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Modern Middle East Conflict Ms. Hunt RMS IB Middle School 2014-2015.

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1 Modern Middle East Conflict Ms. Hunt RMS IB Middle School 2014-2015

2 Sources of Modern Middle East Conflict Religious Differences – Different religions – Sunnis (leader is a member of the Muslim community) vs. Shia’s (Direct descendant of Muhammad) Ethnic Groups – Persians (Iran) vs. Arabs (Iraq) Nationalism – Some ethnic groups wish for an independent nation instead of a multi- ethnic one – Kurds- mountain people from Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey (Multiple violent struggles for independence) Fundamentalism – Belief in following your religion directly, as outline by holy text – Theocratic Government- religion based – Example- 1979,Shia leader Khomeini took over Iran, ended all westernization and instilled fundamentalist beliefs over the government and country

3 Creation of Israel Palestine- Arab region lived on by Jewish people for over 2000 years – Controlled by Great Britain, following WWII, Jewish refugees fled Europe for safety, many immigrated to Palestine 1947- United Nations involved to end disagreement with traditional Arab population and recent Jewish immigrants Result of UN Involvement- Palestine divides – Part 1 Arab – Part 2 Jewish 1948- Israel becomes independent state for Jewish people (Gaza Strip and the West Bank) Arab—Israeli Wars – Arab nations declared war, they did not agree with the creation of the Jewish state – Israel wins the first of multiple wars (1948, 1967, and 1973)


5 Arab- Israeli Wars Over 700,000 Palestinian Arab refugees fled to other countries during the wars Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)- goal est. an independent Palestinian State Throughout wars, constant shifts of territory between Israelis and Palestinians Peace Attempts – 1979- Egypt makes peace with Israel – 1993- Palestinian and Israel peace agreement signed PLO recognizes Israel as a state Israel gave territory to the Palestinians


7 Iran- Iraq War Root Causes of Conflict- OPEC- Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – Made up of Arabian Peninsula countries who wished to control the global economy of oil prices and shipment, 1960 Long lasting dispute over who controlled oil rich territory Revolution in Iran- People upset with the Shah (king) Looked to new leader- Khomeini (religious leader) Shah overthrown Changed to Islamic Conservative Laws Iran-Iraq War 1980- Iraq invaded Iran (Led by Saddam Hussein) 8 year war – Over 1 million people died 1988- cease fire agreement signed (written by the United Nations) – No clear winner


9 Persian Gulf War 1990 Iraq invades Kuwait for the oil supply Saddam Hussein (Iraq’s leader) led the invasion United Nations- trade embargo to stop Iraq from profiting off of oil World Involvement January 16 th, 1991- multi- nation missile attack began on Iraq US military titled the operation “Desert Storm” to help Kuwait February 24 th - Ground attack begins – Lasted 100 hours Result- Iraq surrendered – Saddam’s forces left Kuwait – Both Iraq and Kuwait suffered much destruction from the attacks


11 Current Event Article Analysis Step 1- Choose an article from one of the following websites – CNN – BBC Step 2- Pick an article that you think highlights current events in the Middle East Step 3- Write a summary that includes… – Who? – What? – Where? When? – Why? – Connection to IB

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