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Mobile Compliance AT&T “Deep Dive” \ Mobile Capture, Monitoring, Archiving & Compliance Solutions August 27, 2013.

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1 Mobile Compliance AT&T “Deep Dive” \ Mobile Capture, Monitoring, Archiving & Compliance Solutions August 27, 2013

2 2 Deep Dive Overview Product Suite Description of product features and functionality, including administrative portal, network architecture and proposed network integration. Provisioning Detailed flow chart of provisioning from POS through customer implementation. Positioning Current AT&T/MobileGuard prospects, vertical markets, market opportunities and projections. Sales Support Product training & positioning, internal support, customer support.

3 3 MobileGuard Product Overview

4 4 Carrier Agnostic

5 5 Client Edition – Android, Blackberry and Windows 8 Mobile Workstation Edition – iOS Server (BES) Edition – Blackberry Message encryption Message thread rebuilding Precise, real-time capture through the Client Edition Proactive SMS blocking from the device Whitelist/Blacklist feature Monitoring and alerting functions – flag users and/or keywords and phrases Reporting and statistics – audit logs MessageGuard MessageGuard TM is the most comprehensive mobile capture, monitoring, compliance and management solution in the market today for Blackberry, Windows 8 Mobile, iOS and Android devices.

6 6 Onsite or offsite storage Supports Android and Blackberry Advanced search capability Configurable workflow tools Real time reporting Easy installation and seamless integration Hosted or On-Premise VoiceGuard VoiceGuard is an FSA compliant product for the recording and archiving on voice conversations and voicemails from mobile devices.

7 7 SafeChat SafeChat is an enterprise solution that allows users to securely IM while archiving and monitoring iOS conversation. Device level security Integrates easily with email system Captures files, images and other documents Quick access to device-level IM history Flags messages and sends alerts Invite additional users Reporting and statistics Search and retrieval

8 8 DeviceGuard DeviceGuard is a mobile device management system for ultimate security. Remote lock and wipe Device controlled connectivity Security features Device level encryption Override device functions Remote configuration Separates work and personal data

9 9 MessageGuard for iOS The MessageGuard iOS solution captures, monitors and archives text, contacts and call logs for iPhone. MessageGuard software installed on employee computer iPhone (4.0 or higher) messages downloaded to iTunes Messages captured from iTunes by MessageGuard MessageGuard sorts and parses messages Viewable on administrative console Files archived and/or sent to company e-mail archiving service

10 10 Administrative Console – Live Demo

11 11 Administrative Console - Integration

12 12 Administrative Console – Company Setup

13 13 U.S. Patent # 8,107,944 System & Methods for Automatic Data Security, Back-Up and Control for Mobile Devices

14 14 U.S. Patent # 8,107,944 Software program operable on a mobile communication device. Associates authorized users with device. Communications with an RSC having corresponding server software program from controlling device functionality. Activates device functionality based upon rules downloaded from the RSC. Operates substantially continuously for polling and/or communication with the RSC, administering the rules for controlling the device operation. Uploads data to the server.

15 15 MessageGuard Solution Flow Chart Mobile Device with MessageGuard Client Application Message Carrier Mobile Network Secure Messaging Archive Continuous Data Backups Web Tier Mobile Messaging Service Ad Hoc Reporting Services User & Group Configuration Redundant Data Tier Data Centers SAS70 Certified SECURE WEB Recipient Sender 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4

16 16 MobileGuard Products Working Together Voice Calls SMS, Text, Chat, IM Messages Voice Calls SMS, Text, Chat, IM Messages Employee’s Phone Phone External to Organization Organization’s Remote Device Access MobileGuard Offsite Data Center (archived data accessible via secure login) GATEWAY

17 17 Provisioning On- Premise Hosted Proposed Network Provisioning of MobileGuard Solution

18 18 On-Premise Solution In house or online setup with MobileGuard Web server user access to MobileGuard database Open access to ports for web server Obtain SSL for web server and install SSL certificate Setup domain for service Web server installed with Windows server Hardware, Software & Installation

19 19 On-Premise Solution Application Settings for Email Server Basic System Information – company address, email, phone number, etc. Hot & Cold Server Environment Database connectivity (connection string) Assign SSL Certificate to MobileGuard site Integrate SMS Files to be Ingested into Company Email Archiving Service Set up SMTP Delivery Integrate Active Directory and/or LDAP for automatic employee email verification Integrate Active Directory if required for administrator to use domain credentials for login Configuration and Integration

20 20 Provisioning On- Premise HostedNetwork Provisioning of MobileGuard Solution

21 21 Hosted Choose Archiving Location Company E-mail Service Choose File Delivery Method) FTPSMTP Integrate with Company’s Active Directory Active Directory No Active Directory Integrate with Company’s CRM System CRM System No CRM System Download Method MDM PushBES Push Employee Download Direct Download

22 22 Provisioning On- Premise HostedNetwork Provisioning of MobileGuard Solution

23 23 MobileGuard / AT&T Connectivity Mobile Phone SMSC/OMG MessageGuard subscriber configured in AT&T SMSC with appropriate configuration MAR MobileGuard SMPP or SIP AT&T Network

24 24 Provisioning – Final Steps Provide administrator training on MobileGuard console Elect features and alerts in compliance with policy Push application and register employees Begin monitoring company communications Hosted and On-Premise Solutions

25 25 Sales Support Initial training to all designated AT&T personnel On-going quarterly training Dedicated sales support throughout sales cycle Assistance with proposal writing and RFP responses Flow charts and network architecture Direct access to MobileGuard senior management News alerts with updated information sent to sales force AT&T exclusive partner portal

