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(What came before our modern time-saving devices)

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1 (What came before our modern time-saving devices)
History of Computers (What came before our modern time-saving devices) By Miss Hall and Mrs. Batchelor, 2014

2 Inventors of PRE-Computers
Inventions (Machine) Ancient civilizations (e.g. Egyptians, Chinese) ABACUS, a manual calculating machine Blaise Pascal PASCALINE, an accounting adding machine Gottfried Leibnez STEPPED RECKONER, a calculating machine Joseph-Marie Jacquard JACQUARD’S LOOM, an automatic cloth-weaver Herman Hollerith TABULATING MACHINE, to tally census results Charles Babbage ANALYTICAL ENGINE, DIFFERENCE ENGINE

3 The Abacus


5 Jacquard’s loom

6 Hollerith’s & Babbage’s machines

First Generation ( ) Second Generation ( ) Third Generation ( ) Fourth Generation (1971- present) Vacuum Tubes Transistors Integrated Circuits Microprocessors Big and Clumsy High electricity consumption Larger AC units were needed Lot of electricity failure occurred. Smaller transistors were used Core memory was developed. Faster than first generation computers Integrated circuits developed Power consumption was low. 100 times faster than the second generation Development of portable computers Floppy disks, optical disks then flash memory became the popular storage media

8 1st & 2nd generation

9 3rd & 4th generation

10 Super Computer Supercomputers – are the largest, fastest and most powerful computers at present.

11 Mainframe Computers Mainframe – these computers are very expensive and can handle more than hundred users at a time. They are found in large organization such as banks.

12 Mini Computers These become outdated and are rarely used today. They were very popular in the 1960s. They take up less space, may fit on a desk or take up the space of filing cabinet. Modern versions would be something like servers

13 Microcomputer This type of computer includes those for general purpose and for business needs. They are usually called PC’s (Personal Computers) based on the microprocessor.

Desktop, laptop, palmtop About the size of a small filing cabinet Large office desk dimensions Roomful of large filing cabinets SIZE 1 10-100 500-thousands USERS Microseconds Under 100 nanoseconds Under 70 nanoseconds Under 15 nanoseconds SPEED Joysticks, modems, keyboard, printer, disk drives, monitor, etc. Terminals, printers Magnetic tape drive Special high-performance devices PERIPHERALS Dust-free, anti-virus, disk protection Air- conditioning and security recommended Special cooling, fire protection, security required ENVIRONMENT Cheapest Small businesses or departments use it Often used as part of a network in medium to large businesses, e.g. banks Severe heat buildup, for superior (scientific) applications NOTES


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