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Everything you wanted to ask an 8 year old but was too embarrassed Michele Rothstein September 12, 2012.

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1 Everything you wanted to ask an 8 year old but was too embarrassed Michele Rothstein September 12, 2012

2  iPad Setup  iTunes  Accessories and Care  Features and Settings  Apps ◦ App Store ◦ Installation  Apps to Love

3 1.Swipe: to start 2.Choose: Language 3.Tap: Location 4.Enable or Disable Location Finder 5.Tap: connect to iTunes 6.Plug in: your new device

4  Put in Helpdesk request for iTunes installation  iTunes will start immediately after plugging in iPad on a machine that already has iTunes  Device name appears in the DEVICES category  Select: your device


6  You will be given an iTunes login and password from Jill  Gift cards are used for purchases  No credit cards can go on file in iTunes

7 DODON’T Use:  Lint free non-abrasive cloth  Microfiber cloths work great (eye glasses cloths)  Ziplock bags  Stretchy gloves with 1 finger tip cut off to reduce germs Do not use:  –Window Cleaners  –Household Cleaners  –Aerosol Sprays  –Solvents  –Alcohol  –Ammonia  –Abrasives

8  Covers, Stands, Keyboards  Stylus ◦ Home-made stylus  Screen Protectors  Presentation Station Connector  Power cords, Headphones, External Speakers

9  Power/iPad Buttons  Zoom functions  Volume  Multi-tasking Function  Camera  App Organization/Folders

10  At the top of the iPad is the power button ◦ Pushing the power button for half a second will place it under sleep mode ◦ To unlock sleep mode simply press the power button or home button ◦ Hold down the power button until the option to “Slide to power off” appears ◦ Swipe over the “Slide to power off” option to turn off the iPad  Must charge with AC adapter in socket Power Button Home Button

11  Using 2 fingers pinch to shrink and un-pinch to zoom  Works with photos, web pages and some additional apps -however does not work on the home screen  You can also double tap to zoom in

12  Slide switch to mute (orange dot is mute)  Toggle volume up and down with buttons

13  When you close out of an app, it is not really closed  Double tap the home button and a bottom row of “open” apps will appear, swipe through apps ◦ Allows you to go back into an app at the exact spot you left it ◦ Press and hold an app to get the apps “wiggling”  Close apps by touching  Will not delete app from iPad, just close it  Should close out apps once a week, helps battery life additional volume control

14  iPad includes a Camera and Video (front and rear facing)  To activate, select Camera app  Camera defaults to front facing camera  Can use top volume button to snap pictures  Built-in microphone Photos and Videos reside in the Photos app ◦ Can create individual photo albums with labels front vs. rear facing Photo vs. video camera roll- pictures taken take picture

15  Taking Screen Shot pictures ◦ Can take a picture of anything on the screen ◦ Press the Home button first, hold, then the power button, release  Will hear and see it take a picture ◦ Places it in the camera roll 2 nd 1 st & hold

16  Apps can be moved around and folders can be created  Go into “wiggly” mode by holding down an app until it dances ◦ When it is wiggly, hold an app down and you can move it around within a page and onto another page ◦ Drag an app over another app to create a folder  Rename folder  To get out of “wiggly” mode & store changes- press home button


18  When in “wiggly” mode, you can delete an app by pressing the ◦ While this will delete the app from the iPad, the app will be stored in the “cloud” in iTunes for you to download at any time. ◦ You cannot permanently delete any app once it has been installed/bought. Apps stay in the cloud.  Press the home button to store changes.

19  If you cannot locate a specific app or file on your iPad, swipe to the left until you get the keyboard with search box. ◦ Type the name or a piece of an app name and you will get a list to choose from  Under the Settings App you can control what the search box searches for ◦ Settings General Spotlight Search swipe

20  Place you can search, purchase and install apps ◦ Must be connected to Wi-Fi ◦ Need Apple ID/Login

21  Can search by subject, App name, keyword ◦ App Name must be exact at times  Can search by category

22  Search for app and touch “free” or “install”  When purchasing need to choose “buy now” and you will be asked to give login and password

23  Apps often get updated ◦ Update through App Store ◦ Red number over App Store app shows number of updates  Install app updates over Wi-Fi or through iTunes  Wise to read what update is before installing because once update is installed you cannot uninstall

24 Make Dice (Lite) Whose turn?, Math Facts (+1, x5, +10 etc), Sentence Construction-true/false extension, Conversation Topics, Verb tenses Toontastic Story Elements/Story Telling Social Skills Creativity ScreenChomp Interactive whiteboard with audio-draw on photo, worksheet, plain board Can post to website for student review Solve problems, take screen shot, email home

25 Songify Turns any spoken words-sentences into a song Popplet (lite) Picture and text webbing/graphic organizers Can take picture from camera Save to camera roll, email pdf/jpeg Can lock and unlock Lite only allows to make 1-go to try iWorksheet Digitize any multiple choice worksheet for use on iPad Great for PSSA prep Share worksheets with students and teachers Check your answers

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