26 26 Partner Portal

27 27 Current MobileGuard/AT&T Opportunities Ameriprise Astra-Zeneca Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Allianz / PIMCO American Equity Underwriters Archer Daniels Army Human Resources AT&T – Bank of America BP Brevard County FL Broward County Sheriff's Office City of Jacksonville, FL City of Orlando, FL Clay County Government BOCC Clay County Schools Colden Capital Advisers Creative Arts Agency Deutsche Bank ETrade Financial FBI FC Stone Fidelity Investments First Data First National Bank of PA Florida DOT Forefront Advisory Goldman Sachs Gotham Investment Management- Harbor Funds Harleysville Group Hudson Advisors ING Financial Services Janus JP Morgan Liberty Mutual Lion's Gate Pictures Macerich McDonalds Medicis MetLife Miami-Dade County MicroCapital National Guard Ned Davis Oklahoma Dept of Human Services Oppenheimer Funds Orion Marine Group Orlando Utilities Commission Ozark National Life Pacific Life Parnassus Progressive Insurance Raymond James Robert W. Baird Roche Labs Scoular Company Seminole County Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Tampa International Airport University of Central Florida Volusia County Volusia County Sheriff’s Dept.

28 28 Top Prospects Prospect NameAT&T SalesNumber of DevicesRevenue(First year) Ameriprise FinancialPaul Barcomb30,000$1,080,000 Astra-ZenecaMark Zelinske15,000$900,000 Bank of AmericaJohn Hlavacek54,000$1,944,000 Deutsche BankCharles Bernice40,000$1,440,000 E-Trade FinancialBob Mango1,000$90,000 FBICarl Dixon40,000$1,440,000 Fidelity InvestmentsTim Cunningham20,000$1,200,000 Goldman Sachs24,000$1,440,000 ING FinancialSteve Kaye17,000$1,020,000 JP MorganBen Curry60,000$2,160,000 PIMCO5,000$300,000 Raymond JamesTodd Allen500$48,600 University of Central FLRicky Ufret500$48,600

29 29 Product Marketing & Positioning Revisit all prospects on MobileGuard/AT&T prospect list Co-create industry specific strategy for targeted verticals, particularly finance, healthcare, federal, state and local government Establish product launch criteria, initial offers, schedule for vertical market trade shows and industry-specific marketing initiatives Establish points of contact within both organization and methods of communication Create annual sales goal per vertical market Document sales and fulfillment processes for maximum efficiency Track sales metrics monthly – New prospects, proposals, demos, agreements submitted, sales closed, NRC & MRC values

30 30 Compliance – Industry Regulatory Agencies Rules & Regulations FINRA Regulatory Notice 07-59: Supervision of Electronic Communications FINRA Regulatory Notice 11-39: Use of Personal Devices for Business Communications SEC Rules 17a-3 & 17a-4: Books and Records Requirements for Brokers and Dealers Monitoring – Employee Communication Capture SMS for all employees Lower risks Improves responsiveness and productivity Adherence to internal company policy Information and data not misinterpreted or compromised Why MobileGuard? Competitive Advantage over Blackberry Solution Real time information Other device capabilities No language barriers CRM integrated with MobileGuard to map client phone numbers to name/email Conversation threading Advanced reporting functionality Use Case – Top Ten Financial Services Firm Over 25,000 Employees Utilizing Mobile Devices for Business Communication

31 1375 Broadway, Suite 600 New York, NY 10018 Phone: 646.459.4354 Next Steps Patented Technology Success with Enterprise Customers Current Agreement with AT&T Most Comprehensive Solution in the Market

32 32 Addendum U.S. Patent # 8,107,944 Industry Regulatory Agencies Rules and Regulations Presenter Information

33 33 U.S. Patent #8,107,944 A method for providing mobile communication control comprised of the following steps: –providing a software program operable on a mobile communication device, wherein the software program includes a module operable on the mobile communication device, the module further performing the steps comprising: –associating an authorized user(s) with the device; –automatically communicating with a remote server computer (RSC) having corresponding server software program for controlling device functionality based upon rules established by the authorized user(s); –automatically activating device functionality based upon rules downloaded from the RSC, including initial rules and updated rules as available; –operating substantially continuously for polling and/or communication with the RSC, administering the rules for controlling the device operation, including blocking, filtering, data back-up and/or storage, and logging phone calls, network browsing and/or downloading history, and text-based communication; –and uploading data to the server, wherein the data includes activity log, activity data, activity duration, activity frequency, activity-associated content, storing select data on the device, storing select data only when the device is offline, and combinations thereof.

34 34 Industry Regulatory Agencies Rules & Regulations Excerpts SEC: Paragraph (b)(4) of Rule 17a-4 previously required that each broker-dealer keep originals of all communications received and copies of all communications sent by the firm relating to its business as a broker-dealer, including inter-office memoranda and communications. With respect to memoranda, including e-mail messages, the Commission has stated that the content and audience of the message determine whether a copy must be preserved, regardless of whether the message was sent on paper or sent electronically. FINRA Regulatory Notice – 07-59: FINRA appreciates the supervisory challenges firms face given the ever-increasing pace of change in electronic communications technology. However, as FINRA noted in the context of addressing the supervision and recordkeeping requirements for text messaging, a member firm’s obligations to supervise electronic communications are based on the content and audience of the message, rather than the electronic form of the communication. FINRA Regulatory Notice – 11-39: Firms may permit their associated persons to use any personal communication device, whether it is owned by the associated person or the firm, for business communications. FINRA recognizes that the development of new technologies can facilitate the ability of associated persons to perform their responsibilities and, in the case of registered representatives, to serve their clients. Of course, the firm must be able to retain, retrieve and supervise business communications regardless of whether they are conducted from a device owned by the firm or by the associated person.

35 35 Presenter Information Todd Cohan CEO Jeff Marlow VP of Business Development Rick Daugherty CTO

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