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Computer History.

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1 Computer History

2 First Computer ABACUS

3 Blaise Pascal

4 Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
Stepped Reckoner Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

5 Joseph Jacquard


7 Charles Babbage Charles Babbage

8 Babbage's Difference Engine
Charles Babbage Babbage's Difference Engine

9 Analytical Engine

10 First Computer Programmer
Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace

11 Herman Hollerith

12 Tabulating Machine

13 Hollerith’s Punch Card

14 Tabulating Machine Company
International Business Machines

15 Mark I Calculator One early success was the Harvard Mark I computer which was built as a partnership between Harvard and IBM in This was the first programmable digital computer made in the U.S. But it was not a purely electronic computer. Instead the Mark I was constructed out of switches, relays, rotating shafts, and clutches. The machine weighed 5 tons, incorporated 500 miles of wire, was 8 feet tall and 51 feet long, and had a 50 ft rotating shaft running its length, turned by a 5 horsepower electric motor. The Mark I ran non-stop for 15 years, sounding like a roomful of ladies knitting. To appreciate the scale of this machine note the four typewriters in the foreground of the following photo.

16 Howard Aiken Mark I


18 Vacuum Tubes

19 Vacuum Tubes

20 Transistor

21 Transistor Radio

22 First Computer Bug


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