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200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 Podría cuánto madera una tirada marmota si una marmota.

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1 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 Podría cuánto madera una tirada marmota si una marmota podría arrojar la madera? Reading this category aloud may cause vomiting and if you’re lucky… diarrhea. I am too mature for These childish categories, so, I choose this boring, Unimaginative Category. What did one duck Say to the other duck? Seriously ? Okay, first…ducks can’t talk. Secondly, I don’t Speak duck. Thirdly…QUACK! Tomorrow at this time I Will have already said Something in the future pluperfect tense. Get it?

2 This group was not given their own country when the post-WWI mandate system was implemented.

3 The Arabs

4 This group did not want to give up part of Palestine in 1948, so that the state of Israel could be created.

5 The Arabs

6 What was a primary reason for the establishment in 1948 of the state of Israel?

7 Zionists wanted to establish for the Jewish people, a safe homeland in the area wherein Judaism originated.

8 What are two major factors that have instigated (caused) conflict in the Middle Eastern region?

9 -Religious differences -Oil

10 Saddam Hussein of Iraq invaded neighboring Kuwait in 1990, which led to…

11 The Persian Gulf War

12 Joining with Germany and the Central Powers during WWI led to what consequence for The Ottoman Empire?

13 Poof! No more Ottoman Empire 

14 Which countries drew up the new boundaries in the Middle East region after WWI?

15 Britain & France

16 What led to the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001?

17 The US believed that Afghanistan was providing safe haven for al- Qaeda…post 9/11/01

18 How long did the Ottoman Empire last…approximately?

19 600 years!

20 The Holocaust resulted in Jewish immigration to the Middle Eastern region. What was the ultimate result of this immigration?

21 The formation of Israel in 1948.

22 What is the PLO; what is their cause, and what tactics do most of their factions use?

23 -The Palestine Liberation Organization -They want a free Palestine -They engage in terroristic activities

24 What prompted the US to go to war with Iraq in 2003 for a second time?

25 The US believed that Saddam Hussein was an imminent threat to the stability and peace in the region. They also had incorrect intelligence that the Iraqis had WMD’s.

26 The Poppy Jihad refers to what?

27 Poppy Jihad refers to the use of money generated by the sale of opium products used to fund the Taliban (an Islamic fundamentalist movement in Afghanistan).

28 What was the general attitude of the Middle Eastern people post WWI regarding Europe?

29 They didn’t want European culture and rule imposed upon them.

30 What is a refugee?

31 A refugee is a person who has to leave their homeland as a result of war or natural disaster.

32 Why did the UN attempt to stop Iraq from taking over Kuwait in 1990?

33 Kuwait ranks 6 th in the world in oil supply! Oil…folks want that. Hey…how about we go with solar and wind? Nice huh?

34 Who are al-Qaeda?

35 Al-Qaeda is a group of radical Muslims.

36 What is Zionism?

37 The belief that Jews deserve to return to their homeland (Zion) which was their home in biblical times.

38 What is the difference between a mandate and a colony?

39 Mandate: Territory assigned by the controlling power with the objective that eventually the mandated country will be sovereign (be in charge of themselves). Colony: Territory remains under the governance of the colonizing power indefinitely.

40 What was Operation Desert Shield/Storm?

41 The US military action taken to repel Iraqi forces from Kuwait in 1990-91. G.H.W. Bush was the president at this time.

42 What was Operation Iraqi Freedom?

43 This was when G. W. Bush (the Jr one). authorized the mission to rid Iraq of tyrannical dictator Saddam Hussein and eliminate Hussein's ability to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD). 3/19/03

44 What are three different sources of conflict that exist in the Middle East?

45 1. Arab-Israeli 2. Sunni-Shia Muslims 3. Oil 4. Fresh Water

46 What did the Iraqis (led by Saddam Hussein) do when they left Kuwait due to US military force?

47 The ignited the wells in the oil fields. (Environmental Terrorism)

48 What were the two post-WWI political “deals” that contributed to the exacerbation (look it up…look it up) of the Arab- Israeli conflict.

49 The Sykes-Picot Treaty -(also called the 1916 Asia Minor Agreement) was a secret agreement reached during World War I between the British and French governments (Russia was there too). They were deciding how to dived up the Ottoman Empire among the Allied Powers. Balfour Declaration: 1917: Britain supports idea of a Jewish homeland w/ rights of non-Jews protected.

50 Which territories within Israel are disputed among Israelis, Palestinians, and Syrians?

51 Golan Heights—Israel and Syria Golan Heights—Israel and Syria Gaza Strip—Israel, Palestinians, Egypt Gaza Strip—Israel, Palestinians, Egypt West Bank—Israel, Palestinians West Bank—Israel, Palestinians

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