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All Star Home Inspections Services By Chuck Tolbert Member of NACHI, ASHI, SC Lis # 2300.

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1 All Star Home Inspections Services By Chuck Tolbert Member of NACHI, ASHI, SC Lis # 2300

2 All Star Home Inspections Services Purchasing a home will be one of the largest investments your clients will make. Studies have shown that the home buying experience is one of the top 5 stress full experiences the average person will have in their lifetime. Let us help you set your clients minds at ease with an All Star Home Inspection. We provide a wide range of services from general homeowner inspections to:

3 Services Pre-purchase inspections Sellers inspections Homeowner orientations and walk thru on new and resold homes Manufactured home inspections on new and resold homes New construction inspections Refinance/new loan inspections FHA Compliance inspections Condo and Apartment inspections Restaurant Inspections Minor maintenance and repairs

4 Additional Services Also don’t forget about our 11th month builder check list inspection. Let us walk your home with our professional eye to get that final list to give to your builder before your warranty runs out. All inspections come with a written report and pictures and are delivered either that day or within three business days. A video can be done upon request for an additional charge. If you should have any questions please feel free to give me a call. With over 15 years in the inspection industry we are sure to provide you with fast, friendly and professional services. Also ask me about our 90 day stop gap supplemental homeowner’s warranty. This warranty is offered free to my clients. It has low deductibles and covers up to $500.00 dollars for limited mechanical systems and up to $2500 for structural issues. Call me for details. This stop gap supplemental warranty is not meant to replace any other home owner warranties sold by the builder or real estate agent.

5 Sellers Inspection

6 Virtually eliminate all hassles a buyers inspection causes No more renegotiations. No more deals that fall through when the home inspector finds a problem. No more does the Seller have to deal with inflated cost estimates that cost him or her money. No more will the agent spend countless hours and dollars in energy and advertising to get a contract that is "blown out of the water" by surprise defects.

7 Knowing the defects creates enormous benefits It will allow the agent and the Seller to discuss what items should be fixed and what should not. It will substantiate your price, or may convince a Seller to rethink the asking price. It will be full disclosure protection for the Seller and agent. It will allow the Seller to shop around for the best price to repair (not an inflated price that a Buyer would use to make sure all is covered. It streamlines the process.

8 Explaining Sellers inspection to the seller Explain that the future Buyer will bring a home inspector and will comb through their home and list defects or problems, which most likely will come with inflated estimates and cause renegotiation or anxiety. Explain that the report will be viewable on the internet attached to their listing with you. This will help sell the home more efficiently, increase interest and will stand out among other listings. Also, help them to realize their option to correct any problems, and have a re-inspection to remove those problems that were corrected, and revise the report on the internet. Above all, a Seller's Inspection is the ultimate gesture of full disclosure and will help protect them.

9 The Report samples you have look great, but some areas in the examples show significant damage to certain areas of the home. How can this be a good thing to show on the web with my listing? This is an excellent question. Quite frankly, it's not a good thing to show. But it exists nonetheless, why wait until you spend countless hours to bring a buyer, who in turn brings a home inspector, only then to discover the damage and face all the negatives of inflated estimates, losing the sale, and your time spent. Then you will have to start the process again with the legal and ethical duty to give full disclosure of the defects and consider repairing the items or adjusting your price.

10 Overview of Sellers Inspection Whether you use a Buyers Inspection or Sellers Inspection have your client understand the inspection process. At All Star Home Inspections we can explain in every day language what the report will show and I even have sample inspections on my web site for them to view. So give me a call and ask about our two types of sellers inspections. Let All Star Home Inspections help take the worry out of the inspection process and selling process.

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