58.9 65-84 7.7 7.8 11.2 16.5 21.1 85 and over 0.4 0.5 1.4 2.5 6.0 Males per 100 females no. 100.4 101.1 98.4 98.7 Median age years 30.7 27.5 35.9 41.2 46.8 Proportion living in capital cities 51.2 63.2 63.9 64.5 66.6 (a) Series B population projections Source: Australian Demographic Statistics (3101.0); Australian Demography, 1947; Population Projections, Australia (3222.0).

11 Four Generations Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X
Generation Y

12 Veterans / Traditionalists
Veterans / Traditionalists / Silent Generation ( ) "heads down, onward and upward" attitude live out a work ethic shaped during the Great Depression Motivated by duty, tradition, and loyalty Happiest when everyone is happy Great mediators Influences Great Depression, Roaring Twenties, World War I &II, Korean War Characteristics Patriotic, loyal, “waste not, want not,” faith in institutions Military influenced top-down approach Value Logic and Discipline Don’t Like Change Want to Build a Legacy Key Word: Loyal

13 Baby Boomers Baby Boomers (1943 to 1960) Key Word: Optimistic
Vacillate between their overwhelming need to succeed and their growing desire to slow down and enjoy life Experienced post-war optimism Went to college/university in record numbers prolonged childhood stage and fosters idealistic 60s and 70s Material well being Favour status quo or incrementalism with decision making process Have been described as self-absorbed, materialistic, and externally motivated Have more workaholics than Gen X Influences Suburbia, TV, protests, human rights movement, drugs, and rock ‘n roll Characteristics Idealistic, COMPETITIVE, question authority “Me” Generation Money, Title, Recognition Want to build a Stellar Career Key Word: Optimistic

14 Generation X Generation X (1961 to 1980) Key Word: Skepticism
Try to prove themselves constantly yet dislike the image of being overly ambitious, disrespectful, and irreverent Tend to be skeptical, realistic, responsible, pragmatic, self-confident, independent thinkers who are not easily intimidated by authority Believe work should be fun and value quality of life, working to live not living to work More loyal to individuals than organizations More likely to leave a job for higher salary than Boomers Influences Sesame Street, MTV, Game Boy, PC, divorce rate tripled, latch-key children Characteristics Eclectic, resourceful, self-reliant, distrustful of institutions Highly adaptive to change and technology Need a balance between work and life - Freedom Flexible and Motivated Want to Build a Portable Career Key Word: Skepticism


16 Generation Y Millennials, Generation Next, Digital Generation (1981 – 2000) New to the workforce, mix savvy with social conscience and promise to further change the business landscape Generation of consumers Grew up with technology Optimistic and goal oriented Expect a 24/7 society/workplace Favour multiple projects over one focused area Thrive on challenging work and creative expression “They are like Generation X on fast-forward with high self-esteem” Influences Expanded technology, natural disasters, violence, diversity Characteristics Globally concerned, realistic, cyber literate, “personal safety” is number one concern Want work to be meaningful Have been involved their entire life Key Word: Realistic

17 Trad. Boomers GenX GenY Slogan “Keepers of the Grail”
“Thank God, its Monday” “Work to Live” “Upcoming Optimists” Tech. Unsure and resistant Willing to learn Techno Savvy Technological Superior Feeling toward super-visors Respectful of authority Non-authoritarian Dislike close super- vision Respectful of Traditionalists Provide Stable environment Personal challenges Feedback Structure

18 Balance Balance Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y
“Support me in shifting the balance” Baby Boomers “Help me balance everyone else and find meaning myself” Generation X “Give me balance now, not when I’m sixty-five.” Generation Y “Work isn’t everything ; flexibility to balance my activities is.”

19 Reward Reward Traditionalists “Satisfaction of job well done”
Baby Boomers “Money, title, recognition” Generation X “Freedom!” Generation Y “Work that has meaning”

20 Career Career Path Traditionalists “Job changing has stigma”
Baby Boomers “Job changing puts you behind” Generation X “Job changing is necessary” Generation Y “Doesn’t need to be a straight line”

21 Feedback Feedback Traditionalists “No news is good news” Baby Boomers
“Once a year whether needed or not, with lots of documentation” Generation X “Sorry to interrupt, but how am I doing?” Generation Y “Feedback whenever I want it at the touch of a button”



24 Conclusions Be aware of when retirements are going to happen
Work to ensure that skills and corporate knowledge don’t get left behind Place strong emphasis on staff development initiatives Encourage inclusion from both Gen X & Y librarians and library staff in decision making Understand that the new generation of librarian and library staff need more freedom and trust and that they may not stay long if they don’t get it Think about how you will encourage young people to become the librarians of the future

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