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A New Technology Transmitter Real Time ScadaLynx Model 50386.

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1 A New Technology Transmitter Real Time ScadaLynx Model 50386

2 System Applications Satellite SCADA Two-Way Radio ALERT/IFLOWS Phone Modem Data Logging Multiple Path

3 Dual Processor Design Allows the 50386 to run on batteries with solar panel recharge The main processor is a high power 386EX microprocessor It performs its duties then shuts down to conserve power A second low power PIC I/O processor wakes up the 386 on events

4 The 386EX Microprocessor Collects and processes sensor data Tests for alarm conditions Drives the communication telemetry Performs controls Logs data in 2MB Flash memory

5 Low Power PIC I/O Processor Waits for a 386 wake up condition Counts digital sensor events and wakes when programmable changes are met Monitors data telemetry and wakes when communications are active Wakes at timed intervals

6 Input/Output Support 16 (16-bit) analog inputs 12 digital status inputs 4 low speed pulse inputs 4 high speed pulse inputs (wind) 8 digital control outputs SDI-12 sensor interface

7 Multiple Function Unit Transmitter Repeater Receiver Repeating RTU

8 Analyze Data Before Transmitting Sample over an interval Compute the mean, max or min Compute totals or differences Transmit raw and/or computed data

9 Multi-Path Communication 6 communication ports available Receive on one or more ports Retransmit on the same or another port Change report format for retransmission Limit retransmission to station ID ranges Remember transmissions to prevent talk back

10 Alarm Testing and Control Set upper and lower alarm limits Set a change alarm limit Alarms are reset by value or time Alarms activate transmissions or control Digital controls can turn on samplers, lights, low water crossing arms

11 Laptop Programming Toolkit A MS Windows software program allows you configure the 50386 Program through a COM port or through a telemetry link Programming protocols include ScadaLynx and Modbus


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