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See us on the web Marketing Presentation Pet2Ring Doorbell-New Plastic Mold Injection Model  Introduction and History  Diabetic Alert.

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2 See us on the web

3 Marketing Presentation Pet2Ring Doorbell-New Plastic Mold Injection Model  Introduction and History  Diabetic Alert Dogs story  Two Testimonials using Diabetic Alert dogs  Product Performance- Pet2Ring vs. Pet Chime  Customer Reviews from Amazon.  Media coverage dated back to 2003  Summary –Order Information-Seller’s Warranty  See Live Animal Planet video show now, click Pet Doorbell Products Inc. 28 Dorchester Drive Southampton N.J. 08088 July 30, 2012

4 My name if Tony Vena and I am the President of Pet Doorbell Products Inc. and the inventor of this wonderful, unique and perfect pet doorbell. It all started in 1998. Please visit my web site and read the Pet2Ring story to understand where I have been and where we are today. I use the word “perfect” because I am a perfectionist. On my web page you will see my cat “Phoenix” ringing the original model of my That was unique, useful and entertaining and I was granted a U.S. Patent #6,606,030 on Aug.12, 2003. During the years between 2000 to 2008 I sold about 800 of these older models of the Pet2Ring Doorbells only on the internet mostly to dog owners and had zero returned. It was a big winner for those who bought it. This model worked just beautiful as I had them made on a workbench. That was not cost effective and the retail price was not consumer friendly. Through all those years, I was taking a business loss every year. It was clear to me, that I either had to close down my operation or make a new investment and have a new model of my Pet2Ring Doorbell made by Plastic Mold Injection. I choose the latter and now it is made here in New Jersey. Starting Sept 2011 this is the model that I am marketing today. Again, to date we sold about 400 units of the new model with no returns. Recall I told you that I am a perfectionist and I was not going to sell a product unless it is working to perfection. Later in this report we will compare our Pet2Ring Doorbell with the Pet Chime Doorbell. I will outline the features of both and you can be the judge to determine which one you should be selling to your customers. They deserve the best. Thank You, Tony Vena, President

5 Above is a picture of “Bellabella” that was trained by Rita Martinez, CPDT- KA, owner of Clickin’ Canines using our Pet2Ring Doorbell. Also, attached is an awesome testimonial from Ms. Martinez addressed to Tony Vena. The message speaks for itself. She makes it very clear that our pet doorbell is reliable and dependable and never fails. When you are dealing with saving the life of diabetic children, you must be using the best alert system in the market place today. Pet Doorbell Products Inc. was not aware of this program. The first organization to find our Pet2Ring was Power and from there the message spread to others. Last year and early in 2012 we mailed out free samples to others that also were working on this same program. For example, see the attached email from Linda Ball, Executive Director of where she helped save the life of a child in the middle of the night by using our Pet2Ring. This clear message is to show that if the Pet2Ring is working so well to help these diabetic children, using it for the conventional purpose to alert you that your dogs want to go in or out, makes your choice easy to abandon the Pet Chime and start selling the Pet2Ring Doorbell to your customers. Please continue to the next page, comparing the Pet Chime to our Pet2Ring.

6 Clickin Canines LLC 2063 Main St. #300 Oakley Ca. 94561 Tele. 925 813 1715 May 28, 2012 To Tony Vena: I want to thank you for your wonderful product. I train service dogs, with a speciality in Medical Alert Dogs. This includes dogs for seizure patients. The bell is extremely useful in both of these situations. The dog rings the bell to notify the parents of a youngster that there is a blood sugar issue both in the bedroom at night and in the car on long rides. Because of these lifesaving situations, a bell that is reliable is critical. Your product is the first and only one I have found that simply does not fail to work. I am using the bell with adult drivers as well, since the dog rides in the rear seat because of airbag danger. The dog rings the bell to let the driver know it is time to pull over and take care of a blood glucose situation. My seizure alert dogs are using it in the car as well. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your product’s reliability and durability. Respectfully, Rita Martinez, CPD-KA……Owner, Clickin’Canines LLC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Email dated 5/3/12 from Linda Ball I did receive the Plug –in-Receiver... Thank you so much. It’s taken awhile but we finally had an unprompted middle of the night alert using the Pet@Ring with one of our dogs. We are very excited about that. The next thing we are beginning to train with a different dog is using the Pet@Ring in the car for him to alert (since we don’t want him pawing or nudging the diabetic driver). So far so good. All the Best Linda Ball, Executive Director Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs (PawsPADs) 8239 150 th St. W Savage, Mn. 55378 Tele: 952-226-2063

