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IPad Training Created by Dora Ibelli. Part A: Basics/Getting to Know your iPad.

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1 iPad Training Created by Dora Ibelli

2 Part A: Basics/Getting to Know your iPad

3 HARDWARE FRONT – Front-Facing Hardware – Multi-Touch Screen – Home Screen – Home Button REAR/SIDE – Headphone Jack – Sleep/Wake Button – Rear Facing Camera – Side Switch – Volume Button – Speaker – Dock Connector

4 BUTTONS Home Button – Return to home screen – Open a search – Open the Multitask Bar Sleep/Wake Button – Lock/Unlock – Power On/Off Volume Button – Adjust Volume – Mute Volume Side Switch/Button – Mute or Lock Rotation

5 HOME SCREEN Status Bar – Wi-Fi Connection – Battery Life – Locked – Airplane mode App Icons – Tap to open Home Screen Indicator – Multiple home screens App Dock – Up to 6 apps

6 GESTURES Tap – Open an app – Follow a hyperlink – Open keyboard/enter text Drag – Scroll – Move between screens – Use sliders (power on/off) Flick – Scroll – Pinch Zoom 4-5 Finger Swipes – Vertical/Horizontal – Switch between all open apps 4-5 Pinch – Inward-return to home screen – Outward-activate multitask bar


8 ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD Insert Numbers & Punctuation – Tap the keys Hide Keyboard – Tap once Split Keyboard – Tap & hold hide keyboard key Insert Accented Characters – Tap & hold each character Enable International Keyboards – Settings-General-Keyboard/International View International Keyboards – English – French – Spanish – Etc.

9 COPY & PASTE Select Text – Tap and hold over a word until highlighted. Copy Text – Select text and then tap “copy”. Paste Text – Tap and hold where you would like to paste text and then select “paste”.

10 Wi-Fi/Networking Wi-Fi Network – Settings, Wi-Fi, Set to “On”, select Wi-Fi Network, enter password if necessary. 3G or 4G Network – Not available Airplane Mode – Settings, set airplane mode to “On” or “Off”

11 Part B: iPad Tips & TricksiPad Tips & Tricks

12 Part C: General Functions/Apps

13 Connecting/Displaying VGA adapter Splashtop Remote Desktop Apple TV

14 Printing Click on the Notes app. Create a note. Select the arrow/print/select a printer. CAUTION: Make sure you know where you are sending the job!

15 Viewing Flash Sites Flash is not enabled through Safari. Must use a 3 rd party app to view flash sites. Click on Photon Flash Browser Open

16 Gmail Log into your new Gmail account and reset your password (old password: Alpine$1) E-mail addresses are the same as before e.g. Utilize the app to send and retrieve e-mails.

17 Passcode/Security Go to Settings—Passcode Lock—Enter a 4 digit passcode. E-mail me your passcode

18 Pages Pages lets you create letters, reports, flyers, etc. Open Pages to begin the tutorial.

19 Keynote Keynote allow you to create, deliver, and share presentations. Open Keynote to begin the tutorial.

20 Numbers Numbers lets you design spreadsheets and create graphs. Open Numbers to begin the tutorial.

21 iPhoto Use iPhoto to edit and enhance photographs. Take a few photos with your iPad. Click on a photo. Select the ? to learn about iPhoto.

22 iMovie Use iMovie to create a trailer or a movie project. Select iMovie. Select New Trailer. Preview the templates.

23 Purchase/Order Apps Must complete form. Submit it to the App Committee. Committee will preview & approve/deny. Free Apps do not need to be reviewed, just e-mail me.

24 App Evaluation Form

25 Questions/iPad Blog Go to--Classrooms--Ms. Ibelli--iPad Blog Add Comments/Questions/Apps

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