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Intelligent Document Capture Ian Pope, VP, EMEA

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1 Intelligent Document Capture Ian Pope, VP, EMEA

2 Company Founded 2010, product shipped Feb 2011, 28 employees Management Executive staff has 80+ years direct capture experience Sales Channel Partner model: 85 approved partners in 16 countries Business Model Open Source model: Subscription for Enterprise Edition; Free for Community (10K+ users in 35 countries) Cloud-Ready Can be used On-premise or as SaaS on Ephesoft’s Cloud Customers Throughout the World, including Spain, UK, USA, NL, Austria, South Africa, Australia, Italy ……………… Fast Facts

3 Capture (scan or Import) Automatic Classification & Separation Data extraction Validation Export (CMIS, XML, etc) Technology stack 100% thin client, 3 tier architecture Leveraging open source tools on the JAVA platform Lucene, Hibernate, Tomcat/JBOSS, MySQL/SQL Express, Tesseract Recostar Professional OCR (OpenText) for Enterprise Edition TWAIN scanner drivers; CMIS import and export Product Overview

4 Ephesoft Solution Social Security # DateAmount Purchase Order # Address 2. Learns from samples 3. Classifies incoming documents and extract data 1. Identifies the categories 4. Outputs metadata to start business process flow PAPER DOCS E-MAIL FAX LOANAPPLICATION IRS 1040 APPRAISALINVOICELETTER

5 Mortgage/Loan Processing - Requires accurate document ID among similar forms & data extraction. Insurance Forms Processing – Signed forms required to purchase insurance policy or start claims. General Mailroom – All document types come into Mailroom/Postroom – need to be quickly classified/separated and delivered electronically to desk top. HR – Process applications/CV’s/Employee Records – Needs to be Secure. Government – Wide variety of docs – Improve response times – Case Management – Records Management. Some Sample Use Cases

6 Ephesoft identifies vendors, & verifies addresses Ensures vendor, product, quantities, and pricing is accurate Table/line-item extraction Integrates with ERP system: o Example is o Ephesoft selected due to low cost with full capabilities, ease of implementation, and ability to scale o Solution saves 100’s of accounting labour hours/month, improves accuracy over manual entry, enables capture of early payment discounts, and eliminates physical storage Use Case Accounts Payable

7 Some Customers!

8 “The most innovative company in Capture.” - Ralph Gammon, editor of Document Imaging Report “Ephesoft will shake up the industry.” - Harvey Spencer, HAS Associates A needed addition to the CMIS community” - CMIS Committee Great reviews from 500+ buyers of the Ephesoft book - What Others Are Saying About Us

9 Old WayEphesoft Way High initial license cost; system could cost $$$Zero initial license; low subscription cost Priced by images & usersNo limits on images and users Proprietary-Vendor Lock-inOpen Source / Open Standards (Lower Risks) Fortune 1000Fortune 50,000 70% Thick Client 30% Thin Client 100% Thin Client On-premises or SaaS (Cloud ready) Runs only on WindowsRuns on Windows and Linux Commercial OCRCommercial & Free OCR No Web Service APIsOnly Capture Company with Web API’s How Is Ephesoft Different?

10 Ephesoft Inc. EMEA office – London Ian Pope, VP Sales & Marketing 44 (0) 7411 461804

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