7 Rating zero indicates very poor, while rating 10 indicates excellent Final Score: Pet2Ring 105 …… Pet Chime 33 * money back guarantee if returned within 30 days **With the Pet Chime you place it on a table and no hardware included for mounting. ***includes a template with all instructions for indoor and or outdoor mounting. Also, all screws included for mounting Product Features & PerformancePet Chime Pet2Ring Where is product made?In China0 In U.S A. 10 What is the product range?Under 100ft5 100 Ft. 10 Do you have to buy batteries? yes all of them0 incl. one5 Does the bell ring all the time?No Some times5 absolutely10 Is product protected by a U.S. Patent?No since 20050 yes #6,606,03010 Product incl. instructional DVD? No0 yes 10minDVD10 Product waterproof for outside? Must use Plastic cover3 yes- mounted10 Product 100% maintenance free?Not certain5 absolutely10 What about the warranty? yes10 yes*10 Can Product be mounted inside or outside? Partial **5 yes ***10 Do customers return product? Yes - see reviews 0 Never a return10 33 105

8 Lentek Pet Chime 58 Reviews Amazon Pet Chime 5 stars………..(18) 4 stars………..(10) overall Overall average 3 stars………..(7) average 3.1 3.2 out of 5 stars 2 stars………..(8) out of 5 stars 1 star………….(15) VS. Pet2Ring Doorbell We have sold well over 1,000 of both the old model and the new and NEVER had any returned. Now is the time to switch and sell the pet2ring doorbell. link to Amazon reviews for Pet Chime model: chime/dp/b00006jhrg chime/dp/b00006jhrg link to Lentek reviews for Pet Chime: Electronic-Doorbell/dp/B00006JHRH Electronic-Doorbell/dp/B00006JHRH

9 PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER November 25, 2002 INTERNATIONAL NEWS Feb 2003 TRANSLATION There is no age restriction, even if you are retired, on innovation as long as it is good and revolutionary. Tony Vena of US, who is at the age of 73, has 7 sons and daughters and 14 grandchildren, invented a new product, Pet2Ring Doorbell. He has put this unique design into market via selling on the Internet and got a satisfactory response. As it's name tells us, this doorbell is for pets that go in and out of the house often. After a simple training session, the pet will know how to ask it's owner to open the door for them by pushing on the specialized switch with their paw. The signal will be transmitted wirelessly to ring the bell that has been placed indoor. The pet will then gain entry and will not have to wait outside. The design was initally created for small and medium sized pets of under 30 pounds. Yet, Vena has also shown in his website that large pets can use this doorbell with just minor adjustments. Living in New Jersey, Vena got his design idea from his 4-year-old cat, Phoenix. Phoenix likes to go out and have fun outdoors but has to wait for the door to be opened in order to return back to the house. Vena thinks there might be thousands of pet owners who have the same trouble he faced. He spent 4 years and $40,000 in research and marketing to bring this product to life. Vena has started to sell the doorbell on his website The price has included the training video for the pet owners to train their pets on how to use the doorbell. Vena is searching for a contract manufacturing partner and hopes to produce it in mass quantity and sell it through retailers. July 2003

10 Order Information and Seller’s Warranty Sample enclosed With complete research, all the information on the previous reports is true and factual. We have enclosed a sample of our Pet2Ring Doorbell and we would like you to put it through your test and evaluation. When our pet doorbell was invented, we addressed every feature to be certain that it was perfect and ready for the retail market. We welcome you to contact us for any questions or comments. You can be certain that your email, telephone calls etc. will be addressed promptly. Order Information: Each Pet2Ring Doorbell would cost you $15.00 plus shipping. They are packed 12 to each master carton. Minimum order one carton. If you have an account with UPS or FedEx, we will use that for shipping. If you supply the information we can place a barcode on every box. We guarantee that the product will be in your warehouse within 30 days. Pay nothing down and total due in 30 days. Seller’s warranty: The seller warrants that it has full right to produce and sell the Pet2Ring Doorbell described by this form, that the product and goods are safe and will not be injurious to any user: and that neither the production nor the sale of it to________or by_______will infringe any patent rights, or any statuary or common law copyright, or the proprietary rights of any other person or party. The seller further agrees that it will forever hold harmless, protect and defend _________ its successors, representatives, assigns of from all manner claims, actions, proceedings, liabilities, or demands resulting from a breach of any of the seller’s warranties and that it will indemnify_________for any losses, cost, damages, resulting from a breach of the foregoing warranties or from the use of the Pet2Ring doorbell sold and shipped to ___________ by the seller for its internal use or resale. Signature and Title: Anthony Vena, President______________________________________ date________ Pet Doorbell Products Inc. Note to buyer : Your company name will be inserted in the blank spaces


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